Set a Value in Microsoft Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Today, one of the most recognized programs in Microsoft Office, definitely, is excel. Which consists of a spreadsheet-type tool that allows create, modify and manage different data, in order to manage any information in an intuitive and simple way. Taking into account that, works as an array of rows and columns divided by cells.

In this way, it allows to carry out different tasks and actions very efficiently, be it recording figures in detail, doing calculations with mathematical tools, create charts to capture information of interest and process text. Thus, is ideal for operations with numbers arranged in a Grid.

Now, thanks to its functionalities, users have the power to optimize your experience to the maximum. One of them consists of the possibility of set a value just by using a symbol, correspondingly. Next, we show you how it works and the steps to follow to carry out the process in question.

$ Symbol in Excel What is its main function in my spreadsheets?

As we indicated previously, Microsoft Excel contains numerous utilities with which each user can optimize their experience, depending on the tasks you need to perform. That is why, the use of certain symbols in this program, facilitates the execution of certain actions and they are very helpful for people. One such symbol, is the “$” known as a dollar symbol, peso symbol or currency symbol, worldwide.

Which has a specific function in Excel and basically consists of setting a value in a spreadsheet. In that sense, the dollar symbol serves to prevent references from being modified, when user has to copy a formula. Taking into account that, it is possible to set both a row and a column, and even both, within Microsoft Excel.

That way, will not happen what by default happens in Excel when people copy a formula from one cell to another. Since, when this is done, the program in question proceeds to modify any reference within said formula and is a change based on the offset positions of the same.

So what the symbol does is act on cell references of any specified formula in an Excel area. Therefore, it is generally used when creating a pattern of this type in the content of the cells of the grid. So, thanks to the “$”, the values ​​will be fixed when the formula is copied or dragged to other contiguous cells.

Steps to set the value of a cell in a Microsoft Excel document

As we mentioned in the previous part, the dollar symbol allows setting cells of a formula in Excel and thanks to that, it is very useful to copy the same formula to more cells, leaving a set value or to drag said pattern without admitting modifications by the displacement positions. But, you may wonder how the symbol in question should be used for the method to work correctly in the Microsoft Office spreadsheet.

And that is why, below, we will explain all the steps to follow for that:

  • First of all, access the document Excel where you want to do this and proceed to locate the cell you want to pin on the spreadsheet.
  • Then enter the corresponding formula and perform the operation you need. In this case, we choose to take an average.
  • Now for example to set the first value of the list, click on the cell that contains the result and there, proceed to enter the symbol “$” in cell B1 which is the one that corresponds to that value (as shown in the image).

Steps to set the value of a cell in a Microsoft Excel document

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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