Send Heavy Files by Email  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The bulk file transfer it is a vital process in the daily routine of many people. Both for work reasons, or for simple entertainment. Internet users use their accounts email to send documents, images and videos to other recipients.

However, on numerous occasions, These digital files exceed the limits established by the different Email services. The weight of a document is usually a problem, since it implies not being able to send it to another device when it is required.

For this reason, the same Internet users choose to use other tools, some developed by email providers, which offer ample storage space and allow you to export large files. Do you want to find out what they are and how they work? Keep reading!

What is the weight limit for files we send by email?

Weight limit for emailing files

Email providers are companies that provide a Email service. At present, there are three notable representatives: Gmail: of Google; Outlook: from Microsoft, and Yahoo! Each service has quite similar functions, although their technical specifications are different from each other:

Belonging to the company Google LLC, Gmail is the email service most used today. Allows you to manage other Google services such as Drive, Calendar and Contacts. According to 2018 figures, the platform has 1.5 billion users worldwide.

A Gmail email can attach multiple files at the same time. But nevertheless, cannot exceed 25 MB. When the document is very heavy, the system takes care of providing a link of Google drive.

Service formerly known as Hotmail. Microsoft, its developer, decided to combine all its products in the same program: Outlook. This service allows you to manage your email, among other functions. It is the second most used platform in the world.

Although it supports multiple attachments, its weight limit is 20MB. However, company accounts (Exchage) have a default maximum of 10 MB.

Yahoo! Mail

The American web services company Yahoo! is the developer of this email provider. Worldwide, it ranks third; with more than 225 million active users, just below Gmail and Outlook. In 2017, Verizon Media, a multinational telecommunications company, bought Yahoo!

The data attached to an email from Yahoo! Mail cannot exceed 25 MB. Which makes it impossible to send large files.

Steps to send large files by any email provider

Exceeding the maximum weight in a mail is problematic. It involves using other resources to send the file. Compressing or splitting documents are just some of these actions. Fortunately, there are web tools that allow the bulk attachment transfer. Among the best known are: Google Drive and Dropbox.

With Google Drive

Send large files with Google Drive

This platform offers 15 GB free to its users. The steps to send large files through this service are:

  • From a computer, log in to your account from Gmail.
  • Press “Write”.
  • In the tab “New message”, click on “Insert files with Drive”.
  • A secondary screen will open with the following options: My Drive, Shared with Me, Recent, and Upload.
  • If you have the large file in Drive, go to “My unit” Y select the document to send.
  • On the other hand, if the file is not in Drive, you must upload it to the platform. Accede to “load” and find the document on your computer. Then press “load” in the lower left corner.
  • Here are two transfer options. Send as Drive link: The recipient will receive a link with which they can access the document located in the cloud. It is intended to cooperate with Google extensions. Send as attachment: It works for all types of files that have not been prepared by Google extensions, such as Forms, Documents or Spreadsheets. Include images or videos.
  • Check your file sharing options settings. If the recipient is not allowed access, they will not be able to view the document.
  • Finally, press “insert”.


For free, this platform provides 2 GB of storage. The steps to send large files by Dropbox are:

  1. From a computer, log in to your account from Dropbox.
  2. On the left is the menu. Choose “records”.
  3. If you do not have the document stored in the cloud, press on “upload files” in the panel to your right.
  4. Select the file on your computer to go up.
  5. When the document is in the cloud, the share option.
  6. After pressing “share”, a secondary screen will open.
  7. Enter the recipient email and then press “share” in the lower right corner to send the document.
  8. On the other hand, at the bottom of the secondary screen is the option to “Create link”. Afterwards, you can copy the link and attach it to any other platform.

List of the best online tools to send large files by email

Online tools to send large files by email

Today, there are various web services that offer large storage capacity. In some cases free, and provide the possibility of transferring large files by mail. Next, we mention the 5 best online tools:

It’s about the most used tool on the Internet. The great advantage is that it has 10 GB of free storage, to download and upload any file. However, the downloads are accompanied by advertisements, which can be annoying. You must create an account in order to use the platform’s web services.

Web services platform that stands out for being intuitive, fast and safe. It is the default tool for many professionals, given the many advantages it offers to users. Among its most relevant aspects, the following stand out:

  • No need to create an account.
  • Can transfer files with a maximum size of 2 GB.
  • Documents are removed from the cloud after one week.
  • It has the option to personalize messages.

Web tool that facilitates the transfer of large files by mail. It is characterized by being a quick and easy method to send documents. You do not need to create an account to use the service. It offers users:

  • To stock up to 5 GB of data.
  • Protect files with a password.

As its name implies, it is designed to handle very heavy files. Among its main advantages, the following stand out:

  • You can send files up to 100 GB.
  • Offers the ability to share links through social networks.
  • It has encryption to protect documents.
  • It allows you to send large files in just 3 steps.

As weird as it sounds, Telegram is a very effective tool when transferring large files. The application can be installed on any Android, iOS device or computer. It has a capacity of 1.5 GB storage, and does not have a space limit for uploads.

OneDrive and iCloud

Special mention for Microsoft and Apple web services, respectively. The first offers a 5GB free storageThe second, on the other hand, is payment. Budget membership provides 50GB. However, the upload limit on both is 15GB.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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