Self-destructing Telegram messages  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Telegram is characterized by being in constant evolutionTherefore, with each update of the platform, changes valued by users can be seen. In this sense, a very particular characteristic, are the messages with self-destruction.

It is an option whereby a message is shared and scheduled to be deleted within the time range you select. So can keep data secret or make sure it is not shared with anyone.

Without a doubt, it is an alternative in terms of privacy that is valued. Therefore, below we will share everything you need to know regarding How to activate self-destruct messages in Telegram on any of your devices?

Do all the secret chats that I create self-destruct?

First, to enjoy self-destructing messages in Telegram, you have to create a secret chat with the contact you want. Inside there, you can share all the information you need and make sure that others do not have access to it. Telegram secret chats include additional protections to those already in common conversations, so there is more privacy.

Some of the settings for this type of chat are:

  • It’s not possible take screenshots.
  • Messages are not stored on the servers of Telegram.
  • Notifications of new messages in a secret chat they do not show their content.
  • Can’t resend information.

With that in mind, you might be wondering Do all the secret chats I create self-destruct automatically?. The answer is no. In order for the messages to self-destruct, it is necessary to program them from the settings.

Learn step by step how to configure the self-destruction of your messages in secret Telegram chats

Learn step by step how to configure the self-destruction of your messages in secret Telegram chats

The main difference between normal and secret chats is that in the second you can configure messages to be destroyed after a period of time. That is, they have a timer that is responsible for eliminating them once they have been read. But said function not enabled by default, so you have to do it manually. This is made very easy.

Next, we show you the step by step to self-destruct messages and photos on Telegram:

On Android

  • Enter Telegram.
  • Select on the pencil icon, located in the lower right.
  • Click on New secret chat.
  • A list with your contacts will be automatically displayed. Choose the person with which you will have the conversation.
  • A chat window will open with that user.
  • Access the menu of that chat, in the three dots icon located in the upper right part.
  • In that section, select in Set up self-destruct.
  • Then you have to choose time range in which you want messages to be deleted after reading.

On iOS

  • Enter Telegram.
  • Select the pencil icon which is in the upper right corner.
  • Find the contact with which you will have the secret chat.
  • Once inside the chat, click on their name.
  • Inside there, press the icon with the three dots.
  • Tap on Start secret chat and confirm in the option Start.
  • It will open the secret conversation.
  • To configure self-destruct messages, you just have to write the text and then do click the clock icon on the right side.
  • Choose the time range that the message will last.
  • Proceeds to send it and ready.

Other actions you can take to improve the privacy of your Telegram account

Other actions you can take to improve the privacy of your Telegram account

Aside from secret chats and self-destruct messages, within this app you will get another series of functions that allow you to have more privacy.

If you want to avoid annoyance from other users or keep your Telegram profile more discreet, take note of the following actions:

Hide phone number

So you can hide your phone number, you must first have a nickname. The reason for this is that that way the other users will be able to locate you.

So what you have to do is:

  • Enter Telegram.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Inside there, enter Privacy & Security.
  • Go to the option Set / change an alias (@).
  • When you’ve entered your nickname, return to the Privacy & Security.
  • Once you enter, you will see the option to modify the section of Phone number.
  • Choose Nobody, so that the number is not visible.

Set a password to a chat

A very interesting security measure that Telegram includes is that of put password to chats. This is perfect for those who want to maintain complete privacy in their messaging services. Sometimes it is not enough to have a password on the mobile, since by lending it to someone we give them the power to check chats in the apps. To avoid this, you can set an entry PIN.

The steps to follow in that case are:

  • Go to Settings of the app.
  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • In Android, go to option Lock code. On iOS, tap Activate code.
  • Set the password what you want.
  • Once that is done, it is possible to alter some options chat blocking.
  • If you want to prevent others from accessing your conversations, go to the main Telegram screen where all the chats are. Then, click on the lock icon open located at the top where it says “Chats”.
  • Automatically the padlock will close, limiting access only to those who know the unlock code.

Activate Stealth Mode

Another alternative worth mentioning is the Telegram invisible mode. Thanks to this, you prevent other contacts from knowing when was the last time you connected in the app. Notably when activated you will not be able to see the status of the others.

If you are interested in doing this, do the following:

  • Open the app.
  • In Android, you have to click on the three bars icon in the upper left and tap Settings. In iOS, press on Settings located in the lower right.
  • Login to Privacy & Security.
  • Go into Last time and online.
  • In there, you will be asked who can see your last time and online status.
  • Select the options you want. In this case, press Nobody.
  • Confirm the procedure and voila.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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