Security Tips for Mobile Devices  List ▷ 2020

Know which are the best safety recommendations to protect your data on your mobile is a good idea, if you want keep your private information safe and economical.

That is why you will have to know what are the main risks that a smartphone currently faces and how you can avoid them.

This information can be found in the following paragraphs of this article. We will explain in detail all the security risks and teach you the best tips to keep your phone safe. Don’t miss anything so you are always safe.

What are the main security risks in mobile systems?

Among the main risks that you may suffer in the security of your mobile device are the following:

  • Phishing: this is an activity that is disseminated by mail seems to be reliable. That is, by receiving on your mobile an email from a sender (who hides his true identity to pass through an organization or person of prestige) sends a link that, when clicked, allows the entry of some type of malware to the device .
  • Spyware: This risk to which your device is exposed is a bit derived from the previous one. But it is characterized because it is installed by people close to you (such as a tracking app) or companies who want to see the activity you carry out with your mobile.
  • Data interception: open WiFi networks are an element of great potential to intercept the information that travels from your device to the web server. For this reason, hackers are interested in this type of connection to enter your mobile and obtain private information.
  • Riskware: When you install an application, it is common for them to ask you for permission to access different elements that you have on your mobile. Sometimes these apps are just looking for you to grant them access so they can steal your information.
  • WiFi spoofing: You can find open Internet networks in some public places, but you need to create a username and password to access it for free. This is common in airports and some bars (so hackers create fake networks with SSIDs related to the place, for example “Airport WiFi”). The problem arises when the user uses passwords that he can remember and that are generally used on other platforms. In this way, the intruder accesses these passwords to enter said user platforms.
  • Applications with easy to encrypt algorithms: you should not forget that all programs use codes to encrypt information from end to end. In some situations it has been found that these algorithms can be very easy to be detected by cryptography. For this reason, mobile phones that have these apps downloaded become vulnerable.

List of the best tips to keep your mobile safe

If you want protect information that you have saved on your mobile, take a look at the following tips that will help you strengthen the security of your device.

Let’s see below:

Try not to connect to a WiFi network that you do not know

Try not to connect to a WiFi network that you do not know

As we explained in the previous paragraphs, how easy it is for hackers to enter your device when you are part of a wireless network to which they also belong she’s very tall. For this reason, It is recommended that you do not connect to open WiFi networks. Nor to those that are public and that require a password that is easy to access, for example, that of a bar.

Don’t open emails from strangers

If for any reason an email reaches your device that you do not know the reason or the sender, you must immediately delete it. You must be very careful with this type of activity, since this is the favorite means of hackers to infect your mobile.

Further, you should be suspicious of emails you receive from your friends that do not present a trustworthy relationship with the theme to which the message refers. That is, if a family member or friend never talks to you about sports, you must delete those emails you receive from them talking about football.

Browse safe sites

Browse safe sites

It is very common to infect a device when you access web pages that do not have a HTTPS protocol. For this reason, communication can be intercepted by a third party and in this way you will be able to collect private information that is related to important data.

Don’t buy online through suspicious WiFi networks

A hacker can access your device when you are connected to an open WiFi network, he can also see all the activity you do on your mobile. Thus, It is not recommended that you enter online stores and make purchases on this type of network. This is because you will expose your financial information on credit cards and bank accounts to intruders.

Download a reliable antivirus

Not only will you need to download an antivirus that is recognized to protect your device, you must also activate the configuration so that the program can work in real time. This way it will warn you of any imminent threat when browsing.

Regularly update programs

Updates of the programs and applications that you have installed, as well as those of the operating system, it is very important that you carry them out frequently. This will help you significantly decrease intruder attacks.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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