Set Slide Background in PowerPoint  Guide ▷ 2020

Create a PowerPoint presentation professional is simpler than it seems. This program offers users many setting options to customize the slide designs according to their tastes and needs.

A clear example of this are the slide backgrounds. With the help of these, you will ensure that your work maintains the same design line, so visually everything will be more harmonious in sight of the audience.

Therefore, we want to share all the information regarding How to put a slide background in a PowerPoint presentation from scratch?. Also, we will indicate the ideal dimensions for the images that you want to insert as the background of the slide. Continue reading!.

What are the ideal dimensions that an image should have to put it as a slide background?

What are the ideal dimensions that an image should have to put it as a slide background?

Whenever you are going to use an image as slide background in Powerpoint, it is very important that you take into consideration the dimensions of them. The reason is that if you work for example with lower dimensions, the image will look pixelated and will affect the visual quality of your presentation. In consecuense, it is recommended that the background images have the same dimensions as the slide.

By default, you can work with two sizes:

  • Standard: has a relationship of 4: 3.
  • Panorama: has a relationship of 16: 9.

Depending on the size of the slide you use, it should be the dimension of the background image. If you work with him standard size, the image must have a minimum size of 25.4cm x 19.05cm. In the case of panorama, the measurements in the image must be at least 33.87 cm x 19.05 cm. Remember you can customize slide dimensions according to your convenience. These are simply the reference values ​​in the most common sizes of the slides in Powerpoint.

Learn step by step how to set a slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint

So that your presentation of Powerpoint be much more attractive, it is an excellent idea to add a custom background to your slide. Within the program there are two ways to do it. On the one hand you can choose put an external image on it, or just from PowerPoint choose one of the available backgrounds. Any background you place can be adjusted with details such as image transparency, background colors, etc.

We will explain step by step how to set a slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint:

With an external image

Set a slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint with an external image

If you use the latest versions of Office, you should know that the way to set a slide background with an external image is as follows:

  • Right click on the slide where you are going to place the background.
  • Tap on the option Format the background.
  • Within the work panel of Format the background, Choose Image or texture fill.
  • In Insert image from, you can choose from which location you are going to obtain the image. In the case of using external images, you have to select any of the following options:
  • Archive: an image that you already have on your computer.
  • Clipboard: an image that you have copied.
  • Online: search for an image on the internet and insert it as a background.
  • If you wish adjust the relative brightness of the image, move the transparency bar to the right.
  • If you want to apply the same background image to all the slides, tap on Apply to all. Otherwise, you just have to close the background format panel.

From PowerPoint

Set a slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint from PowerPoint

It is also possible use the funds that are already pre-established by the program. The procedure is just as simple as in the previous case.

In this sense, to place a background on your slides from PowerPoint, follow the following procedure:

  • Right click on the slide and select in Format the background.
  • Once you enter the dashboard Format the background, you can choose the different options available:
  • Solid fill: if you want a uniform color.
  • Gradient fill: to work with gradient colors or backgrounds.
  • Image or texture fill: PowerPoint offers you different texture options that you can work with. You can also just insert an image.
  • Frame fill: They are backgrounds that have a design in the form of patterns. You can select the one you like the most, modify its colors, etc.
  • Each of the above options have different settings to customize the background according to your tastes.
  • Finally, to apply that background to all the sheets, tap on Apply to all. In case you do not want it to apply to all, you just have to close the window of Background format.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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