Schedule Calls on Skype  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Forgetting of making a call at a specific time due to busyness will no longer be a problem if you use the function programming that includes Skype, that although it is not well known by users, has been in the application for a few years.

One of the advantages that this update of Skype is that it is not only available for personal calls, but conferences with a group of users can also be scheduled, if the most recent version is installed on the devices, this being one more step of Microsoft to stay within the preferences in the market.

So that you have everything clear in the way of make scheduled video calls in Skype on any of the devices, here we are going to explain how to do it, along with three actions that will allow you to get the most out of this tool instant messaging.

What is the use of scheduling a call on Skype and why should you do it now for your work?

Benefits of scheduling calls on Skype

The function of scheduling calls in Skype helps you remember when you will have a meeting or you have to attend to an important matter. When it is the day or minutes before the time, you will receive an alert that will allow you to be aware of the situation.

Thus you no longer need to look for an extra calendars app to have the video calls that you have to make scheduled, but the whole process is done from Skype. Activate this feature in Skype within your company or work, it will help you to take care of other matters and avoid the stress of missing an appointment, if the person in charge of managing the agenda could not work that day or had many other occupations to attend to.

Learn step by step how to schedule calls and video calls from any of your devices quickly and easily

The ways to schedule calls on computers with Windows, MacOS and in the web version is the same, just like it happens on Android and iOS devices. In case you want to make a group call, it is necessary to have the chat created or otherwise do the procedure to create it.

Go for it:

On Android and iOS

We start with the procedure on mobile devices. As a preliminary point we must indicate that you have to use the latest version of Skype, so check it out from the app store.

After that, you must follow these steps:

Open the Skype application on Android

  • Select one of the contacts with the ones you want schedule the call.
  • In the left part of the text editor the symbol appears “+”, click on it and a menu will be displayed.

How to schedule a Skype call from Android

  • When the menu opens, navigate to the function “Schedule a call” and you select it.
  • In the window that opens, you must place a “Title”, “Date”, “Time” and “Alert”, the latter is the time the application will remind you.

Section of scheduling calls in Skype Android

  • Once you fill in everything, click on the button “Send” which is marked in blue at the bottom.

Send a scheduled call in Skype for Android

  • In this way, you will already have your call scheduled in Skype, easily and simply.

On Windows and MacOS

Naps using Skype on a computer to carry out your work, tasks or to contact friends and family, from there you can also schedule the call and don’t miss that important moment.

What you have to do to get everything ready is the following:

  • Log in in the application of Skype on Windows or MacOS.
  • Select on the left, the chat or contact with which you want to schedule a call.

Skype contact section

  • In the bar where the message editor is, appear three horizontal points, on which you must click.
  • A window opens in which you must mark “Schedule call”.

Open settings in Skype chats

  • In the menu that shows you, you must fill in the complete form with “Title”, “Date”, “Time” and finally the way how the reminder will be made in “Alert”.

Schedule call in Skype for Widows

  • To leave everything programmed, click on the button “Send”.

Send call schedule in Skype

  • Thus, the Skype call will be scheduled from the application that you have installed on your computer.

Other call actions that you can perform in Skype from all the computers where you use your account

We tell you three functions found within Skype and that make it one of the most advanced applications to communicate both in audio and video. We talk about divert calls, identify them and call mobile or landline numbers.

Let’s see:

Forward calls

Call forwarding in Skype

When this function is configured, the forwarding on mobile or landline phones, voicemail or with any contact added in Skype.

The way to activate it from your mobile is as follows:

  • Log in in your account Skype
  • In the menu at the bottom, tap “Calls”.
  • Select the dial pad and at the top the gear wheel that is “Setting”.
  • Every time you click there, a menu opens, the second option is “Call forwarding and voicemail.”
  • If the option is disabled, you click on it and you enable, being marked in green.
  • In the drop down menu you can select the waiting time to make the detour.
  • And also where you want me to deviate, whether to a voicemail, another Skype account or a landline or mobile number.
  • In the end, press the blue button “Confirm”.

Identify calls

Activate caller ID in Skype

To the activate this functionality, your family, friends and contacts they will know that you are the one calling or texting them, since I know show your number every time you contact someone.

After logging into your account, mobile setup is accomplished with these simple steps:

  • Touch “Calls” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press on the keyboard marked in blue on the left side.
  • Locate the “Setting” in the upper right and the first option is “Call id”.
  • You should select a country from the drop-down list to choose an area code.
  • Then enter the phone number and click on “Keep”.

Call mobiles and landlines

Skype to phone rates

At any time you can make calls to international mobiles or landlines from Skype at affordable prices, buying a credit or a fixed subscription that can be paid with different electronic means.

The way to do it is as follows:

  • Log in in your account Skype
  • Press at the bottom the option “Calls”.
  • Mark the keyboard calls.
  • Select country the one you are going to call in the dropdown list.
  • Dial the number and click on the button “To call” at the bottom, marked in blue.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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