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send voice messages on skype
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Sending voice messages is a functionality present in Skype to communicate with a user regardless of whether it appears or not connected at that moment. It is the same tool that appears in other instant messaging applications to avoid spending time writing a text message.

Every day it is more common for users to use the keyboard of their mobile devices less to write text. Rather, they maintain communication by voice messages, in a personal, direct way and saving time, especially in situations that require immediacy.

Here We will explain how to use this function in your Skype account on any of the devices that you have the application installed, quickly and easily, in addition to the limits you will have when sending voice messages.

Learn step by step how to send voice notes in your Skype chats from any device quickly and easily

Skype allows you to send different types of files from the chat, Whether they are text messages, video messages, documents, images and of course voice notes, functionality that is available in the application for any device.

In the following lines we show you how to make the shipment:

On Android and iOS

Just like you do with WhatsApp or Telegram, from your smartphone you can make use of voice messages in Skype, to send them to a contact with whom you need to communicate quickly.

Once inside the application, follow these steps:

  • Select the contact you want to send the voice memo to.
  • Tap the microphone icon that appears next to the chat where the text message is written.
  • When you press, the voice memo will begin to record.
  • When finished, press the button "Send".
  • Immediately you will will send the message to your contact.
  • The message will appear in the inbox and once connected you can listen and respond.

On Windows and MacOS

Remember that the Skype application works perfectly on laptops or desktops with most of the popular operating systems on the market. But, here we want to focus on how to send voice messages from Windows and MacOS.

What you should do is described below:

  • Once you are inside the application, select the person you want to send the message to.
  • Next to the window where the messages are written, a microphone icon is displayed.
  • It is important that check that the microphone installed on your computer is working without problems so that the message is recorded without interruptions.
  • Now, click on the microphone button and we record the content of the message.
  • At the end, click on the button "Send" and your contact will see the message in the inbox.

On the other hand, if you want to delete the message sent on any of the devices, you must do the following:

  • On a mobile device, press on the message and in what is shown the option "Remove", select it and the audio will be erased.
  • If it is on a computer, with the right mouse click select the message and tap "Remove", this will delete the content.

How long is the time limit for a voice memo in Skype? Are there any limitations?

Refering to number of messages that can be sent there is no limit, Nevertheless, they must each have a maximum duration of two minutes. Therefore, if the information you want to send is long, you will have to pass it in parts, until you complete the task.

It is important to know that the files will be available in the inbox for a period of 30 days, as happens with calls and other documents received, after which they will disappear if you have not decided to save them on your computer or in a folder in the cloud. To make use of the voice messages option, it is recommended to have the latest version of Skype installed, that is compatible with your device. So in this way you will not have any inconvenience neither to record them nor to reproduce them.

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