Set Background Video in Windows 8  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Generally speaking, a wallpaper is defined as that image that used in the background of a graphical user interfacespecifically, on the home screen of the computer in question. Reason why, it stands out for being an element that provides a good level of customization to users.

In that sense, Microsoft Windows has focused on increasing the customization capabilities of the operating system, with the aim that users achieve adapt the software to your tastes and requirements, in order to make it more unique. As a consequence, apart from common static backgrounds, this OS also allows you to use video backgrounds that are much more pleasant, attractive and interactive.

Therefore, if you use a PC with Windows 8 and you want to customize your wallpaper to the point of making it more exclusive and attractive, we recommend set a video as wallpaper on the desktop. Next, we explain step by step what you need to do for it and also, We will let you know some alternatives to download these videos.

Learn step by step how to set a wallpaper video in Windows 8

Previously, Windows 8 it did not allow setting a clip as wallpaper effectively. Since, after putting it on, it only worked for an instant and when the computer was restarted, it had problems to start it. However, currently, this version of Microsoft Windows allows you to display videos as your desktop background with full vigor. For that reason, users have chosen to use this optimal functionality to increase the level of personalization of your team.

However, many people do not know how to set this type of wallpaper and, therefore, here we will show you the steps that have to be taken to achieve it correctly:

Install VLC Media Player

Install VLC Media Player

First of all, you have to install the popular video player VLC Media Player. Which, you can do through its official website, where they allow you to start your download for free.

Once you find the tool on the website in question and click on the button “Download” or “Download”, you have to wait a few minutes to proceed to accept the permissions and select the required language. For thus, click on “Next” in the next windows and after, click on “Install” once you have chosen its relevant location.

Download VLC Windows

Run the program and open the file

Run the program and open the file

Once your installation process is complete, it’s time to open VLC Media Player and there, you have to click on the “Media” tab. Next, among the options that they show you, select “Open file …”. Once this is done, your PC’s file explorer will open, directly from where you have to find the video you want to show on your wallpaper (this should have already been downloaded and saved). When you find it double click on it to open it within the software.

Select the option “Set as desktop background”

Select the option

After completing the previous step, the video in question will automatically be displayed within the player. Without needing to reproduce it, you have to right click on any area of ​​it to see the options menu. Then, in that menu, press the option that says “Video” to see the different alternatives that are displayed below.

So, in the new menu, proceed to click on “Set as desktop background”. That way, the chosen video will be played on your computer’s wallpaper at all times. In case you want to modify it for another video, simply, You must carry out the same procedure that we made you know through VLC Media Player.

How does this affect the performance of the computer? Consumption and recommendations

When setting a video as wallpaper on the PC desktop, it is valuable to take into account some aspects so that this does not have a negative influence on the operation of the equipment. Since, it is an audiovisual element that causes certain effects on the computer, especially, if it is one that has low benefits.

Therefore, it is essential assess the performance of your PC before using a video wallpaper in order to avoid reducing its capacity. In this sense, it is considered relevant to check that the RAM and processor of your machine are optimal to support such functionality. Whereas, if your machine has less than 8 GB of RAM and a processor below 3.0, is estimated as a low-performance PC and, indeed, it will be advisable to refrain from placing a video as a desktop background.

On the other hand, if you have a computer Windows 8 have higher capacity in terms of processor and RAM, you can freely use a video on the wallpaper. Taking into account that, in these cases, said elements it will not be able to influence the performance of your computer.

However, although this element does not affect the usefulness of a PC with optimal performance, certainly if it will influence the battery of the same. Since, wallpapers of this type are much more demanding and in view of the fact that they have a variety of movements, will have an effect on the long-term battery life of the computer. Considering that, for this not to decrease rapidly in real time, you will have to keep your laptop connected to the power (if applicable).

List of the best portals to download videos for your desktop background

To end this post, we want to let you know some interesting alternatives that will help you download videos and use them as wallpaper of your desktop in W8. Thus, you will have different options that suit your tastes to be able to ensure an attractive appearance to your computer.

Therefore, below, we mention three solutions to download clips of any type:

Pexels Videos

Consists in a completely free online video bank that provides clips in HD resolution and even gives you free options in Full HD and up to 2K. In addition to this, on the platform you can find numerous videos of any kind, both in horizontal and vertical format. Taking into consideration that, for your wallpaper on the PC, it will be better to use clips in landscape format.

For its part, one of its best features is that all the elements it offers, They are copyright-free with a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Apart from that, to download the videos that you like, you will not have to register on the website and, as if that were not enough, it provides you with a powerful search engine with which it will be very simple filter your search based on your interests in order to obtain the ideal option to show off on your desktop Windows 8.

Pixabay Videos

Although it is a large image bank recognized in the online world, at present, it is also distinguished by the various alternatives it offers in video format. In other words, it is also an excellent bank of free videos, both in HD or 1080p as well as 4K or 2160p. Which, in their entirety, they are clips royalty free (CC0).

Among other features, we mention that this platform manages an optimal search engine through which users can search, find and choose your video quickly. Well, Pixabay Videos also allows you to search by categories, by animations or by effects. It should be noted that practically all the videos available, exhibit great quality and creativity.


In conclusion, we emphasize this alternative that has more than 70,000 completely free videos and, as well as the other video banks mentioned above, Videvo also owns a lot of clips in HD and 4K qualities. In which, you can find numerous that have been shared under the Creative Commons 3.0 license, so they can be used freely.

Now as for your search mode, has a powerful search engine which makes clips available quickly and apart from that, it has more than 30 categories through which it simplifies navigation significantly. Be it food, animals, nature, music, medicine, industry, etc. This means that, to customize your wallpaper, gives you infinite options to customize it based on the highest possible quality.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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