Search Contacts on Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

To chat, making voice or video calls in Skype is necessary to have people added to the contact list. Once that step is taken, communication with users from different parts of the world is free in most cases.

The ways to find contacts in Skype it has improved a lot since its inception. It is now possible to use various filters to speed up the search, even giving the possibility of knowing the community that surrounds you.

If you have already installed the application and you have no idea how to expand your contact book, here we are going to teach you how to search effectively from any device, as well as the personalization that you can do to your account so that others can easily get you.

Learn step by step all the ways to find a person on Skype from any device

If at enter Skype you do not see any person connected, do not worry or think about removing the application from your device. With a little patience, you will find that adding contacts is easy and straightforward. Once you learn, in a few seconds you can get your friends and break the barriers of distance.

Go for it:

With your mail

One of the ways to locate a person is having your exact email address. So you will have no doubt that it is the contact you are looking for.

The way to do it is as follows:

Contacts button in Skype

  • When you press there, it appears “New contact”.
  • Open a new window and indicate “Search people”.

Add new contacts in Skype

  • In that search engine, you are going to put the email address of your contact.
  • In what appears to you, click on the address and add it to your Skype account.

Detail contact data in Skype

  • Now you owe him send a message and wait for me to add you so that both can interact.

With your mobile

When set up your Skype account a series of data must be filled in. To use this function when locating a person by their contact number, they must have it added to their profile, otherwise the search will be unsuccessful.

To add an acquaintance with their phone you must do the following:

  • Within your Skype account go to “Contacts” followed by “Add contact”.

Search contact in Skype by phone number

  • In the search engine, you must write the contact number of the person.
  • Tea will show the result and you must select the user in question.
  • When you open it, send him a message and wait for him to reply so that both directions are linked.

With your username

This is perhaps one of the most direct methods to get contacts on Skype, This is the username that is sometimes the same as the person.

The way you will find it we describe it to you now:

  • In the search engine on the left, enter the user’s first and last name you want to search.
  • Automatically the system will give you some results.

View profile picture on Skype

  • Check the one you want to add, you can look at the profile picture because there may be many similar names.
  • By selecting, a window will open in which you must write a greeting message.
  • At the time that accept you and add, they will be able to follow the conversation.

By its location

Like the phone number, For this option to work correctly, the person you are looking for must have it configured in their profile.

If so, you will get results in a few seconds just by doing the following:

  • Sign in to your Skype account and go to the search engine on the left side.

See location of a contact in Skype

  • In the search engine enter the person’s name followed by its location.
  • It must be specific for the filter to work accurately.
  • Later you will have the search ready.
  • Select the contact, You send them a message and when they respond they will be ready to interact.

We show you how to customize your Skype profile so that they find you more easily on the platform

We have seen the way find contacts to add to you agenda in Skype, Nevertheless, it is also important that your account is well configured and personalized So that your friends and family when looking for you is not so complicated. We have selected four basic and necessary suggestions that you must configure in your Skype profile. We refer to confirming the email, adding a mobile number as well as defining the location and username.

We will teach you how to configure them one by one:

Add mobile number

Set phone number in Skype

The utilities of setting up a mobile number in Skype there are several. But in this case, It is important so that whoever wants to add us to their contact list will find us easily, just by placing the number in the application’s search engine.

See the steps you must take to customize this field:

  • In the browser, enter to the portal
  • Enter your address email and password.
  • Being in the inbox, click on the profile picture.
  • You navigate until you find the “Skype profile” and you click on it.
  • Every time I load, you will “Contact details”.
  • You go down to “Mobile phone” and enter your number.
  • You click on “Verify number”.
  • And to finish, press the button “Keep”.

Define username

Set username in Skype

As a general rule, when you are in the process of creating a Skype account is establishing a username, many times related to the email address. That ID is visible every time you log in. Once it is created it cannot be modified.

The way to create it is as follows:

  • One time downloaded the application, start it.
  • On “Log in” click where it indicates “Create Account”.
  • You put a phone number or, failing that, email address.
  • Now create a password.
  • In the next section write your name and surname, which in the end will be the user that will be seen in your connections.
  • And ready, you already have your username created.

Define your location

Adjust location in Skype

Perhaps it has happened to you that you are looking for a person in Skype, you place “Juan” and you get a huge amount of search results. A filter that helps is place next to the name its physical location, it can be the country, state or city. Now the list will be considerably reduced and it will be easier to select.

To personalize your address, take into account these data:

  • Login to your outlook account with your email and password.
  • You tap on the photo and then on “My profile”.
  • You go down to the section where it is “Skype profile” and you open it.
  • On “Personal information” you go down to “Modify profile”.
  • In the sections of “City”, “State” and “Country” You put the pertinent information to facilitate the location.

Confirm your email

Set email in Skype

This step It is given in the creation of the Skype account, it is the main email address although later this can be changed from the profile.

If you want to modify the email, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account of Outlook.
  • click in the photo in the upper right corner and then in “My profile”.
  • Get the box where it is “Skype profile” and open it.
  • Seeks “Contact details”.
  • When you open it, a main email address appears, which you can change if you click at the bottom where it says “Modify profile”.
  • A blank field appears with the legend “Set as main email address.”
  • You write the new email address and at the end we click on “Keep”.
  • Up to three more email addresses can be added in this section, although the others will not be primary. Only the account owner will be able to see the added emails.

These little Skype tips and tricks help keep your Skype profile up-to-date and personalized, making communication with people who are not close to us easier.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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