Share Content on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

It is not a secret to anyone that this social network is increasingly taking more prominence, and they are already million users who make use of this platform where daily upload thousands of posts. Since its launch its developers have constantly been adding new updates and features that are becoming more and more interesting.

However, it should be mentioned that despite all the functions that this social network has, still follow missing some very important, and it’s like power share content from other members of the platform. And it is that on many occasions a user uploads a publication that you also want to share for some reason.

And it is not only wanted share posts from the same Instagram platform, but you can also want share content from other social networks or platforms as they are Facebook or WhatsApp. According to the importance of this, here we are going to show you how you can start share content and make the most of your account. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below:

What are the advantages of sharing content on Instagram?

It has surely happened to you that at some point you are browsing another social network and have you seen one publication that you liked and therefore you want share them on your Instagram account, either because you has liked it enough for it, because you want share the information contained there or simply because it’s about your online business and you also want share your content from another social network to yours on Instagram.

In short, there are many reasons a person can have for wanting share content on Instagram, especially since this is one of the most important and currently used social network.

In accordance with this, here we show you the main advantages that you can obtain when doing this type of activity:

  • It allows you easily share content from other users on your account.
  • You can post information about another user that you think is important and relevant.
  • Ideal for all online companies that are managed from various social networks, since you can post your Facebook content to your Instagram account in just a few steps.
  • Can you help a friend to display your content through your account, simply sharing your posts.

Learn step by step how to share content on Instagram quickly and easily

The procedure for share content on your Instagram account It is extremely simple so you can immediately start doing it. You must bear in mind that there are different ways to do it, either from Insta’s own platform, from Facebook, WhatsApp or from any other type of platform of this type.

Therefore, here we show you the different methods that you can apply to carry out this process:

From other Instagram users

The first way to carry out this procedure is by sharing the content that is uploaded to it. instagram platform but what is it Posted by other users, either from a user you follow or because you have simply seen it in the app explorer. According to this, the first thing we are going to explain to you is like sharing an image that someone else has posted on their profile, that is, on their wall.

In this sense, the social network will allow you share these types of images directly from the application, but for it the person’s profile must be public, in the case of a private account the system will notify you through a message that only that person’s followers can see its publication.

Now if the profile is public then you can start sharing the content without any problem and for this you must follow each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be to click on the little plane that appears just below the publication and which will allow you share said content.
  • Then you must select the option “Add publication in your story” or in that case you can share it privately with another member of the social network that belongs to your contacts.
  • Now edit what you want in the story and post it, this way you can share that content on your Insta profile.

From other Instagram users

Keep in mind that when sharing in this way the owner of the image will not receive any notification, If you want this person to know about it, you simply must label it in the same.

In case you have one business account, then you can more closely track all your posts, this will let you know how many times has it been shared, although in the same way you won’t know which people did it.

As you can see, in this case Instagram social network allows its members to share other users’ posts on your stories, which only will stay there for 24 hours. But what if you don’t want to share that content in your story but on your wall, Until now the platform does not allow it, so it is necessary to resort to third-party applications. For this I recommends you use ReGram, which is very easy to use and will allow you to carry out these activities.

You may also want share a story from another social network user, to be able to share a story you must be tagged in it, otherwise this will not be possible. If the person has tagged you, you will receive a message in the section of “Exercise” as well as in your private messages, from both places you can share the story as long as it doesn’t come from a private member.

From other Instagram users

If it is a private account you can only see the mention but don’t share the content. Yes it’s public, you just have to click on the option to share user story, in this way it will appear in your stories and all your users will be able to see it.

From WhatsApp and Facebook

There’s no doubt WhatsApp and Facebook are two of the most used applications currently together with InstagramTherefore, it is essential to be able to share content between these platforms. This means that you can start share your IM stories on your Insta profile, like all the posts you make on Facebook. This procedure is very simple to perform and which we will show you below:

From WhatsApp

To share your WhatsApp statuses in the social network of Instagram you need to have the latest version of instant messaging, which you can download from the official store of Play Store or App Store.

When you already have the latest version installed on your smartphone, the next thing will be to access the messaging application and then to the section of “State”. There you must select the type of content you want share, either a image from your gallery or simply edit a text on some background.

From WhatsApp

Once selected the status and shared with your users, you will see several options available on the screen, such as sharing on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Another way to access this is by clicking on the three points to open the status options and there select “Share on Instagram” for states to be linked.

From WhatsApp

In this way you can start sharing all the information you want in the three platforms in a very simple way, just publish in one of them and then share, this will avoid having to do it manually in each one of them.

From Facebook

To share your Facebook posts on Instagram it is necessary that first link both profiles, for this you can do it from your Instagram account through these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the Instagram application.
  • Then select the settings menu and link account, there you must select the option “Facebook”.
  • Then select the Facebook profile you want to link, in case you already have the FB app on your mobile it will automatically detect it, otherwise you must enter the data to login.

Once linked both profiles, all you have to do is enter your Facebook account and upload the content you want to share or look for any of your previous posts. Once uploaded you will find several options, in this case select the one from “Share publication on the social network of Instagram” and click to post. In this way you can start sharing your content on each of your profiles.

From Facebook

From an external platform

Another way to share content on Instagram social network is through the Twitter platform, in this case Twitter does not offer as such an option that allows this process to be linked to tweets with publications on Insta, But if there is a third-party app that you can download to your mobile and which is called Twimmage.

To share tweets the user has two possibilities, either directly from the twimmage app where you must use the search engine, there write the name of the user and then look for the tweet you want to share or simply from the Twitter platform through the option of “Share”.

In this case, the user must enter Twitter and there look for the tweet you want to share and press the option “Share” then select the twimmage app and you will automatically be sent to the app, here you simply must edit the tweet you are going to share, it will appear with a white background image.

From an external platform

When you have all this ready, the next thing to do is select the format, in this case you must select 16:19 for Stories, in this way it will be complete on the screen and you will not have to crop it, you can also show the like and retweets it has and the time and date.

For default reasons, when pressing the option “Share” the button with the Instagram logo will send the image to Stories, so you can share it from there, from that moment you can upload it as you want in your Insta account, either precisely in the Stories or taking a capture and publishing it directly on your wall.

From an external platform

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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