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One of the most used tools globally is the keyboard, this is an input device that facilitates the work of writing both on computers and mobile devices. If you are one of those who uses it to experience a new language, or one of those who uses it to speak several languages, you might like to discover how to do it with Russian.

Languages ​​are something that most people may be interested in, especially this one, which is a rare language. But that without a doubt It is part of one of the richest languages ​​in Europe, even for many it seems made to express the most delicate nuances. If you would like to use it in your electronic equipment or learn it, it will seem a good option to start by writing it virtually.

It should be noted that it is not easy to handle, so it will cost you a bit, but as a help and practice everything is possible. That is why in this guide you can find the way to configure and / or modify the language so that you can use it. in different operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac and study this language a little.

How is a keyboard to type with Russian or Cyrillic letters and characters?

You should know that The modern Russian alphabet is a bit different, as it has 33 letters from A to Я. In other words, it has 6 more letters than the Latin one that has 27. The computer keyboards that make up this language respond to completely different linguistic imperatives from those used in the West, because they incorporate Eastern, Greek and Byzantine characters.

It should be noted that there is a slight difference between the Cyrillic and Russian keyboard, and it is because the latter have different symbols with respect to the former.

Check out the pictures below:

Russian keyboard

Modern Cyrillic Alphabet

Cyrillic alphabet

The reason for this is because the Russian is part of the Slavic language and Cyrillic is a standard keyboard not exclusive to these. They include other nations not necessarily Slavic.

*Curious fact: Russian associates most consonants with several vowels. On the other hand, there are two different versions that make up the Russian keyboard and here we show you them.


This keyboard version is the main one in Russia, It is a bit complicated to use when you do not know this language or when you are beginning to use the language, because it does not adapt the words and It is not a highly recommended version for the Latin part.

Russian keyboard ЙЦУКЕН


Instead this keyboard version is different in the phonetics of the letters, as are adapted to Latinos, so that in this way they can be easily attached. Many times to write a letter, you have to press two. It is recommended that if interest in this language is moderate, this is used, as it is more comfortable and practical.

Russian keyboard ЯШЕРТЫ ЯВЕРТЫ

Programs and applications to change and put your keyboard in Russian language

Russian is one of the most complicated languages ​​out there And sometimes getting to adapt it in some devices is complex, but not impossible, keep watching this guide and you will find how to do it regardless of the equipment you have.

Change for Windows PC

Next you will see how to modify the language of your keyboard regardless of whether it is outside or within the Latin alphabet and how you can do it depending on the Windows you have. Notably there are no programs to change it in this operating system, however, this has the advantage that you can make these changes from your computer.

Windows 7

In Windows 7 you can modify the language using the equipment’s own functions. To do this, do the following.

  • In the taskbar find the letters they should be close to the clock.

locate languages ​​on the windows 7 taskbar

  • When you press them, the languages ​​that you have predetermined should appear, there you will have to enter where it tells you “Show language bar”.

show language bar windows 7

  • A bar should appear at the top, by left clicking with the mouse go to “Setting”.

language settings windows 7

  • Then a window should open “Text / language input services”, in the tab “General” enter “Add”.
  • A window with the languages ​​should open, there you will have to search “Russian”, you must click on the button + which is to the side to display the options. You will see what it tells you “Keyboard”, re-enter the button + so that others appear, in this case choose Russian / Russian.

Russian keyboard

  • The moment you get the one you want, press To accept”.
  • This will return you to the tab where you were before, but you will see that now in the “Installed services” The language you just selected appears.
  • Now you just have to choose it and click where it says “Upload” so that it appears in the default list.
  • Press “Apply”> “OK” to complete the change.

If you do not see the letters in your task bar you can enter this way:

  • You enter the “Menu “>” Control Panel “>” Regional Language Settings “.
  • In the window that opened go to the tab “Keyboards and languages”, you must access where it tells you “Change keyboards” and you will see the box of “Input text / languages ​​services”.
  • After you do this you just have to follow the steps we gave you previously.

Windows 8

In Windows 8 it is a little different for this version. In this it is done as follows.

  • The first thing you should do is find your bar Charms bar and enter the Setting, at the top you will see a function that is Change PC settings.

Charms bar windows 8 bar

  • A new window will open Setting, there you must search and access in Time and language> Region and language.
  • In this part you will see the language that you have as default and below you will have a section that is “Languages”, enter “Options”.

time and language windows 8

  • You will see that several options were displayed, in it is one that says “Add a keyboard”, enter it to open a window with the languages, search for Hebrew, select it and click on “Set as primary”.

add a windows 8 keyboard

Windows 10

If you have a Windows 10 operating system, this it runs as follows.

  • Open the “Language bar” By clicking on it, you can see it in the lower right part of the taskbar.

language bar in windows

  • You will click on it and then on “Language preference”.

language bar in windows language preference

  • You will click on “Add language”.

language bar in windows language preference add language

  • You are going to indicate the one that corresponds to add, in this case “Russian”. There are different versions, choose the one you are going to use and then press “Next”.
  • Then you will click on “Install”, in this way you will add the language on your computer. The process will be almost completed, you just have to Wait a short time, while it downloads and installs.

Use on Mac computers

Modifying the language of your Mac keyboard is a very simple thing you can do. In addition to the fact that it allows you to enter all the languages ​​you want on your computer, although there are no programs to help you make these changes, the team brings the option of being able to make these changes without any problem. Find out how to do it below.

  • Enter the “Apple Menu”.
  • Choose the option “System preferences”.
  • Click on “Language and region”.

Mac system preferences

  • Then you will press the button “Add”.
  • You will add the language that interests you, in this case “Russian”.

Put on your Android mobile

This can be done by configuring the equipment without any problem, but if you want to have a wide variety of languages ​​and different writing methods or additional functions on your keyboard, with the following app you can do it.


This app allows you to customize it so that it is totally to your liking, in addition to this it has an extensive catalog of emoji. Among its functions, the ease of search stands out, since it brings quick access to the search engine.

 Gboard The Google Keyboard

Put on iPhone

The good thing about iOS is that even though they are increasingly advanced, they have apps that make your work more practical when using it. This because you can complement the functions that your team brings or improve some of it with these. This time we have brought you more keyboard.

Swiftkey keboard

This program has a very easy to use platform. One of its advantages is that it saves the words that you write, that is, it creates your own personalized dictionary.

SwiftKey Keyboard

It should be noted that in addition to that, it has more than 800 emoji, so it makes your keyboard a very complete element. It is compatible with a wide variety of languages ​​that you can perfectly choose from. You can download it from Google Play for free and synchronize it with your cloud.

Write in Russian with virtual online tools

Not all the pages you find on the internet are the most appropriate, since you don’t know if they are really what they say in their description. In addition, many are not suitable to type with your keyboard or not in the correct way.

That is why we have compiled some especially for typing in Russian with a Latin alphabet keyboard:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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