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While it is true, MacOS is an operating system for computers created and designed by Apple; which is present in those devices known as Mac, unique and exclusively. Thus, it is a SW that is raised for take care of the security and privacy of its users, to the maximum.

It is because of that, has numerous encryption tools, with which people can better manage their confidential information. Consequently, by means of a native function, MacOS provides the option of password-apply a hard drive so that no one else can access it.

In this way, it is very practical to add extra protection to the hard disk, but many users they don’t know how they can do it. Therefore, through this post, we will explain how to put a password to a hard disk in macOS natively and also through an external program, correctly.

Why should I password a hard drive on my Mac? Main advantages

Generally speaking, a hard drive is used to permanently store any type of data within a computer. Therefore, they are elements that provide the possibility of introducing, transport or copy a large number of documents and files, In a simple way.

Being so, an ideal tactic for expanding hard-to-reach equipment storage. Now you wonder why it is necessary to set and use a password on a hard disk, specifically on a computer Mac. Since, one of the best features of this operating system lies in the levels of security and privacy that it offers to its users. However, this characteristic does not mean that it is a totally foolproof system.

Therefore, it is advisable to place a certain password on a hard disk in order to have a greater guarantee and obtain the following advantages of great interest:

  • Great security and privacy. Undoubtedly, the main benefit of encrypting a hard drive by means of a password is that no third party can freely access the information on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • It also provides complete integrity: Another advantage of setting a password to a hard drive in MacOS is that it allows for greater integrity and thus encapsulates the information stored to the point of keeping all stored data correct and complete.
  • Allows you to destroy the data stored on the disk. In the event of loss or theft, hard drive encryption is essential to prevent criminals from extracting the data on it. Well, it will be possible to destroy the data and with it, make sure that no hacker gets access, even if he uses forensic data recovery techniques.

Learn step by step how to encrypt a hard drive in MacOS to set password

Fortunately, there are two methods to be able to encrypt a hard drive in macOS through a password. The first of them is done natively and, basically, is done through Disk Utility operating system Manzana. While, the other trick refers to use external software with the ability to protect physical disks on MacOS. Next, we explain how to use each of these methods, step by step.

So that you can choose the tool of your preference and thereby encrypt the data stored on your Mac hard drive, quickly:



In MacOS, it is possible to encrypt and protect said device with a password using “Disk Utility” or the Disk Utility of the operating system. Taking into account that, to carry it out through this tool, you need to erase the device, first of all.

As a consequence, if the hard drive to be encrypted natively contains files that you want to keep, the most appropriate thing is that you make sure to make a backup copy of them, before deleting that disc. Which is usually done copying them to another storage device or volume.

Having clarified this, we proceed to specify each step to follow to set a password to a hard drive in MacOS from Disk Utility:

  • Directly on your computer, access the Disk Utility application.
  • Then click on “View” and after that, select “Show all devices”.
  • Now, once all the devices corresponding to your Mac in the sidebar, you have to choose the hard drive you want to password encrypt.
  • Then, on said hard drive, click on the “Delete” button found on the toolbar.
  • Done the above, it is time to enter a name for the volume. Also, in the Scheme drop-down menu, you have to choose the option “GUID Partition Map”. Whereas, in the Format drop-down menu, you should select “Mac OS Plus (Journaled)”.
  • Later, enter and verify a password, to click on “Select”. If, for any reason, you want to change the password after that, you just have to choose the volume in the sidebar, click on “File” and click on “Change password”.
  • Optionally, click on “Security Options” and use the slider to define the number of times you want to overwrite the deleted data (recommended three times) Y click “OK”. This option is only available for some types of storage devices that support secure erase options.

With external software

With external software

If, in any case, you prefer to use an external program to encrypt your hard drive in MacOS and keep it protected, you also have this possibility in this operating system. Which, of course, does not require the use of OS Disk Utility.

For this, first of all, you will have to download and install the software in question, on the Mac computer that contains the hard drive to be encrypted. Then, depending on how the program works, you will have to carry out the specific steps to start the hard drive encryption, in order to establish a confidential password for you.

Today, most Mac users prefer to use this method to encrypt the hard drives of their machines. Since, through external software, they obtain many more utilities to enjoy complete security and privacy in favor of their personal and confidential data. With which, they achieve optimize your user experience further.

List of the best programs to protect physical disks on MacOS

To know what are some of the best alternatives to protect physical disks in MacOS, we invite you to read this section of the post.

Highlighting that the softwares indicated below are classified as the main solutions for said operating system, at present:

FileVault 2

FileVault 2

It consists of a program that is built into Mac OSX Lion and later versions, therefore, it is considered as the answer of Manzana to BitLocker. Which means that it is an exclusive software for Mac and thus, allows users of this operating system, encrypt entire disks to protect your data stored there.

For that, FileVault 2 uses the powerful 128-bit AES-XTC algorithm and with this, it guarantees optimal management. Further, FileVault 2 It is characterized by using the user’s login key as the encryption password. But nevertheless, it is not an open source solution and does not provide the ability to create encrypted containers, like other softwares of this type.



It is a program that used to perform disk encryption, from the use of different algorithms, such as: AES, Twofish and Serpent, and even, a mixture of these three. In such a way, provides support for both MacOS and Linux and Windows computers, is open source and provides the option to create encrypted containers. Taking into account that, the encryption and decryption is automatic and is carried out in real time, to be completely transparent for the user.

Among other details, we note that, VeraCrypt also offers the necessary tools to create an encrypted virtual volume on a single file or on a partition. In the case of external hard drive encryption, it provides a pre-boot authentication, for greater security. Added to that, provides the ability to create a hidden volume to prevent any attacker from forcing you to reveal the volume password, by extortion or blackmail.

Download VeraCrypt Windows

Download VeraCrypt MacOS



It is available for Mac and Windows . Thus, it consists of a powerful program that is responsible for the encryption of disks and, mainly, it is distinguished by support hidden volumes, key files, encryption on the fly, keyboard shortcuts and many more functions that manage to optimize the experience of each user. In such a way, provides security at a high level.

For its part, it is also characterized by supporting encryption of the system partition that has an operating system installed. Therefore, it not only has the ability to encrypt entire data disks. In addition to that, it has the ability to run the encryption process in the background and meanwhile, the user will be able to continue with their regular tasks.

Download TrueCrypt Windows

Download TrueCrypt MacOS



It is a free program and available to Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. Which allows encrypt entire disks or create encrypted containers and in this way, it provides excellent management for its users in order to guarantee them the highest possible security and privacy, around your internal and external hard drives. Whereas, for more advantage, use hidden volumes and, therefore, admits credible denial processes.

For its part, this program it is characterized by being a derived version of TrueCrypt, since it is based on the same code and apart from that, its operation is very similar. It should also be noted that, is open source and thanks to its optimal results, it has millions of users in the world today.

Download CipherShed Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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