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You are probably not very familiar with the term shareware, the first thing you should know is that it is a distribution model that is applied in the field of software and which has a great number of functions but they are only available for a limited time.

This means that shareware is that software that the user can try for a specific time, but later must buy it if you want to continue using it, what does that mean it’s not free. Despite not being a well-known term, it has been used since the early 80’s and has been advancing as technology evolves.

All of this is currently used by most companies as a form of power. show what they want to sell. Therefore, here we are going to teach you a little more what shareware is about and how these types of programs work.

What is shareware and what are the programs with this distribution for?

What is a Shareware and what are the programs with this distribution for?

Taking into account everything mentioned above, we can see that a shareware It’s about a distribution model that is not free and that is only available for a limited time. In other words, it has become a way for many companies and merchants can offer your products or services. This is how companies offer free trials to publicize your software to consumers and these can test them before buying.

Being only one labor sample, on many occasions these programs do not usually offer all your tools, and are only available for periods of 7, 15 or 30 days maximum. Considered a sufficient time for users to test all its functions and thus decide whether to make the purchase or not.

Therefore, these distribution programs mainly serve to publicize a consumer software. In this way, the client can know if they really is it worth it or not to pay for such a program, since before acquiring it you can know its operation, its way of use, its applications and its working speed.

All this is a double-edged sword for most companiesBecause by presenting your products in this way, you can achieve good or bad comments. That is to say, it is very likely that the product presented will like and help them to achieve greater visibility and sales or that this not really good and be reasons for negative reviews that could damage the company’s reputation.

Who devised this mode of distribution?

Who devised this mode of distribution?

This story started in the year 1980, and despite having been on the market for so long shareware is still a term that not many news programs know. At the beginning of 80’s years all this began to be called erroneously as freeware, a term that was already established in the United States. It was thus that two American programmers named Andrew Fluegelman and Jim Knopf they edited one of the most important apps at the time.

However, at that time both were looking for a form of power show your program to consumers but this is not for free, but they should cancel an amount. Therefore, they decided to use the BBS distribution which was very popular at that time where users had to send money to the author of the software if they wanted to see how it was developed.

But, another programmer from that time named Bob wallace created at that time the PC-Write, a little software text processor which became one of the most wanted applications. But nevertheless, Bob wallace I already knew the term Freeware, but he was in search of another term that did not express that it was totally free, all this led him to create the term shareware (Share) thus managing to eliminate any confusion that might exist between these types of programs with the free ones.

Therefore, this term was credited to Bob Wallace, who managed to expand this term rapidly, so much so that similar applications and programs they began to make use of it. Nowadays shareware programs they were just apps MS-DOS, but currently they are very common in Mac, GNU / Linux, WinCE, Palm operating systems, among others.

What are the characteristics of shareware programs?

These apps are a type license with which some programs are distributed for sale, but it should be mentioned that these softwares usually have some limitations as to when to use them. The limitations will depend mainly on the application used.

According to this here we teach you the main characteristics of shareware:

  • Shareware They are a type of software that they offer for free for a period of time and then they must be purchased to continue using them.
  • They must be purchased in order to use them for a unlimited time.
  • I know distributes similar to freeware except after the trial period requires a payment so that your license remains in use.
  • In the case of the trial periods, on some occasions these programs do not include all its functions.
  • The maximum time for the free use of them is usually from 30 days.

What are the main advantages of the software with this distribution license?

Without a doubt, these programs must have a series of advantages for its distributionn, either for users and their developers. It’s like this type of license offers some benefits to both parties with the aim that both the author and the client can benefit from all this, That is why we will show you the main advantages offered by this modality below:

For the user

So that a person can purchase a program this should provide you with some Benefits to help you improve your job or quality of life. That is why here we teach you the advantages of shareware for its users:

  • The person has the possibility of testing the software before purchasing, thus You will avoid the risk of losing money or pleasant moments by requesting a refund of your money.
  • They offer a easier and more direct communication between customer and developer. All of this allows for a feedback that allows to improve the programs thanks to user suggestions.
  • These programs generally have a lower price than those programs that are strictly commercial and that the customer cannot test them before buying them.

For the developer

In the case of the developers of these applications, they must have a series of advantages and benefits that allows them to apply this method of sale. That is why here we present you the main benefits that authors obtain when using this type of license.

  • In this case the developer has complete control over the program, being the same who decides what happens in the future with him. This is something that does not happen in those who have freeware licenses.
  • These programs usually be successful, they have earned the respect of the creators of software. This is because they offer really good programs capable of meeting all expectations.
  • These programs achieve a own name, besides that the author manages to win a very Good reputation.
  • No need for a legal status, that is, how much small, medium and great programmers can make use of them, including minors. This is because these softwares are not considered illegal.

Examples of shareware license software What are the most popular on the market?

It is important to mention that the amount of programs available in the market with Shareware license are very few compared to freewares, this is because not all developers dare to use this type of license mainly because it is considered a very risky act of teaching a program to the customer before buying it.

However, here we are going to teach you what are the best examples of shareware softwares that you can currently find on the web:

  • McAfee VirusScan: In general, most antivirus they usually have shareware licenses, they do this with the aim that their customers can see its potential when fighting any type of threat to your computer or mobile. That is why it allows it to be downloaded and used by a completely free of charge and a payment must be made later in order to continue enjoying its services.

McAfee stands out for being an antivirus that offers a large number of analysis tools and options, allowing you like this perform default or advanced scans. It is currently considered one of the most complete in the web market.

  • WinZIP: Compressors are other softwares with this type of license that we will find on the web, which also stand out for offering their free services so that the user can know what are their tools and ability to function. One of the most important today is WinZIP, a software that has all the necessary tools to compress almost every type of file.

In the same way, it offers the possibility of performing advanced encryption on files and data, count with one support for antivirus, file division and union, skin and has a 21-day trial version.

  • Paint Shop Pro: Graphics programs are other the most popular sharewares that we can currently find. This is how users have the opportunity to count on these programs for a few days and thus be able to know its operation and each of the tools it offers. This will let them know whether or not it is really worth paying for it.

Paint Shop Pro is an application that stands out for offering a great number of tools so that its users can develop animated GIF files, create deformable texts, vector drawings, among many others.

  • Online games: If you are a lover internet games surely you have noticed that many of these softwares offer you a free version so you can enjoy them for just a few days. This will allow to know the quality of graphics and sound, which becomes an ideal option before making this type of purchase.
  • Text editors: We finally found text editors, these being the softwares where this all started. It is important to mention that not all text editors are shareware, as there are a lot of them However, shareware text editors they are usually cataloged as better quality and with more advanced text tools.

Some of editors with this type of license are JPad ​​Pro, ASPEdit, MapEdit, among many others. These applications usually offer mostly 15 days triala before making the payment so that the user can continue to enjoy their services.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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