Set Password to Windows 8 User  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If there is something that characterizes the Microsoft operating system are their user account, which have become one of the best alternatives for all those people who have to share a computer, since it is a very simple and practical way of being able to manage system resources, either for computers at home, companies or work offices.

Basically this type of account allows different people who use the same Windows PC can have their own section where they have own folders and options Custom settings. In addition, each user can set your own access password, which will ensure that third parties do not access your information without prior authorization.

Therefore, if you have a Windows 8 computer and you want to place one password to your account You will be able to do it in a very easy way. Keep in mind that this will help you increase the privacy of all your information, Therefore, it is a very valuable procedure, for this, follow each of the steps in detail that we are going to teach you in the post.

Learn step by step how to set a password to a Windows 8 user from scratch

Keep in mind that this procedure is very simple to perform, this will allow you to start having a password to your user account, so that anyone other than you who uses that computer must know your access password to be able to access your information, otherwise you will not be able to access the equipment unless there is another count of guests.

In this way, here we show you how to perform this procedure in an easy and fast way:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the “Control Panel” or press the key combination “Windows + C”.
  • Once there you must access “User accounts and child protection”.
  • The next thing will be to select again “User account” and then “Change Password”.
  • Here a new window will open where you should enter your new password and repeat it to verify it, as well as a indication of the same in case you have forgotten. Once this is done you must click on “Next”.

Learn step by step how to set a password to a Windows 8 user from scratch

  • Later a new window will appear where you must add your email and then click on “Next”.
  • In this case, a code will be sent to your email to verify your identity, so you must access it open the message that has been sent to you and copy the code that has arrived there to insert it in the new window that has appeared in system configuration. When you have added it you can click “Next”.
  • To finish, in the new window that appears on the screen you must write the password in the different boxes so that it is established. In this way you will be putting a password to your user account and so you can increase your privacy to 100%, especially if you have to share the computer with other people.

Tips for creating more secure passwords for your user accounts

Power Create a password being safe enough can be a problem for the vast majority, although for others this can be extremely easy. Luckily, today you can find different alternatives available on the web that will help you with this, such as the step by step internet password generator that will help you create secure access codes for your different accounts.

Therefore, here we are going to show you some tips so that you can create access codes like a true professional:

Use our password generator

Use our password generator

With the step by step internet password generator you will have the opportunity to create 100% secure keys, which becomes a great alternative for all those users who constantly have trouble generating these passwords to access their different accounts.

It can be used both for your social networks, emails, user accounts and for many other platforms where you consider that you have a Weak passcode and easy to crack by third parties. It is important to remember that passwords are the main security measure of any profile, so it is worth using a good service for it.

Therefore, with this generator you will have the opportunity to create safe and strong keys, which can be totally numeric, alphanumeric, letter only, easy or hard to remember, among other. Finally, it should be mentioned that it is a fairly complete program that you can use both for Windows and Mac operating system, as well as for your Android and iOS mobile devices. It will allow you to generate a large number of strong passwords using different encryption methods.

Apply the keyboard trick

A good technique for creating strong passwords is use the keyboard method, in this case it’s about replacing, but for this you must choose a sequence of figures that is easy for you to remember, either 233445. After this you must find each of these numbers on your keyboard and enter them again but this time with the letter below it, what would you as follows: 2w3e3e4r4r5t.

In case you want your password to be a bit more complicated, then you can swap some numbers for symbols, either using the same symbol as your number key and if you want you can include a capital letter, but it is important that you take note of the resulting password to avoid forgetting it.

Combine two words

When you want to create a security key, it is important not include words or personal data in itSince if someone tries to discover your password, they will surely start testing with said data. Therefore, in this case, we recommend using any two words that can mean something to you, as it can be Internet and entertainment. If you already have your two words defined, the next and most important step is to insert each of the letters of both words until they form just one.

In this case we will work with Internet and entertainment, so it will be as follows: Confused. As you can see it’s a word enough hard to guess and even to pronounce. So it is considered to be a very good technique to create truly difficult passwords, although it must be mentioned that it can be somewhat tedious to type. However, you can use whatever words you want for it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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