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It is fashionable for a person to send photos or videos with a high erotic content to their partner through their mobile. The problem with this arises when the phone is hacked or when the receiver, for some reason, makes the private images public. So you lose total control of the situation by the person who appears in the content.

Although it is true that “sexting” is not always illegal in a consensual way, it is a practice with a certain risk because people are not aware of the consequences that brings sharing these messages and can lead to a case of sextortion.

In this article we will show you what is sexting and what are its risks. In addition, we will approach sexting from a legal perspective and we will indicate real cases.

What is sexting and what does this type of cyberbullying on the networks consist of?

What is sexting and what does this type of cyberbullying on the networks consist of?

Sexting, also called sexting in our country, is the sending of images or videos with sexual and even pornographic content through mobile devices. Its origin dates back to 2005 when this word was read for the first time in an article published in a newspaper.

It is very popular in the United States, Great Britain and in the oceanic countries of Australia and New Zealand. But this does not imply that throughout Europe there has not been a significant advance in this activity. Our country being one of the most affected, since there are unique cases where it became a cyber bullying.

Within the most frequent reasons by which this type of activity is carried out is the attraction of the other person through sensual or erotic movements. As well as seeking popularity within a group of people. What is mentioned in the previous paragraph would be when there is a consent.

We can also name that sexting is done when trying to intimidate the person who appears in the images or to revenge an ex-partner, becoming many times even blackmail.

Sexting is not always harassment when it is done with a partner with consent

Sexting should not always be considered an activity of sexual harassment or virtual blackmail. As if it is done with the consent of both parties this is kept as a private activity and therefore there is no impediment to doing so.

Different is the case when those videos or images are stolen or hacked on the mobile and are distributed without the consent of the victim. Therefore, every time we hear the word sexting we must ask ourselves whether or not there is actually approval of the person who appears in the content erotic.

What are the main risks of sending sexual material by mobile phone through messaging apps?

What are the main risks of sending sexual material by mobile phone through messaging apps?

When a person sends messages with sexual material to another runs the risk of their being intercepted by hackers. These, in turn, distribute it on social networks or other instant messaging groups, thus making the content “Go viral”.

In addition, it should be noted that, by keeping these messages on a phone, even if it was a private conversation and with the consent of the person who sent them, there is the possibility that the mobile is lost or stolen on the street. Then it is unlocked and thus access to the sexting content.

Another risk that may exist is when browsing on open networks. Some intruder can enter the mobile either emitting or receiving the images and thus can distribute them without the consent of the victim. From what you will see Having this kind of images generates a great commitment for the owners of both mobiles. So it is advisable not to make this type of shipment or to delete it permanently once they have been viewed or delivered.

Sexual orientation Why avoid sexting and all its dangers?

Sexual orientation Why avoid sexting and all its dangers?

Sexual orientation is understood to be the attraction that a person feels in a chemical, romantic and psychological way, which is sustained in time, by a certain gender. Which can be the same, different or both to which the person in question belongs.

In this way we can say that a sexting activity can considerably influence the psychological attraction that a person can have on a certain gender. This can become so strong that, to the point that it is possible to permanently alter ingrained values ​​or sexual inclinations maintained from birth, thus producing great harm to the person victim of sexting.

Other reasons why it is preferable to avoid sexting with respect to sexual orientation is that when the images or videos are made public, a certain notoriety of a person with respect to their heterogeneity, homosexuality or bisexuality is established. In this way acts occur that cause repercussions on the good reputation and image of the harassed people.

When sexting ruins your life Two cases of girls who lost everything!

When we talk about sexting, we do not really measure the scope that they can have when the photographs sent exceed the limit that a person thought and the situation gets out of hand. In this way, serious psychological consequences are produced, such as depression, drug use, and even suicidal thoughts.

This is the case of Angie varona, a girl who at age 14 published suggestive photos in Photobucket, so that the groom could see them privately. But this was not the result he got at all, since the account was hacked and its images spread until they became banners of pornographic sites.

When sexting ruins your life Two cases of girls who lost everything!

Today, with more than 25 years, Angie you can tell everything that went through your head and how your life changed from that moment. On many occasions he had negative thoughts that would ruin his life and that of his relatives much more. She is currently one of the most searched women on Google and has more than 80 thousand images that are faked with editing programs.

Another of the emblematic cases is Jessica Logan. This young woman from the United States sent photos to her boyfriend Peter completely naked, who in turn sent them to all his classmates.

She had to endure teasing from her friends and colleagues for a long time. They even hung a billboard in a place where she frequently passed. He took his own life at 18 thus losing the great possibility of being an elite athlete, since she practiced different sports with great success.

But we should not stay only in women who this happens in isolation. It also happens to celebrities in which their email accounts, instant messages or their mobile phone are hacked. This is the case of Vanessa Hudgens, which described his photo as a traumatizing engineer many controversies in his personal environment.

There is also the case of Jennifer Lawrence. In his process for the leak of private photos and stated a short time ago that one of the consequences of Sexting was that he does not have sex today. We cannot forget about Kim kardashian and so many others.

This arises that sexting is a highly dangerous activity that can harm the life of the victim, but it can also make their relatives and close people suffer.

Can you report a virtual stalker? Legal framework of sexting in Spain

The dissemination of Sexting without the consent of the parties violates the fundamental rights of injured people. Honor, self-image and privacy are affected. These rights are regulated in article 18.1 of the Constitution of our country.

For what is considered to sexual life of the person as part of personal intimacy. Sexting also violates the right of one’s own image with the dissemination of private videos and photographs.

In this way we can say that sexting is dealt with in the Spanish Penal Code. Specifically in Titles X and XI in article 197, sections 1 and 4 and article 209. Which establish the criteria and conditions to establish an activity is sexting. Their sentences are determined with prison.

In the case of sexting for minors, the sentence becomes harsher. Since it not only refers to the previous sections, but also to the violation of the privacy of a minor, being an aggravating factor for the sentences. In this way, much harsher penalties are established that can end with life imprisonment.

From all this we can conclude that, if you are a victim of sexting or you know people who suffer from this activity you can report it legally. This is because the legal regulatory framework is in place for actions to be taken in any justice body.

Don’t worry if you don’t have hard evidence at first. Justice will be in charge of collecting the information by technological means to prove your situation. And thus be able to legally frame the person responsible for this activity.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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