Security in Telegram  How does it work? Is it reliable? ▷ 2021

So that make the most of Telegram and rest easy with the protection of your private data, we will show you below the most important factors that make the platform one of the safest in relation to other instant messaging.

For it, We will explain in detail the factors that allow us to shield security and protect your conversations quickly and easily.

But this is not all you will read. We will also tell you the step by step that you will have to do to make your Telegram much more secure and keep your data protected from any attack.

Telegram Security How safe is this instant messaging application?

Telegram Security How safe is this instant messaging application?

The thousands of users who use Telegram They emphasize that it is a very secure instant messaging application, since it protects the private data of each of the people to the maximum.

To know this statement in detail, it will be necessary for you to continue reading the most important aspects of Telegram’s security:


When we talk about encryption in messages, we refer to the process carried out by an algorithm to transform the chat into unreadable text and that can only be encrypted by the person who has the key. In Telegram there is a client-to-server encryption. This means that the messages cannot be read by any other user, except by the platform’s server.

This process is based on AES, RSA 2048 and Diffie-Hellman 256-bit encryption protocols, as a procedure for exchanging the keys. But this is not all, since Telegram it is characterized by being a secure messaging, it is possible to add one more layer of security so that there is an e2e encryption, that is, from client to client. For this you must use the secret chats feature, with which only the two intervening users will be able to know what the message says.

Secret Chats Security

Secret Chats Security

Although we have already talked a bit about this topic, the secret chat is a tool that Telegram offers so that messages are coded end to end. In this way, the conversations will not remain on the platform’s server, so no one will have access to know what this message says.

Among the most outstanding features of this function is the possibility of being able to destroy the message once it was read by the recipient. What’s more, have a direct conversation in a normal way and secret chats with the same personYou can see all of this in the application’s message window.

Hidden phone number

A prominent advantage that Telegram has is that it is possible to hide the phone number with which the user has registered. This allows no member to know this information, which helps keep accounts private.

Indeterminate connection

Indeterminate connection

This security feature of Telegram refers to the fact that it is possible to configure the platform so that the data of the last connection is not displayed. In this way, other users will obtain general data such as Last time recently or Last time a few days ago. With this tool also it is feasible to hide when user is online, unless a private chat is held at that time.

Open source code

Telegram is an open source software, in this way it is possible that the same users can provide information to review the security systems and obtain a more trustworthy platform. It is possible to send to Telegram any aspect of interest that arises when the platform is being used. To do this you have to write an email to the official address If you find a significant vulnerability, you may receive a reward from Telegram.

Messages cannot be intercepted by the ISP

So much the internet service provider what did you hire as the network administrator to which you are connected, they cannot know the messages that you send by Telegram. This is because they do not have enough tools to decipher the encryption protocol.

2FA verification

In Telegram you can use two-factor verification in a very simple way. With this added security you will keep all the people who want to enter your account away from you.

Learn step by step how to make your Telegram much more secure and protect your conversations

Next, we will show you the step by step that you must do to strengthen privacy and your conversations on Telegram.

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Create secret chats

So that you keep the messages encrypted in a “end to end” You will need to add a layer of security, making the Telegram server unable to recognize the conversation between you and the recipient.

You can do this by following this step by step:

  • Open the app on your mobile device or computer.
  • Later, find the user with whom you want to keep a secret chat. You can do this by searching directly in the chat window (if you have already had direct messages with that person) or using the function Look for, represented by a magnifying glass. You will find this tool in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once you find the right person you will have to press on your photo Profile. This will cause a common chat to be displayed.
  • Then, press again in the profile photo or in your username.
  • Select the three points that you will find in a corner.
  • After this, choose the tool Start secret chat.
  • The application will ask you if you want to start a secret chat, so you will have to press the button START.
  • Write the message and send it. If you wish, you can choose that it be destroyed once it has been read, you will have to press the menu of the three points and then click on Configure self-destruct. Next, choose the period for the message to be deleted and finally press on CLEVER.

Set additional password

Set additional password

If you want to add a password for your Telegram account, you will have to do this step by step:

  • Open the app from Telegram.
  • Click on the options menu top of the screen, just in the left corner.
  • Then click Settings.
  • Click on the tool Privacy & Security.
  • Head to the field Safety.
  • Select option Two-step verification.
  • Hit the blue button Create a password.
  • When you’re done, press Continue.
  • Repeat the password you have entered and select the button again Continue.
  • Write a hint for the password, If you wish, you can skip this step by pressing in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose a recovery email in which you will receive a link to reactivate your new password in case you forget. When you finish press Continue.
  • In these moments you will have to go to your email and open a Telegram email with the verification code that they sent you. Write this code and you will already have a password set.

These steps too automatically activate 2-factor verification, so it will help you to log in to new devices safely.

Password important chats

When you want to add a password to the important chats you will have to do the process that we show you below:

  • Open the app and go to the upper left corner to click on the icon of the three lines.
  • Then click Settings. This will take you to a new screen in which you will find the option Privacy & Security, so you must click on it.
  • Go to the section Safety.
  • Then select the button Lock code.
  • Enable the function Lock codeTo do this, you must ensure that the switch is blue.
  • The previous step will ask you to enter a 4-digit code, write it down and click on the check mark in the right corner.
  • Put the same code again to verify that you typed it correctly.
  • When you have done all the previous steps, you can choose if you want unlock the platform by fingerprint. If so, check the corresponding box.
  • By last, you can choose the time for the lock function to be activated. To do this, go to the auto-lock tool and select the period necessary for you.

You must bear in mind that since Telegram is a multiplatform application, You will have to follow the steps that we mentioned to activate in the other devices in which you have the session of your user open.

Use 2-step verification to log into a new device

Use 2-step verification to log into a new device

To maximize the security of your data on Telegram, you can activate the two-step function when you try to log into Telegram with a new device. Thanks to this configuration, you will have to enter the current password and add a new security layer to access your account.

The steps you will have to do are the same as those indicated to add a password. That is, you will have to access Privacy & Security, then you will have to go to Safety and finally, you must activate Two-step verification. This will lead you to enter your password so that you have the new security layer enabled. Then you will receive an activation code by SMS to log in correctly every time you start your Telegram account on a new device.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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