SEARCH FOR PEOPLE on FACEBOOK  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Facebook, the social network with the most users in the world. It is normal that right now you are wondering how to find a profile in it, since there are so many that it becomes a real headache to find the right one, since it is possible that there are more than one user with the same name and surname than you imagine.

Fortunately for you, the platform puts at your disposal a series of very effective search tools to hit the nail on the head with the task of finding certain people on it. The problem is that very few people know them, much less know how to use them, but that will not be your case after finishing reading us.

In this article we are going to teach you how to correctly search for a person on Facebook so you can find it easily. It does not matter if you do not know their name, their last name, and much less their email, with all the tools that we will give you it will be a piece of cake to find that profile that you have so much desire to add to your friends list.

Steps to search and find a person within the social network Facebook

To this, Facebook offers you multiple ways to search for the same person so that you can find them almost without knowing anything other than their physical appearance. Here we show you how to use each of these search tools in the most effective way possible.

By city or location

You go to the FB search bar, you enter the name of the person you want to find, for example: “Mario” and Surprise !; There are hundreds of people with the same name and the one you are looking for does not appear anywhere. This is very normal since there are billions of people registered on the platform, so it is possible that among them there are thousands with the same name.

But there is a way to fix this. If the person you are looking for lives near you, in the same city or even neighborhood, you can use the search by city or location. Facebook keeps a record of the IP where you usually connect, so it also knows where they connect from.

However How is this type of search carried out? Previously you could make an adjustment in the filters to specify the city in which you want to query, but that has changed. Now Facebook has made a modification to its algorithm in which the key is in the words you use to search for profiles.

That is, in the search bar you must enter the city where that person is. For example, if you are looking for Pedro Pérez who lives in Madrid, in the search bar you must digital “Pedro Pérez Madrid Spain”. In this way you will see all the results of people with that name who live in the Spanish capital.

Search city Facebook

By WhatsApp phone number

If you have a person or contact on WhatsApp and you want to add it on FacebookYou can do it perfectly using your phone number linked to the courier service. This is very easy, you just have to enter the number in the search bar and you’re doneYou will see exactly the profile linked to that number.

Remember that some years ago, the network created by Zuckerberg bought the “Wasap”, so the accounts in both profiles are linked. The problem is that this method is not always successful because many times people do not have the same number on both platforms, but it is certainly worth trying.

Without knowing your name or surname

This is when things get a bit tricky. There are no usernames on Facebook like on Instagram or Twitter, so if you do not know the name of that person you are lost … Unless you use the two methods that we are going to propose at this moment. They are unorthodox, but it is the only option you have when you do not know those two important facts.

The first thing is to simply look at the suggestions that Facebook itself gives you. To do this you must click on the icon “friend requests” which is at the top, next to the option “create”. When you do that, all the requests that you have not accepted are displayed, but if you keep going down until they are exhausted, you arrive at a section that says “People you might know”.

people you might know Facebook

You must search among all the options that are presented to you in the hope that among them is the person you are looking for, for which you should look at their profile photos.

The second option is to search among the friends of your friends. If you know that the profile you are looking for is known or a friend of one of your contacts, it is possible that they are on Facebook.

To do this you simply have to enter your contact’s profile and click where it says “Friends”. That will send you to the list of all the people it has added. Again you must search among all of them with the hope that among them is who you are looking for.

search among your friends facebook friends

The first thing you will see will be the friends they have in common, but if you keep going down you will be able to see more contacts that you don’t have. Do this with all the contacts you think may have that person.

Find by email

Another way to search for people on the platform is with their email, specifically the one they have registered with on Facebook. To do this simply You must enter this information in the search bar and you will automatically see the profile linked to that account.

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways, although again the email you have may not be the one linked to the profile you want. In addition, the person must allow that the email is visible so that you can find it this way, so this method is not infallible, although it is one of the most effective.

another trick is to use the famous Google commands, to do it you go to the Google search bar and type the following: site: “email”With this, the big G will return all the results within the FB website where this email address is. This little tip can be applied to any search parameter, whether you are searching by email, name, residence and a large number of characteristics.

By groups

If one of your groups is a person you want to add, you can easily search for it among its members. This option requires a bit of work, especially if the community is of thousands of users, but luckily you can also filter a few things in the process.

To do this you must enter the group and click on “Members”, so that you have access to the list of people inside. If you know the name of the person you are looking for, you can enter it in the search bar to show you the members who share that name.

search among members of the Facebook group

How to find people on Facebook without being registered on the social network?

Do you want to search for a person without being registered on Facebook? I think there is a word for that: Make a miracle. But luckily, miracles are not impossible, so you can also do what you propose without being a member of the platform.

Using Google search commands

One tool that you have at your disposal are the search commands, those that allow you to be more specific in your search within Google, which will be your best ally in this mission. There are several commands, but we will focus on one specifically; the inclusion of words. This is based on simply put a plus sign (+) next to your search.

You must be ingenious to carry out this search and above all you must know some specific information about the person you are looking for, without that it will be practically impossible. What you must do is place the name of the person followed by the plus sign (+), the word Facebook and other information, which could be the college or university where you studied, your job or your city of origin.

use google search commands

For example, if you are looking for Mario Sandoval, who lives in Venezuela and studied at a university, you must type in the search bar “Mario Sandoval + Facebook Venezuela University”And press enter. You enter the first result that comes out and you search among the profiles that match your search.

mario sandoval profiles on facebook

Using external websites and applications

Another method that can work quite well for you is to use external applications that help you search for profiles on social networks. There are several of them, but we will concentrate on Social Searcher, which is one of the most powerful that you have at your disposal.

Social Searcher

What you have to do is enter the tool’s website and enter the name of the person you are looking for in the corresponding space and click on “Users” which is to indicate that you are looking for users. After that you must click on “Facebook”, to determine that the search you want to do on this specific social network. After that you will see all the profiles with that name that exist.

Search social searcher

There are other quite effective search engines that you can use as alternatives to Social Searcher. Some are paid, but most you can use them completely free.

Below we mention which are these platforms:

  • Wink People Search
  • PeekYou
  • BuddyFetch
  • Skipease

This has been it. We have given you all the methods we know to search for people in this social network, we hope we have helped you pleasantly.

How to use advanced search within Facebook?

Until 2016, there was a function called “Advanced search“, which allowed you to set various filters to make your query more specific and accurate. However, this changed in 2018, when Facebook made an update that sent this tool to the trunk of memories.

Now everything is integrated into the search bar and to make a query you must be skillful with the words you use. For example, if you are looking for a person named Mario, who works in x’s company and lives in x’s city, then you should put in the search bar the “Mario + company name + city and country”. For example “Nestle Mario Madrid Spain” and from this data the search you want will be carried out.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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