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Pepito Series it was one of P2P pages which quickly gained a lot of fame. People turned to it to download their favorite series or movies constantly. Something that must be clear is that in Series Pepito “you did not download the movies”, This provided you with links that sent you to pages with your favorite series or movies. However, it was closed since legally such an act is considered illegal and many of the authors claim with such demand that the persecution of this type of pages is increasing.

All this has left fans of this popular brand in the air, since they do not know many other options to continue making their downloads as before. The but is that It was not just SeriesPepito who closed, but also the vast majority of the portals most visited by Spanish-speaking users. So the shock is greater than can be felt.

That is why in this article we have collected an extensive list of portals that serve as perfect alternatives to Series Pepito. Many of them are derived from other brands that were already famous in the past and have found a way to continue offering quality material to their users. However, it is important that you know that all these portals are persecuted by the authorities, so that at any moment they can be closed again, so it is best that you do not become too fond of any of them.

What happened to Series Pepito? Not working or have they closed?

Series Pepito has always had the bad luck of suffering a shutdown or blockageHowever, administrators are always looking for a solution to such a problem. That is why this page still does not close (at least not yet) but rather change domain address, today you can find it with the link seriespepito.biz. Clearly, as you can see in the images, its structure or design has improved a bit.

However, this portal may not last long online as they are constantly being removed for the protection of their developers. They simply create a website and delete it at the same time to avoid being tracked. So sooner rather than later you will have to look for more stable alternatives.

List of the best torrent search engines (P2P) alternatives to Series Pepito


If it doesn’t work for you or you can’t access Series Pepito, you have other ways of watching your documentaries, movies or documentaries, don’t get confused. We bring you a list of twelve addresses that are currently in operation, and their download interface is very simple. Get to know them all below.



This is one of the historical Torrentes metasearch engines, which has managed to stay in the market for many years. It has one of the largest libraries of film, music, software, serials and more. This has been freed from several closures and blockages, although for the authorities this name is still a priority, so it may be closed at any time.

They have an excellent system to verify P2P files, so all you’ll find is one successful download in complete safety. The domain is constantly changing although at this time it returned to .org, but you have to know that it is not certain that it will be maintained constantly.



It is a simple search engine but with an excellent choice of movies, series, games and music. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, 1337x can help you find what you need thanks to its simple and organized interface. This website has been remodeled with the intention of improving the design and thus also eliminating possible security risks. You can go to the page with this address 1337x.one.



You can get your favorite series here just in time, thanks to the fact that its series and movies are updated daily. Many fans consider this community a total paradise for its extensive content library, where you can find everything related to television: Series, talk shows, reality shows and NASCAR races and more. You can access with the link Eztv.ag.



This is the second most visited French-speaking site and one of the best on the planet. Here you can find the best series, music, games for consoles and electronic books, it also has one of the most complete databases in existence. You can make secure and anonymous downloads every day, and its download speed is one of the best, that is why users search this page a lot. You can go to the page with the link www1.torrentz9.fr.



The missing Kickass Torrents is back, although this time their name and address is different, due to what all the pages of this type suffer (The law). In it you will find a complete and immense library as well as the pirate bay, where you can find everything you want to see. Through the following address katcr.co you will be able to access it.



This is one of the few search engines that currently resists the different copyright policies and has a wide range of content no way from popular programs to specialized software. Its interface is only limited solely and exclusively to a simple search engine and the best thing does not have any type of advertising. You can access with the following address TorrenTz2.eu.



This Torrents search engine is very good and also has a good collection of files. Torlock is one of the best alternatives. In this case yes that some advertisements are shown, although it is not intrusive at all. The downside is that most of its files have few locations, that is, a seed or connected machine from which to download the file in a much more agile way. You can access directly with this link www.torlock.com.


Better torrent

A Torrents website of Spanish origin specialized in audiovisual content, such as movies, documentaries, series, PC games and MP3 music. It currently has a good collection of Torrent files available entirely in Spanish. The content can also be consulted per day to check the new links that are added, thanks to the daily updates. You can access with the following address www.mejortorrent.org.



It is one of the search engines that constantly changes its domain address so as not to be denounced by anti-piracy laws. However, its creation is relatively recent, the truth is that it has more than 2 million files. Its main disadvantage is that the loading of the web is very slow. You can access it at the following address torrentparadise.org.



This is a search engine very similar to Kickass. It practically has a similar interface, although the number of files available in it is much less. The advantage is that most Torrents have a large number of sites or connected machines, so the download speed is significant. You can go the following direction www.torrentdownloads.me.



This is a Torrent search engine like the previous ones, specialized to offer a variety of contents about movies, TV shows, documents, music and PC games. It does NOT currently have extensive content but the administrators of this, they work tirelessly to offer better service and more content to their users. However The little content that this has speaks very well of this page since they are of very good quality. You can go to the page with the following address rarbgmirror.xyz/torrents.php



Finally, we leave you with this torrent search engine for the lime. It has a very interesting interface similar to that of Kickass Torrents, but here you can find a wide library with very good content. Not only can you get movies and games but you can also find operating systems (i.e. all kinds of files).

Thanks to its interface and the way it downloads are always updated for the benefit of the user, it has a fairly fast download speed. You can access it through the following address limetorrents.info

These addresses will not always be available, for reasons of preventing a definitive closure of the page the administrators decide to change the domain address, for this reason you must always be updated with respect to this information.

Is it dangerous to download Torrents movies and series from these portals?

risks of performing this type of torrent download

Every time you connect to the outside world via the internet, you should worry about security. But when you share P2P files, you sail in dangerous waters. Security should be your priority, because when you try to download for free with the Torrents search engines your ISP (Internet Service Porovider) and copyright agencies start to control you right away.

One of the reasons this happens is that many used user networks to illegally mine cryptocurrencies or steal information about community members (personal information). That is why it is necessary that you be aware that when you do this you expose yourself to risks.

One of the risks that can be very critical sometimes you get caught by malware since when you download Torrents files they are always presentMany of these malware are programmed to steal as much personal information as possible, which by doing so you will regret for a long time.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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