SEO on Instagram  What is it? + Advantages ▷ 2020

If we have a business or simply want the world to know our brand, so Instagram should be the place where we should exhibit it. This great social network offers us a connection with countless people from our mobile.

But, to gain recognition, it’s not just creating a profile in this social network, nothing more. We must also apply strategies and tricks that allow us to position ourselves. Today we will teach you everything you should know for a correct SEO on Instagram.

In this article, you will have the opportunity to instruct you for free, about him SEO from Instagram. Normally these courses or guides must be paid, but here We offer it to you at no cost.

What is SEO on Instagram and what are the advantages of applying it?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a marketing strategy with which the content of a web portal is optimized so that it appears in the top search positions in the big Internet search engines. Initially it was talked about exclusively to refer to optimization on platforms such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, but over time this has evolved.

Currently, social networks such as Instagram are one of the main sources of opinion on the Internet, and according to studies of platforms such as Forbes, it is thought that people usually consult social networks before making a purchase decision. That is, they do a search on Instagram or Facebook to decide if it is a good idea or not to buy x and y product.

This has made the concept of SEO is also extended to these platforms. As in all search engines, social networks have algorithms that determine the content they teach users. SEO on Instagram refers to the different optimization strategies for the videos, stories and photos that we publish on the platform to maximize their reach..

Hashtags are the “keywords” of social networks. How to find them?

instagram SEO

At SEO there is an extremely important figure such as the keywords, which help us to position our content in certain searches. On Instagram, the equivalent to these keywords would be the hashtags. Hashtags are tags that we put in the descriptions of our content with the intention of making it easier to find in a certain search niche. It is a much simpler system than the keywords that we usually see on platforms like Google.

Since they enclose much broader contexts, but in general lines they have the same intention; allow a user more easily find the content they want. The hashtags They have their peculiarities since there is no platform that tells us exactly how many searches are carried out monthly for these, Instead, what the Instagram platform itself does is indicate how many publications have been made with a certain hashtag.

Which is a data more related to competition within that niche that with the interest of users as such. However, there are ways to identify which are the main search trends at a certain time, which will allow us to maximize the reach of our publications. We have a complete guide in which we explain in detail how to position in the different hashtags that you can read to learn more about it.

What are the most important elements to position a publication in a Hashtag?

If we want to properly position our publications, we must use the tags that hit the targets we set.

Below you will find out which are the most important elements that you should optimize in your publications to better position in all hashtags:


The interactions are without a doubt what matters most to all social networks. Let’s think for a moment like these platforms. To them what they are more interested is to make people spend a lot of time in them, consuming a publication after another without stopping. This is a factor that can only be tested by the interactions people have with each post.. The interactions are nothing more than the different likes and comments that the publications accumulate.

Both data are assessed differently. While most marketers talk about the importance of “Likes”, it should be noted that these are not as relevant as comments.. A comment is much more valuable because in most cases, requires a previous analysis of the photo or video, which implies that the user has to spend more time appreciating the content to later give the most valuable information in marketing; its opinion.

For its part, although it is also valuable as it indicates that the user has been attracted to the publication, a like contains information much more “vague” and difficult to interpretWell, you may have liked the content or simply the design, or perhaps you missed the like wanting to enlarge the image. While a good comment is much more explicit.

Stay time

The second most important factor for positioning is the stay time, which indicates the period of time that a user was watching a video or looking at a photo. This information is usually defining for the platform since, as we said before, what she is interested in is that the user spends as much time as possible inside her.

Tips to maximize the reach of your publications with hastags

Next as an extra we will tell you what are the best methods to get the most out of hashtags:

Number of followers per tag

If we study the number of followers what’s up label we can theoretically know the impact our publications will have. That is why we must always study the level of influence that our label has, because it is useless to publish something that has no scope. When we say tag with lots of followers, we also refer to those that actually describe our publication, as explained above.

Let’s create new hashtags

We return with the identity. If we identify ourselves correctly we will surely have a large audience talking about us (positively). Without ignoring the hashtags that we can use to describe our post, too we must attach one in particular that is repeated in all our posts.

But instead of describing what we are publishing, express what our brand offers. Many of the big brands use this little trick, incentivizing their audience to follow the hashtag, so that be a unique label of the company or organization.

Image vs Carousel vs Video What type of posts do you rank best?

Learn step by step how to plan an Instagram contest and get the most out of it

The images they certainly offer us a good positioning, but not compared to the one we receive with the videos. Instagram uses an algorithm that allows better positioning of all audiovisual content, this happens the same in Facebook.

It is true that Instagram has not published in a defined way how their bots work. However, with the research we have carried out we can tell you that this social network position by ranking, and one of the values ​​it takes to measure this is the density of the content. When we talk about content density, we want to refer to those where show more images or information such as carousels and videos.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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