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Have a security hole in an OS represents a major risk what should you correct for keep your privacy protected at all times. For this it is necessary that you know What is a security hole.

This information can be found in the following paragraphs, where We will help you to detect which are the most important and what is the reason why these vulnerabilities are created.

But that’s not all you’ll find in this post, We will also explain the vulnerabilities that modern operating systems have and we will show you the step by step so that you can detect and correct them.

What are security holes and what risk do they pose to my security?

A security hole is a flaw or vulnerability that occurs in a computer program and It is used to obtain personal data and important information that users who use that software. As usual, Whenever private information is stolen from one or more people, the first thing intruders do is investigate whether there are security holes in the programs that victims use to take advantage of these flaws and enter the device.

But security holes are not only related to software, but also to physical security flaws. This means that a person can enter workstations without authorization and steal private information. From all this it follows that security holes is a factor to consider to protect the privacy of the data, since using these flaws any intruder can access them and cause serious inconveniences.

How and why are security holes created? More serious vulnerabilities

How and why are security holes created?  More serious vulnerabilities

When software is developed by a certain vendor or by a set of programmers defects are introduced to the general code. These can impact the management of the program or the implementation of certain parameters. If these defects manage to affect the balance of the software, there is talk of a security hole, so the privacy and trust of the user of the product are at risk.

Keep in mind that if these vulnerabilities are detected in time and they are not released to the market is not considered a security hole. This also happens in the software update stage. When a new version or security patch is released to cover a hole, it does not imply that this patch does not necessarily contain bugs that could cause other security holes. So the product tends to remain vulnerable to third-party attacks.

What are the main vulnerabilities that modern operating systems face?

The major operating systems have vulnerabilities, which we present below so that you take into account what you may be exposed to.

Let’s get started:



In the operating system Windows, the voice assistant Cortana is one of the main points that must be taken into account when protect safety. This happens because the wizard can be used even when the computer is locked, so that anyone can access important functions that the equipment has.

Script crosses, also known as Cross Site Scripting, is another issue that you should consider when maintaining security on your computer Windows. These programs that copy information are installed through the browser and are generally not detected by the operating system. The same goes for cookies and browsing history.

These items are not automatically identified by Windows and therefore represent a real threat to user privacy. Finally, security patches are points to take into account in this operating system, since generally Microsoft launches to the market Hotfixs that represent security vulnerabilities to software.


Within MacOS browsing history, cookies and ad blocking are the weakest points that this safe operating system has. To this must be added the cloud storage of iCloud, which can represent a security hole if it is not configured correctly. The same happens with iTunesIf the user does not customize the options provided by the operating system in a secure way, an OS vulnerability is created that must be taken into account.


Within Linux you can find vulnerabilities related to bugs that are concentrate on speculative execution of instructions. That is, a condition is taken as true and any other situation that seems false is discarded. These security holes, which are called Meltdown and Specter, are within the Linux kernel and affect the table found in the jump predictor by altering locations and locations that are hosted in the cache.



The security holes presented by this operating system of Google are directly related to the Internet, because Android does not notify the user of the installation of cookies that could affect privacy.

Further, inside the official Google Play store, there are applications that are not tested in their operation. So any developer could implement a program, with a secure function, that violates the operating system. This misrepresented app can be installed without problems within the mobile making it Android do not detect the threatas it was installed from the official store.


As in MacOS, iTunes and iCloud These are two points that must be taken into account so as not to create a security hole in this operating system. Further, Safari allows the storage of cookies that are not correctly informed by the OS. Although it is true that any browser does not report on the installation of spyware, it would be convenient for iOS to detect this type of software.

This would make it without a doubt one of the most secure operating systems available for mobile devices. Among the apps that are pre-installed at the factory is the find the iPhone and know the user’s real location. These two functions, as with macOS, could also be considered as security holes if it is not configured correctly.

Learn step by step how to detect vulnerabilities that can lead to attacks against you

To detect vulnerabilities within any operating system you must do this step by step:

Analyze your WiFi networks

The first thing you should do is detect if the internet connection is secure so that the possible vulnerabilities that you have in the installed programs and in the operating system that you use do not impact too much on your security. For this you will have to use a third-party tool which will help you assess the security of your wireless network.

Inspect installed apps

In this step you will have to check the installed programs one by one on your computer to know if there is an update that you have not yet downloaded.

In the case of mobile devices, and especially in Android, This task is carried out automatically from official stores, so you should not worry too much about these devices. You also have to consider operating system update, so you should permanently review Windows update and the store Manzana to download security patches.

Control password encryption

If you are one of the people who encode their messages and files, through GPG, OpenPGP or any other encryption protocol, it is necessary that you verify that they are complied with safely and that the decryption mechanism is secure. If you use an application for password management, you should check that it works as you need it.

Classify the risks

What you are going to have to do now is collect all the information and classify it to prioritize the risks of the existence of security holes that you may have on your computer. Once you determine what kind of vulnerability do you have It will be necessary to solve the problems starting with the largest.

Perform a new test

When you have finished the previous step you will have to retest installed applications, internet connection through Wifi and any other contingency measures that may pose a risk to your privacy. If you continue to see a security hole, you must repeat the process until they are corrected.

The best tips to protect your online security and solve system vulnerabilities

The best tips to protect your online security and solve system vulnerabilities

If what you are looking for is to protect your online security as much as possible and solve system vulnerabilities, you will have to keep these tips in mind:

Configure the browser

The first thing you should do is customize the tools that the browser offers you so that cookies are not stored on your computer. This can be done from the configuration menu and then select option so that third-party programs are not installed.

Another issue you should consider is clear browsing history automatically. This will allow you to stay safe, since if for some reason a spyware is installed, it will not be able to know which sites you visit. Finally, you must configure the ad blocking when you surf the internet. In this way you will avoid being scammed through phishing or similar techniques.

Update all programs

Regular updating of the software installed on your device is a key success factor that you must carry out if you want to reduce the vulnerability of the computer. You should also do this with the operating system, since security patches are included in each update.

Install a trusted antivirus

The best thing you can do to protect your safety is install a known antivirus and make it run in real time. This will allow you to detect threats when you want to perform any type of action, thus reducing the security holes that OS have.

Do not answer questionable emails

While this is not directly related to a security hole, will help you protect your privacy online in a considerable way. This is because intruders can send you links through emails so that you can click on them and install, without your consent, spyware that are run due to vulnerabilities in the system.

Always download original programs

One of the biggest risks of installing a original unlicensed software is the possibility of security holes in it. This is generally due to the fact that they don’t get updates constantly and patches are not available from non-original vendor download stores.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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