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When we see that our desktop computer does not respond in the time it did beforeyes, or we realize that the laptop overheats several times, we have to think that the performance of computer processes is being affected for some reason.

This is due, many times, to the fact that we do not properly maintain our devices or because there are other problems that we have to determine.. For the latter, there is a tool in Windows 10 that we will analyze in this post.

If you want to be an expert in knowing how to constantly monitor CPU performance in real time, continue reading the next paragraphs. In addition, we will teach you some practical tips so that you do not endanger your PC. Let’s see what this is about!

Why is it important to constantly monitor my CPU performance?

When you periodically monitor the performance of your CPU you will have the following benefits:

  • You will improve the response time of your device Every time you execute a command, you want to enter the Internet page or use applications that you have installed in it.
  • You will also have a better result in data processing speed. This is initially due to internal components such as RAM and processor are working properly, so they do not overheat due to the level of work they have.
  • This tip is related to the previous tip. You will get a longer life from your RAM, hard disk, microprocessor and other components that help the proper functioning of the equipment. This will happen when you notice that the CPU has an unusual performance, you will have to close applications or any other element that affects the functionality of your computer and its components, thus directly reducing their work.
  • Some people don’t know, but When you have a computer with optimal performance, it improves the consumption of electrical energy. This is because smooth operation makes the processors and internal components work only as long as necessary.
  • You will have a better response in an increasing amount of work, since you will be able to open more applications or windows of your browser at the same time and it will not slow down your computer.

Steps to see the performance of your computer in real time in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers you the possibility to see the performance of your PC in different ways, thanks to a tool that is included in the same operating system. Next, we will show you how you have to do, through very simple steps, so that you know the processes of the applications that are running in the foreground or background.

Let’s get started !:

With task manager

With task manager

You can use this Windows tool to see the performance of your computer. To do this, you can follow any of these steps to enter the Task Manager:

  • Go to “Start” and then choose “Task Manager (Desktop Application)”.
  • Press the keys at the same time “Control + Alt + Delete”.
  • Another option you have is to press “Control + Shift + Escape”.

When you have entered the operating system task manager, you will have to follow this guide:

  • Click on the option “More details”.
  • Select the tab “Performance”.
  • Right now a panel will appear in which you will have different options on the left that will indicate each of the different resources that are working at that time. If you click on one of them, it will show you a graph on the right where you will find a percentage of the use of that component, the base speed, number of processes and threads and uptime, among other data.

With this you will be able to analyze which are the resources or components that generate higher performance from your CPU.

Activating the compact display

The compact display will allow you to have a window in real time showing you all the data and performance that the components of your computer have.

In order to have this tool on your desktop, you just have to follow the steps that we mentioned before. When you are in the tab “Performance”, you must double click on the left panel to see all the analysis items. If you prefer, you can directly see the graph, for this you will have to double click on the drawing.

This window will be minimized when you click anywhere on the screen and will stay on the taskbar. When you want to close this report, you will have to place your mouse pointer on the corresponding icon and then click on the “X” closing.

Tips to prevent your CPU performance from crashing and optimize your computer

Windows 10 is a fairly balanced operating system, which seeks to perform well, but also tries to improve the user experience permanently. We regret to tell you that this does not happen often, as performance is often affected by our equipment’s own limitations.

Next, we will show you 3 tips that will help you prevent your CPU performance from crashing. These are:

Clean your computer frequently

Clean your computer frequently

Some users don’t know, but cleaning the equipment will greatly improve its performance. This is because there are elements in the cabinet that work to cool the internal components. Therefore, a good cleaning, especially in the coolers, will ensure that the hardware always has the correct temperature level, thus avoiding that they are demanded in their work.

In addition to cleaning, You must also take into account the place where you locate the computer, since it has to be as far as possible from dust and humidity.

Download a good antivirus

Even if it looks like a lie, not all antivirus are efficient, so you will have to choose the best one and if possible pay a membership for it. This tips is important, since the existence of malware or virus on your computer will make the programs work incorrectly, thus producing significant damage to RAM and also in the processor.

In some cases, these viruses, although they do not affect the hardware, influence the software that handles the coolers and other important components in the recovery process of the computer. Therefore, by eliminating viruses, you will be calm and you will have adequate performance of your computer.

Avoid heavy programs

Avoid heavy programs

If you have to work with these types of programs, try to do it sporadically or close it when you no longer use it. Also, you should bear in mind that when you use large programs, try to close all those applications that are running in the background and you do not need it.

This will make the RAM and other components have a more orderly work in terms of its operation, making them not required. Further, try to free up the RAM of all those programs that you do not use, for this you must delete cookies and any browsing history.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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