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Images or photos are tools used by many to perform various tasks. Graphic designers and other professionals are just one example of those who must search extensively among images available on the internet on a daily basis to get their work done. We even need photographs to do schoolwork, to draw pictures, to inspire ourselves or whatever. You know how the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Images can be safely considered as the “prince of content”, since although it is not the most used, it is the one that generates the most interaction with the user. So these must always be taken into account in any content marketing strategy.

Although, depending on the image we have to look for, it can be a difficult task. Sometimes we have to look for photos that we can’t get anywhere, but it may be because you are looking for it wrong. Therefore, in this tutorial we guide you in the search for images so you can optimize your time making searches efficiently and very easy

Steps to search Google from images using the PC

You may have seen an image somewhere and need to find it again. The good thing about the internet is that basically there is a record of everything, that’s why many search engines like Google have devised ways to get places, people, information or photographs from other images.

It is very easy to do it through a process called reverse lookup With an image that you have saved or that you search somewhere on the internet about something, you will be able to get the most similar results, below you will see how

  • The platform we will use to find photos from others is Google, so the first thing we should do is open the search engine page. Once there, we select “Images“in the upper left corner of the screen.

search images from google images

  • When you load the photo search, in the search bar, you need to select the camera icon, as shown in the image below.

search images from images in google

  • Selecting the camera will bring up a bar with two options, “Paste url“or”Upload Image “. The first option is used to search for similar ones or to know the information of a specific image that we have seen on a social network or website. For this, we copy the link on the site where we saw the image and we paste it in the white box, the next thing would be to click on the button Search for.

search images from url in google

  • The result, you will see once you press “Search for“, all the search results will appear. The name or information of the image is automatically inserted in the search bar and similar results appear, as what we are looking for is visual content and not information, we click on Similar images and from there we can download all the results obtained.

search images based on similar photos images google box

  • The other way to do it is from content saved on the pc, for this we return to the Google image search where click on the camera icon and we choose the second option, we attach the image to search and that’s it.

search images from photo images google box result

  • This will automatically load the resultIn this case we use the same image as in the search by URL and the result is the same, we can see information about the image or download similar.

How to search by images from the cell phone or smartphone Android and iOS?

Google’s reverse image search is not available for mobile phonesBut no matter what operating system is used, there are workable methods that can match or exceed the results provided by searching from photos.

Here we explain these simple methods:

Search from images on mobile using other search engines

Although Google is the best known, there are many search engines to enjoy, there are even some specialized only for image search that allow you to upload files or paste links and search for similar ones. We recommend using one of the two below.

  • Yandex, This is a search engine similar to Google, which works both on the web and on mobile devices, all we have to do is enter and from there we select the option to search from image or search by image depending on the language of the device, when doing that, a box with 4 options will appear on the screen Among which we can choose what they are, recognize a text, identify an object, search for a product or search for more similar ones, we choose the one that best suits us, we load the image and search

search images from mobile photo yandex result

  • Tinye, this search engine is specific for images and is available in all operating systems, to use it we only enter the official website and we will get a box in which we can paste the url if we want to do a search by link of an image or where we can upload them from the device using the button on the left marked with an arrow

search images from mobile photo tineye

Tips and advanced options for finding photos from image search

Although searching for photos when searching from other photos or images allows us to find valuable results, there are other methods that many people are unaware of. These methods filter or further specify the images shown, here are some tricks for searching images in google.

Advanced Google Image Search

The first trick is to use Google’s advanced search system, where we can configure almost all the options for the results we want, to access we just go to the Google Images site as usual and select the option “Preferences”, We will get a menu with several options and we will choose “Advanced search”.

advanced google search

When choosing the advanced search, the page of the advanced search tools will open as we see below, where we will specify every detail of what we want to find, from the color and size of the image to the rights of use.

advanced search g options oogle

Advanced Google Images search tools

The advanced search tools are easily accessible Google advanced search options, to use them we select “Tools “, to display the options among which we have size, color, rights of use and date.

google search tools

Use advanced search operators and commands

The advanced search operators and commands allow us to search for images with keywords, there are many commands that we can use to facilitate a search, below we explain the main ones

  • filetype: jpg: when copying this command google will automatically provide the jpg type
  • filetype: png: will appear of the png type
  • filetype: gif: we will see moving photos of the gif type
  • if you: When using this command followed by a specific website, the results provided will come from that website exclusively.

What are the uses and utilities of doing a reverse image search?

Reverse Google Photos Search, which we have already taught you how to use, is very useful to do searches when we forget the name of what we require, but those are not all its advantages.

Depending on the need of the user, the benefit they get from this method is variable, but in general its most notable uses are the following

  • Find the information of an image to know the original source and the date it was published on the internet for the first time
  • Find the same image with better resolution, searching among all the copies
  • Find similar images or other photos that make up a whole package or session
  • Analyze in which types of sites the image is most used

Are there other search engines to find photos from images besides Google?

We already explained everything about this so that you are an expert and we talk a little about search engines to search for them on mobile phones, but there are many search engines for all devices that offer different results and some specialize only in visual content to provide all the details that are required. If you want to know some, keep reading:


It is the second search engine worldwide. With each update it has managed to be an optimized, powerful, safe search engine with a very good interface. It had quite an important growth a while ago, but today it is still well below the great G.



For those looking for more than a search engine, Yahoo! is ideal, the service offers an email, news and much more. It is very easy to use due to its intuitive interface. Its most famous service was Yahoo! answers, although today it has fallen a lot.


Internet Archive

Its name gives a bit of information about its operation. This search engine is similar to an internet filing cabinet, where not only images are kept, but all kinds of documents and web pages, where the operation of the network is reflected since its inception. Ideal for research and historical archives.

internet archives


This is a search engine for those who want hidden data as it provides deep internet data insights. It is not widely used among regular Internet users, but it is good to try, you will surely be surprised by the results that this search engine gives you.


List of the best applications to find photos on mobile devices

On mobile devices, it can be much easier to access an app and find photos and images than to have to go through a search engine in your browser. That is why we recommend the best applications to search and find photos on cell phones and mobile phones.

Search By Image

This app available on Android operating systems is complemented by Google to provide search results from others, has several options and is very easy to use.

search by image


With version for Android and iOs, Veracity is ideal to obtain information on the use of these, since, among the results, it provides information about the subject of the image and the uses even if it has been edited.


It is an app developed for the iOs operating system that allows you to do a reverse search based on an image mainly to obtain one of them with higher quality.


There are countless more applications, many of them recently launched, that is why if you know and use any other that has not been mentioned, do not hesitate to comment and we will add it to the list, sure they will be of great help to our other readers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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