Sell Products on Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

So far in 2021, digital sales from live broadcasts increased by 22%. China and the United States are the main markets where people buy products for pplatforms like Facebook Live, where qualities of products of all kinds are shown.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has paid and free tools that allow entrepreneurs to make better sales through acclaimed streaming.

Be part of millions of people in the world who earn income every day from the sale of their products and services, for which a permanent and effective online sales channel is built.

What to keep in mind when selling products and services from a Facebook Live broadcast?

How much money can you earn on Facebook Live?  Can you make a living from it?

If you are one of the people who little frequent social networks, we tell you that you are losing the opportunity to sell more every day.

More than half of the people who surf the Internet have a Facebook account:

  • Select the destination: you can direct the live stream to a Fan Page, to your Profile and in a Group to which you belong. You must be clear about the audience you want to reach in order to get the most out of the tool.
  • Choose the format: In Facebook Live you can select if you want to broadcast from a webcam, that people see what you do on your screen and you can opt for a more professional broadcast with several views at the same time.
  • Sell ​​quality: There are several ways to do it, have a good appearance, an excellent diction, have charisma and power of conviction and be completely sure that your product or service will give people added warmth.
  • Encourage participation: When you are an entrepreneur and your product is little known, it is more complex to get people interested in what you do, but it is not impossible. Plan interesting, useful content and allow spontaneous participation.
  • Consider paying for advertising: It is also an excellent way for entrepreneurs to make themselves known quickly, even if there are people who see it as an unnecessary expense. If you are sure that your product or service is useful, you better invest and grow quickly.

What are the benefits of selling products on your FB Live streams?

If you have doubts about entering this growing market, we show you some of the best benefits you have to make sales and show the quality of the products through streaming.

Let’s see:

  • Real-time availability: Customers and followers love to feel cared for when they need it, not when brands have time to respond. This is an idea that has made a difference between the success and failure of online sales. Dedicate all your effort so that potential clients feel heard.
  • You reduce costs: Facebook has free ways, although with less scope, so that your product and services reach more people and at a lower price. 20 years ago, to do a live broadcast you needed to invest millions in the purchase of minutes on TV, now you can do it for free and with better results.
  • Break the barrier of time and space: Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access your products. Now the problem is that you have to be there when that happens. Open your doors to markets in other countries, you can do this on Facebook with a minimum investment.
  • Join the trend: brands that remain stagnant stop growing rapidly. As Facebook is constantly evolving, you must be in constant training to know how the audience finds new ways to access your products and make their purchases. You must ride the wave of new marketing trends.
  • Create loyalty: Often times, it is not enough that you sell a product today and lose interest in you tomorrow. This is a daily task in which people learn to trust your products and give value to the way they are served. With lives, the interaction is as real as the rejection of your brand for any mistakes you may have made. Pay attention to the details in your service.

Get to know the FB Live tools to sell products. How much can you earn with them?

Facebook Live is part of the digital platforms that have offers for more than 115 million new customers per year.

For this reason, you should know the free tools you have access to to reach this market:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Although it is not within the native tools of Facebook Live, with them you build a small catalog of products that you can share and that you can talk about in your broadcasts. It’s a free form that Facebook has for small and enterprising marketers.
  • Facebook Commerce Manager: This is an account designed for large companies, which has a better link with the stream platform. By having access to it, it is easier to share links and lead viewers to your paid and professional catalogs. It is a paid version of business.
  • Lives schedules: When you work in an organized way, you ensure that more people have access to your videos. By scheduling broadcasts, you let your followers know that you have a new product or service to talk about. It is a way of creating expectations in people.
  • Surveys: With this native option in the lives, you can know what type of products your followers prefer, you can make surveys about the tastes of your customers and thus attract their attention so that they continue to share with you in the transmissions.
    Share links: you do this through comments, because it is a trend that has grown among live events. When someone is interested in any of your products, you can send them a link that serves them and others.

The “Live Shopping Fridays” or “Friday shopping live” is a temporary initiative of Facebook to start taking concrete steps towards e-commerce. Some of the brands reported an increase in sales up to 30%. This experience is expected to be repeated or adjusted more frequently.

Learn step by step how to sell your products on your Facebook Live broadcasts like an expert

Review this summary of the steps you must take so that your brand begins to sell on Facebook through lives, trend that has been increasing in recent years.

Let’s see next.

Have administrator permission

  • If you are barely “Editor” In a Fan Page, you will not be able to do the following steps, so you must make sure that you have the necessary permissions to continue with the rest of the configurations.
  • At the start of the Fan Page, look for the option “Setting”.

Facebook Page Roles

  • Choose “Page roles”.
  • Verify that in existing page roles you appear as “Administrator” and not like “Editor”.

Facebook Page Roles

Connect Facebook with Instagram

  • Even though you only want to appear on Facebook, this step will save you a lot of headaches when you need to use other sales and advertising tools on both platforms.
  • Select the option from the menu “Instagram”.
  • Verify that your account is correctly connected with Facebook.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

  • If it is not, you should only “Connect an account” and enter the username and password of the Instagram account you want to link.
  • If you want to change your Instagram account, you must first “Disconnect” to then do the previous steps.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

Create your first catalog

Facebook has a special section for you as a company or entrepreneur to start selling your products and services:

  • Enter the website of “Sales manager”.
  • Choose “Start”.

Sales manager

  • The section of “Create store” at the moment it is limiting, the best is “Create a catalog”.
  • Choose “Start”.

Sales manager

  • You must mark the type of catalog you want. Choose “Next”.
  • Brand the Fan Page owner of the catalog and write her name. Then select “To create”.
  • You can already see your first catalog.

Sales manager

Set up a store on Facebook

It is time to formalize your figure as a store within Facebook, which is a mandatory step to make purchases on this social network:

  • Go to the web “Create a store.”

Set up a store on Facebook

  • It will ask you to choose a purchase method, Choose the one that suits you.
  • Select the Fan Page or Instagram account that will serve as purchase channels, you can choose both.
  • Will ask you confirm the request via mail.

Set up a store on Facebook

  • Begin to add your products and their descriptions.
  • Add the new ones Destinations.
  • You already have a store on Facebook.

Set up your live purchases

  • Open the website of “Sales manager”.
  • Find and press options “Promotions” Y “Live shopping”.
  • Now you must “Create playlist”.
  • Choose the products you want to add. You can modify the order in which they appear.
  • After reviewing the details, select “Create playlist”.
  • If you start a broadcast, immediately there will be statistics to review at the end.

Start a broadcast

You can now start a live broadcast to start showing your products. You can start the transmission from your computer or mobile phones with Android and iOS systems.

As you start the video, try the following:

  • Select the tab “Activate live purchases”.
  • Choose one “Play list”. Select the one you want to offer to the public.
  • Press “To post”.
  • When you want to show the products, you just have to select “Show” under each product.
  • On the same screen you find the option “Show next products”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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