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One of the variables what more significant changes was technology in the history of mankind. With the advances proposed by the Internet, our jobs have changed in an amazing way.

Power deliver a file in a different place than where we are, a document, a drawing or even a legal writing that lawyers use is a benefit and an advantage over our tasks that were previously unimaginable.

Y An example of this is the Online Fax, it has technical specifications far superior to the traditional fax. In this article we will show you, not only the features of Online Fax, but also all the advantages and places where you can download these programs.

List of the best free and paid tools to send an easy and fast online fax

First of all, we want to show you how an internet fax or Online Fax works so that you can choose the best option that suits your needs. There are three ways to send a fax of this type:

  • By cloud, you upload the file and using software designed for this purpose, it converts the document and delivers it to the recipient in fax format. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • The second way is through software that you must install on your computer, this program relates an email (which asks you to indicate it preferably) transforms it into a fax format and sends it to the recipient’s number. Once you have delivered the file, it will send you a report indicating receipt of it.
  • Send an Internet fax by integrating different interfaces to your email. You will have to send an email to a specific box so that this server can read it and transform it into a fax and thus be able to deliver it to the recipient you chose.

We can add a fourth category or way of sending a fax online and it is through a smartphone. You will need to download an application for it to work as in the second or first point that we mentioned above.

In all cases you can choose one or more recipients at the same time, this is a real advantage when comparing this type of fax with the traditional one. That said, we present below the tools to make your fax as fast, simple to send and for the envelope without spending too much.


In addition to offering one of the best online customer support services, this software is one of the favorite among users. It is a free page and also has a Premium service in which you can have unlimited shipments in the place where you are. It has a free 30-day trial.

Its interface is universal, that is, it allows working with Microsoft Office and Outlook among others.


This program allows you to send free to the entire United States and includes some other Central American countries. You can send up to a maximum of 5 faxes per day and up to 3 sheets for each file. It has a good security system since your information is not shared with any vendor site or provider.

Like RingCentral Fax, offers a Premium version in which you can send up to 25 pages for each fax and the FaxZero logo will not appear on the cover page.


fax -plus

It is a really good program, one of the most complete on the market, you can send up to 800 faxes per month to more than 180 countries in the world. It has a system that is compatible with Android, iOS and Google and its exclusive language is English.


Another highly sought after program when choosing between online faxing is eFax. This program provides a service in which you can send and receive faxes from Gmail, offered a trial period of 30 days in which you will be able to send faxes for free.

The free system that it has allows you to deliver up to 15 faxes per month. But, if you want to have a paid service, you can access unlimited storage in the cloud for € 15 per month.


If what you are looking for is deliver and receive fax in a simple, simple and orderly way this program is ideal for you. It is designed to recognize files in Word, Excel and also in images that you can use with your smartphone, computer or some specific support.

Has a free version lasting 30 dayss in which you can handle all the options that this system offers. Your membership of € 13 per month.


A main feature that this fabulous program has is that you can save your faxes for an unlimited time. It has a free version that allows you to receive fax as long as it is at least once a week. Its € 6 version offers a personal fax number which never expires.

The visual part it provides is very enjoyable when it comes to use.

Other Fax Software

There are many other types of highly recommended software on the market, for example, Fax Machine, Pam Fax, virtual fax, InterFAX, PopFax among others. Each one provides a customer service that will help you when questions arise.

How should I compose a Fax to send over the Internet and avoid problems?

One of the most frequent questions that users ask us is how we can send a fax over the Internet efficiently, without spending extra money and above all for not having problems in its sending. Follow our guidelines:

  • First of all, the first thing we want to recommend you is add the recipient’s name to your fax. This point is necessary for those places where there are many people working and you need to direct that file to a specific person.
  • According to the software or company you have chosen, you will need to previously dial the recipient’s number making sure that this number is the fax number and not the telephone number to the person you want to communicate with.
  • A very common mistake is to put the sheet in a way contrary to the proper directionFor this, we recommend that you correctly place all the elements you want to send in the correct way before sending the fax. This tips is designed for those programs where you need to do it with physical paper and not with the electronic conversion of the file, converting it into a fax format.
  • You must have prepared and controlled all the numbers of the recipients to whom you want to send the fax, this will mean that you do not have surprises in the future and you have sent a document to the wrong person.
  • Once you sent the fax, Check that the reception reports correspond to each of the numbers or recipients that you have wanted to send. This task, although it is simple, is very important so that you know if you sent to all those who wanted to communicate your information.
  • For some software there is a box in which you define the area to be reproduced in its recipient, you will have to be very careful when putting all the information you need into that box.
  • If what you want is to send a fax by Gmail, we advise you to write the recipient well, that is the part where it says “stop”, because if you make a mistake in this area of ​​the mail, the server will not be able to identify it as a fax that you want to send.

We hope this article has helped you and that you have no doubts about using an Online Fax when communicating.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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