SEE Wi-Fi Passwords Saved in W10  Guide ▷ 2020

Many of us have a selective memory, so it can fail us many times, and the key to our Wifi is no exception. For this reason, if you lost the password for your wireless network, we invite you to continue reading.

Here we will show you the steps required to recover passwordWell, our computers have better memory than we do and they keep the passwords of the networks to which he has connected.

We teach you two methods to access, one more practical than the other, but in the end that will be up to you. And if you could not recover it in our last section we will show you how to connect with the factory password.

Steps to know the password of all the WiFi networks saved in your Windows 10 fast and easy

There are two very effective methods to change the password of your WiFi router. Both are easy to apply, although the second one does need certain notions of basic computing, but they are nothing to write home about. Here we explain both:

From the Network and Sharing Center

We can see what the networks are that are registered in our computer. The simplest and most practical method is to view them from the Network and Sharing Center, to know how read below:

  • In the task bar that we can see at the bottom of the window, we can see the icon of Wifi or Internet connection, we right click on the icon, then we will be shown a list of two options, which we will only select the one that says “Open Network and Internet Settings”.

open network settings

  • Although we can also enter the “Network configuration” through “Windows Settings” and clicking on the option “Network and Internet”.


  • Once we are in the selection of “Network and Internet Configuration” click on the tab “Wifi” located in the right side menu. But we must know that if our computer is a desktop and is not configured for wireless networks it will not appear, being in the place we go down to the last option and click on “Center network and sharing”.

Center network and sharing

  • After the previous step, we will be shown a screen with several options. We will see a section called “See active networks” and on the right side of it there will be another option that says “Connections” in which we can click on the name of the Wifi to which we are connected, or to which we want to see the password.

show password

  • Then a box will open in which it will show us various properties of the Wi-Fi network that we have selected. We select the tab “Security” where we then select the third option called “Network security key.”
  • In order for the characters to change into letters and numbers (our key) we mark the bullet “Show Characters” which is located below the field where you mark the key.

*Note: When we do this, Windows will not request a administrator permission and the password will be shown to us.

From the Windows 10 terminal

From the Windows terminal we can do many things that correspond to the system configuration, among them the option to see the saved passwords is also included, this is explained below:

  • First we go to the Windows search engine, there we write “Symbol of the system”, some computers will not request approval of the action, so if we are the computer administrators we can give it to them without any problem.

symbol of the system

  • In this system application we will have to write the commands correctly so that the passwords of the networks that we have saved on our computer can be shown to us.
  • As soon as the “Symbol of the system” we will have to write the command netsh wlan show profile (without the quotes), as we can see in the image below.
  • When the command is processed and accepted, we will be shown a list of all the Wi-Fi networks whose passwords have been saved on our computer.
  • Once all the passwords are shown we write the command netsh wlan show profile name=nombredelperfil key=clear but substituting nombredelperfil by the name of the Wifi we want to know the password.

network list

  • The name that we are going to write must be one of those that appears in the list that we obtained from the previous command. Finally we will see a category that says “Key content” in which the password of the network that we have selected will appear in its entirety.

network details

How can I reset my WiFi password that comes from the factory if I forgot the current one?

Reset router to factory settings

It may be more than once that we forget what the password of our WifiHowever, there are many solutions, all simple and practical like the previous ones.

Each router or Wifi modem It comes with a factory password that we can find on the back of the device or in the box it came in when we bought it. Enter it like this no more, will not allow us to connect to the network, so that we must locate the reset button which mostly comes on the back of the device (modem or router) and we press it for about 10 seconds.

When we’re doing this, we’ll see how reboot the routerFrom that moment, the Wi-Fi has already been restored from the factory, so the name will be the same from the factory as well as the password. We enter the password that we find in the box and calmly access the network.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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