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Writing in Korean for many is a necessity, while for others it is just a hobby, the detail is in whether you know how to do it. You should know that the Korean alphabet is totally different from ours, which is a problem for many if they want to write in it. However, some choose to run it with the help of Google translator, but this method is very, very tedious.

That is why today we are going to teach you how to write in Korean just by configuring your Windows or Mac. If you have a Android or iPhone, don’t get caught up, we also have a guide for you, with steps so simple that even a 5-year-old can do it.

With this tutorial, you will be able to write to that friend of yours on Facebook who understands this language and that you do not know. Equally We invite you to use this knowledge to surprise all your friends and make unique and special comments.

How is a keyboard to type with Korean letters and characters?

It is very easy to write in Korean with the methods that we will give you. You will not need to do an intensive course or anything like that, you will just have to adjust your equipment to it. To write in Korean you have to modify the keyboard you usually use, you can do it with the help of programs and some settings.

Something very basic that you have to take into account is to know that Korean is not written with our letters. Currently most devices (mobiles, computers, tablets and others) have the compatibility with this language (Korean), although clearly there may be some exceptions.

As you can see the letters of your normal alphabet can be matched with the help of the image below with those of the language. Although many of the online programs show you a keyboard with both letters as a guide, some others only show you those of the selected language.

korean keyboard

The first and most important thing that you must understand to write, is that unlike our keyboard, that vowels and consonants are scattered everywhere, it structures them separately.

korean keyboard structure

On the left side are the consonants and on the right side the vowels.

The consonants in Korean (I mean the keyboard) are:

  • q> shift + q,
  • w> shift + w,
  • e> shift + e,
  • r> shift + r,
  • t> shift + t,
  • a, s, d, f, g, z, x, c, and v (the rest are vowels).

*Note: The consonants always come first and then a vowel goes.

Programs and applications to change and put your keyboard in Korean language

In this section We will explain which programs to use and how to configure your keyboard to be able to write in Korean. Regardless of your device, configuring it is very easy.

Change for Windows PC

Modifying the keyboard language in Windows is very simple, This can be done from the system settings, you just need to locate the language you want and that’s it. It is even easier if you already have the jargon pack installed, as it will only be enough to choose it from the desktop. To discover how to do it from the different versions of this, continue reading.

Windows 7

There are different routes to do it, but this time we will teach you to do it from the taskbar.

  • In the taskbar find the letters they should be close to the clock.

locate languages ​​on the windows 7 taskbar

  • When you press them, the languages ​​that you have predetermined should appear, there you will have to enter where it tells you “Show language bar.”

show language bar windows 7

  • A bar should appear at the top, by left clicking with the mouse go to “Setting”.

  • Then a window should open “Text / input language services”, in the tab “General” enter “Add”.
  • A window with the languages ​​should open, there you will have to search “Korean”, you must click on the button + which is to the side to display the options. You will see what it tells you “Keyboard”, re-enter the button + so that others appear, in this case choose “Korean” or “Microsoft IME”.

korean keyboard

  • The moment you get the one you want, press To accept”.
  • This will return you to the tab where you were before, but you will see that now in the “Installed services” The language you just selected appears.
  • Now you just have to choose it and click where it says “Upload” so that it appears in the default list.
  • Press “Apply”> “OK” to complete the change.

If you do not see the letters in your task bar you can enter this way:

  • You enter the “Menu ”>“ Control panel ”>“ Regional language settings ”.
  • In the window that opened go to the tab “Keyboards and languages”, you must access where it tells you “Change keyboards” and you will see the box of “Text services / input languages”.
  • After you do this you just have to follow the steps we gave you previously.

Windows 8

This version makes all processes are very simplified, so it has a more direct and faster configuration. Follow the path below and turn your keyboard into a Korean one.

  • The first thing you should do is find your bar Charms bar and enter the Setting, at the top you will see a function that is Change PC settings.

  • A new window will open Setting, there you must search and access in Time and language> Region and language.
  • In this part you will see the language that you have as default and below you will have a section that is “Languages”, enter “Options”.

  • You will see that several options were displayed, in it is one that says “Add a keyboard”, enter it to open a window with the languages, search for Hebrew, select it and click on “Set as main”.

Windows 10

Once you have enabled the keyboard layout for two or more languages, you can use the language bar to modify and use the ones you want. To find out how, follow the procedures below.

  • Open the “Language bar” By clicking on it, you can see it in the lower right part of the taskbar.

language bar in windows

  • You will click on it and then on “Language preference”.

language bar in windows language preference

  • You will click on “Add language”.

  • You are going to indicate the one that corresponds to add, in this case “Korean”. There are different versions, choose the one you are going to use and then press “Next”.
  • Then you will click on “Install”, in this way you will add the language on your computer. The process will be almost completed, you just have to Wait a short time, while it downloads and installs.

Use on Mac computers

This operating system is intended to display the language of the country where it was purchased. But nevertheless, Thanks to its configuration it can be transformed to any other that we want.

To do it just follow these steps:

  • Enter the “Apple Menu”.
  • Choose the option “System preferences”.
  • Click on “Language and region”.

  • Then you will press the button “Add”.
  • You will add the language that interests you, in this case “Korean”.

Put on your Android mobile

If this does not bring it in the configuration of your equipment, you can choose to download a tool in the Play Store. One of the ones we recommend you install is Gboard, which has different writing methods.


This app allows you to customize it so that it is totally to your liking, in addition to this it has an extensive catalog of emoji. Among its functions, the ease of search stands out, since it brings quick access to the search engine.

Put on iPhone

The good thing about iOS is that although they are increasingly advanced, they have apps that make your work more practical at the time of use. For example Swiftkey keboard.

Swiftkey keboard

This program has a very easy to use platform. One of its advantages is that it saves the words that you write, that is, it creates your own personalized dictionary.

It should be noted that in addition to that it has more than 800 emojis, so it makes your keyboard a very complete element. It is compatible with a wide variety of languages ​​that you can perfectly choose from. You can download it from Google Play for free and synchronize it with your cloud.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Write in Korean with virtual online tools

You can also use virtual tools to modify the jargon of your keyboard, so you can assign your own key layout for another language. Some of the ones we recommend are the following.

  • My languejes, It is a page where you can write easily and for free. Enter it through the following URL:
  • Write Korean with a virtual keyboard with the help of this page.
  • Koren Keyboard, A website where writing in Korean is very easy, as you don’t need to have a course to do it. Your adress URL is this.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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