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Communication is one of the elements that has evolved the most thanks to the advances that technology has provided. Each change that arrives in this area affects in one way or another our way of contacting people, and this is something that is fully evident when we look, above all, at the internet and what its arrival in our lives has meant. Just by taking a look at our mobile or cell phone, we can see the number of applications we have to be able to talk to other people.

Apps like Telegram or WhatsApp They have revolutionized the communication medium, giving it greater immediacy and comfort. On the other hand, other softwares, especially those settled within social networksThey have also had a great influence, even giving a certain playful touch to something as basic as communicating. Snapchat is the best example for this last sector to which we have referred.

It works by sending messages with multimedia content (videos and / or photographs) that expire within seconds of being sent. Its purpose is to build a network in which information travels quickly and with a limited duration, “stinging” users in a certain way so that they pay constant attention. Little by little, Snapchat it has grown in functions and novelties to become a benchmark for the youngest.

Snaptchat icon How to login to Snapchat step by step?

Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of people who turn to it is increasing at a constant rate, nor that some continue to wonder how to login and access Snapchat. Sometimes, there are complications that throw these doubts to those who try. With this guide we want to remedy it, explaining all the steps to follow so that even if you are using a computer instead of an Android or iOS smartphone, you can connect with your user account. Further, we also solve the most common doubts that have arisen around the use of Snapchat.

You have two main ways to log into Snapchat: through PC or through your Android or iPhone device. Here, we are going to explain both ways so that you do not have problems when using any device and trying to enter. Next, we will start with the computer.

From computer or PC

Start by enter the main Snapchat website. The best way to do this is by opening your trusted web browser and typing the URL of the home page in the address bar (usually located at the top of the window). Write the following in that field:

Initial screen Snapchat PC registration

The initial screen that we find does not contain any place where there is something to enter Snapchat. What you should do is press the white button in the middle, that one with the text “More information”. Click on it.

Enter username and password Snapchat login

Now is when the service will request that login with your account. A series of text will appear on the screen and, below it, two fields in which you must enter the username or email in the first place and the password of your account in seconds. When you fill in both gaps with the relevant data, click “I am not a robot” to solve the captcha and then on the button with the phrase “Log in”.

*Note: When you’re done, your session will be started on Snapchat via PC. But nevertheless, you cannot use any of its functions since its nature is totally overturned in the mobile terrain. Therefore, it is mandatory to use the smartphone app to enjoy this application.

From my Android or iPhone mobile device

First you must have the Snapchat app installed. If not, enter the App Store if you use iPhone or on Google Play Store If you use Android and, in the search engine, type “Snapchat”. Choose the first result and proceed with the download so that it will install automatically. To go faster follow the links below:

Now what you should do is start the app. Look for the yellow icon with a white ghost in the center and click on it so that the application starts and you can access the start menu.

Snapchat login screen

Click on “LOG IN”, the first option available and highlighted with a striking red background.

Enter user password to access Snapchat

At this point, you should only enter your username or email in the first field and, in the second, the password that you would have registered at the time. When you have done it, you just have to click on “Log in”To start with it.

If it is the first time you access Snaptchat, you will also have to enter a mobile phone number for them to send an SMS with which to verify your identity. Write it down and click on “Continue”. You will receive the message within a maximum period of 60 seconds.

In case it is the same phone from which you are connecting, this step will be done alone (automatic), otherwise, you must write the code that has arrived via short text message to be able to finish with the start. When doing so, tap “Continue” and the process will be complete.

You can now start using Snapchat on your cell phone or mobile phone. Explore all the filters at your disposal, add friends and experiment with shaping videos of all kinds and photographs with which to surprise your acquaintances and friends.

FAQ: Problems with accessing or signing in to Snapchat

Fixing errors when logging in with Snapchat

Snapchat is an application focused for quick and easy use. It gets away from the hassle so that users get in as simply as possible. Even so, there are many doubts and inconveniences that often arise for new users when they try to log in. Here, we are going to solve the most common ones, always trying to offer the best possible solutions.

I can’t log into Snapchat. What is the problem?

There are several reasons why a error message when trying to log into your Snapchat account. Usually, when the error appears with the text “Could not connect”This is because you are using either an unofficial Snapchat app or a plug-in that is not validated by the company.

If this is the case, you just have to uninstall them from your phone and download the official app. Remember that you can do it through Google Play Store in case of using Android or in the App Store if what you have is an iOS device. The process is easy: you go in, look for the name of the application and go to the first option available to start the download.

There are other generic / error messages which can be due to various reasons. We explain below:

  • Spam sending: If your account has been sending spam, that is, abusing the publication of content to become intrusive, or has violated the terms of service or community guidelines, you may run into an error when trying to connect. In these cases, it is wait 24 hours Before trying to enter again and after this time it is no longer possible, it is best to open a new account since the current one has been banned.
  • Root user: some terminals have root access, causing Snapchat to lock automatically and not allow access. You must remove this access and, incidentally, look for possible third-party plugins or apps that influence and are interfering with the app.
  • Using VPN: in case you internet connection go through a VPN, or your terminal is configured for it, you should avoid it and connect normally. Otherwise, the app will not allow you to log in and will always send an error message when entering the data and trying to enter.

These are the main reasons why problems can arise when trying to log in with your Snapchat account. In case you are not facing any of them, the best thing is uninstall the app, connect via another network and reinstall it to try again.

If on the contrary, not even doing this you make it work, contact the team of app professionals through the support of its website, you can access directly from here. They will be able to advise you to remedy this inconvenience that makes it impossible to use your user account. * Currently only available for English language.

Can I access Snapchat from my Facebook?

There is no way to access Snapchat from Facebook, nor use both accounts to synchronize as they do Twitter or Instagram. The competition between both social networks is something more than patent, in fact, Facebook It has been incorporating functions similar to those of its competitor for some time to eat ground little by little.

In this way, we can already find short video messages in what is known as “Stories” on Facebook. Something that, in addition, has also spread to other social networks such as Instagram or even WhatsApp.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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