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There are times when our computer works very slow, this is due to a process called Runtime Broker, in some cases, the consumption of your CPU and RAM resources causing the system to reduce its performance significantly.

This problem for inexperienced users can make you believe that the process is a virus or malware that is affecting your computer. When it’s the opposite it was integrated into Windows systems from its Windows 8 version and currently still works. This exercises the functionality of controlling all universal applications that comply with its permissions and do not perform other activities on other components of your computer.

If you want to know more about it in this tutorial we are going to explain you step by step, How can you avoid excessive consumption of Runtime Broker on your computer? and what exactly is this process? So that in this way you know how to solve this problem, and at the same time you can stay calm, since you will know that this is not about any malicious program that is affecting your computer.

What is the Runtime Broker process on my Windows computer?

It is a process created by Microsoft, which was integrated into their operating systems since Windows 8 and is now running on Windows 10. This element It has the functionality of controlling that the applications you have installed comply with the permissions that have been assigned and do not perform other tasks other than the permissions granted.

For example, a program asks for permissions to be granted to use your microphone, but for some reason it tries to enter your webcam, Runtime Broker detects this abuse and blocks the application from taking such action.

Steps and tricks to fix excessive consumption of RAM and CPU caused by Runtime Broker

There are a series of steps you can follow to solve the problem caused by Runtime Broker, by generating an excessive consumption of the processing capacities of your computer.

There are different methods, some more effective than others and which in turn can be more complex to perform. In this case, you will only need to pay close attention to each process so that you can do it correctly.

End the Runtime Broker process

Although it is somewhat contradictory to finish it, since it is part of the fundamental processes of Windows, in many cases it is the only solution, Because the excess consumption of it in our computer prevents us from performing some basic or very important task.

To finish the process you just have to do the following:

  • You have to enter the Task Manager”. To do this you will have to right-click on the taskbar, this is the one at the bottom of your desktop.
  • Once you have clicked, you choose the option “Task Manager”.

open task manager

  • You will click on the tab “Processes”, In this you will see each of the processes and applications that Windows is running, in this same you will search Runtime Broker ”. If you wish, you can organize all those shown alphabetically. To facilitate your search, you just have to click on the arrow above the option that says “Name”.
  • Now you will go on to select the process that you are going to finish and then you will have to click on “Finalize”, this is in the lower right.

see runtime broker in task manager

In this way the process will be closed forcibly and in a few seconds your computer will regain speed. It should be noted that this solution is temporary, Well, any program or application that needs or requests permissions to function will activate the process again.

Detect which applications affect Runtime Broker

It is a somewhat complicated and tedious process to carry out, this because it takes a lot of patience to do it. But if you want to try, you just have to do the following.

  • First of all restart your computer. In this way you make sure that there is no program using the process that generates the problem.
  • Once you have turned on the computer, open the “Task Manager” and look for the process Runtime Broker “Observe how much is the consumption of RAM and CPU. It should be noted that this must not exceed 15%, it should be zero or less than 1%, since your computer just turned on.
  • Once you have seen the natural behavior of it, proceed to open programs or applications that you use on a daily basis.
  • View in detail the potential increase in RAM and CPU what the process does when you open and close each of the programs and applications.
  • If a program generates a very high increase in the process after a few minutes, this program is the one that is affecting your computer.
  • Evaluate if it is important to use your computer, if not, proceed to eliminate it. If this process is important, try to remove it and reinstall it.
  • Finally look again at the behavior of this. Because it may be due to some failure when executing the program. Also check that it can be updated.

Disable W10 Tips, Tricks, and Tips

This is a very easy to use procedure and it can help prevent apps and programs from running in the background, or that if you decided to end the RunTime Broker process, it will not be activated again.

To disable tips, tricks, tips and more on W10 and W8 just do the following:

  • You will have to enter “Settings”, the easiest way to do it is directly from your keyboard by performing the following method. “Press the start key + i”, once you have done this Windows will send you to the configuration screen.
  • In it you will choose the option “System”.
  • After this you will choose “Notifications and actions”, in it you will preferably deactivate all the options.

disable tips and tricks in windows 10

Once you have once this process is finished, just restart your computer to make sure it has been configured correctly.

Limit the use of background apps

Applications that work in the background can cause problems with the process that we already know, since they will continually ask the system for confirmation and this can cause little by little more consumption RAM and CPU processing power.

In order to limit which apps work in the background you must do the following:

  • Login to “System”, To do this, you just have to press the start key + i.
  • When you are in the system screen, you will choose the option “Privacy”.
  • Now you will choose the option that says “Background applications”, there you will deactivate what it tells you “Allow applications to run in the background.”

The ideal in this case would be to choose which apps you do not want to run in the background, you can do it only in cases where you know which ones are affecting the operation correct from your computer.

disable background apps in windows 10

Check for viruses on the system

There are viruses and malware that can affect your system and slow it down, To check if the system process has not been infected, just perform a few simple operations, the first of it is the following:

  • Enter the “TOtask manager ”.
  • Locate and select the process Runtime Broker ”.
  • Right click on it and select the option “Open file location.”
  • A folder will open where it will show you the location of the file, the path of this must be the following C: Windows System32 “.

If the file is in another folder or address, it is symptoms that it has been modified by a virus or malware. In this case, try to carry out an analysis with the antivirus program of your choice or with Windows defender which has the W10 / W8 OS.

The other process is similar to the previous one, you just have to perform an in-depth analysis of your system, The antivirus you use can detect if your computer is infected with malware or virus, and if it is possible to correct it. If everything turns out correct your computer can work without problems after completing these tasks.

Hack the registry

This option allows you to make modifications where the registry is stored, to be able to do it you just have to do the following.

You must enter the application Regedit ”, There are two ways to do this:

  • the first is to press the following keys on your keyboard: Home + R this will open a small window, in it you will write “Regedit”.
  • The other option is to position yourself in the search bar and type “Regedit”.

run regedit on windows 10

  • Once you have entered the app, you will look for the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services TimeBrokerSvc
  • In this you will find the record with the name: Start REG_DWORD ”, you will double click on it and you will modify the registry data by placing the number 4.
  • Then you will click on “To accept” for the changes to be saved.

hack registry in winsdows 10

  • Restart your computer so that the changes are saved correctly.

Modify the screen background

Performing this action is very easy, you just have to do the following: Press on your keyboard the Home key + i, you will be sent to the screen of “Setting”. In this option you will do the corresponding steps that we will show you below.

  • Choose the option “Personalization”.
  • In this part you will choose “Lock screen”, there you go activate the parameter “Image” in the option that says “Background”.

modify wallpaper in windows 10

Remove OneDrive and Groove Music

As they are universal applications and are among the most used by the system, these can generate problems with the process that is generating slowness in our computer, To eliminate them, do the following:

For Groove Music:

First you are going to enter “Windows PowerShell” as administrator and you will run the following:

  • Get-AppxPackage -name “Microsoft.ZuneMusic”
  • Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage -name “Microsoft.Music.Preview”
  • Remove-AppxPackage

In OneDrive you will do the following:

Enter the command prompt as administrator and run taskkill / f / im OneDrive.exe to end any OneDrive process and hit Enter, then type and hit the Enter key the following:

  • % SystemRoot% System32OneDriveSetup.exe / uninstall (on 32-bit systems)
  • % SystemRoot% SysWOW64OneDriveSetup.exe / uninstall (on 64-bit systems)

Remember know the version of your operating system before doing this task.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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