Skype Does Not Open or Login  Step-by-Step Guide 2021

Sometimes, It is normal for some programs to have problems opening on your PC. There are different factors that can influence, so it is convenient to take each of them into account and discard.

This time, we are going to talk about What are the main reasons why Skype won’t open and how to fix it?. All this, through a simple step-by-step guide with which you can put an end to the problems presented.

Ideally, the discard method should be done in steps, that is, if the first solution didn’t work for you, try the second one and so on. In this way, you will be able to enjoy again Skype like you usually did.

Learn step by step to solve the main reasons why Skype does not open or let you log in

Learn step by step to solve the main reasons why Skype does not open or let you log in

If you are having trouble log in to Skype, the first step to follow is check that you are working with the latest version of the app. You should also check that your system meets the minimum requirements for the program to run properly.

In addition to this, it is necessary take a look at the software updates section to make sure you don’t have any slopes. Later, check hardware drivers latest for your team. In this way, the problems should be solved. However, there are a number of factors that can also influence the problem to log in to Skype

Below we specify each of them, as well as the procedure you must follow to solve as soon as possible:

I have forgotten username or password

It is becoming more and more common for users forget your login details, that is, your username or password. All of this happens because people have accounts on a wide number of platforms, so it is not surprising that information from one of them is overlooked. Nevertheless, fix it is quite simple.

On the one hand, if you forgot your username you should do the following:

  • Go to login page from Skype.
  • Get in More options login.
  • Click on I have forgotten my username.
  • You will be prompted to enter an alternative phone number or email that is associated with your Microsoft account.
  • You will receive a security code to the data you provided in the previous step. Place this code and select in Next.
  • The accounts that you have associated will be displayed with the phone number or email you provided. It should be noted that a part of the username is hidden for security. Once you see the account you were looking for, select Sign in.

If you do not have access to your email or the phone number linked to your Microsoft account, you have to:

  • Go to recovery page from account. The link is:
  • You will be asked for an email, username and phone number. In addition, you will have to put an additional email so that the Skype team can contact you.
  • Proceed to send the form. Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for the information to be verified. The response to this request is sent to the additional email address you provided.

My account has been temporarily suspended

On the other hand if you can’t log in, or You have already started but you cannot use some of the platform services, the information that we will provide you below can help you.

Why was your account restricted from using Skype’s paid features?

Some factors that can lead Skype to make this decision are:

  • Observation of unusual activity, such as the considerably different use of your credit or plan.
  • You are managing a payment (that is, you ask for a refund), because that is a sign that there is some problem with the payment method of your account.
  • A violation was filed of the Skype Terms of Use.

Consequently, if the account is restricted and does not allow you to use the paid features of Skype, you must:

  • Sign in with your account from the website.
  • Follow the banner to Correct your account. Said banner has the following text written: “Your account has been restricted from using Skype’s paid features. Fix your account ”.

What to do if you think you have been attacked or received the message “Help us protect the account”?

What to do if you think you have been attacked or received the message

This can happen because unauthorized fees, unrecognized names have been observed in file sharing, or spamming to your contact list. Those actions may mean that someone is hacking your account or has been compromised in a certain way.

You may also have received the error message “Help us protect your account” when you try to login. That can inform that Microsoft has detected unusual activity and, therefore, took action in the matter to block the account until you can take an action.

In order to recover it, you will have to:

  • Change Password from your Microsoft account.
  • Check login activity, to check those that you have not done.
  • Go to your account settings and review it.
  • Protect the rest of your accounts online.
  • Secure your Microsoft account in the future.

Why is your Microsoft account locked?

Another fairly common scenario whereby Microsoft decides to block an account, it is because observed some kind of unusual activity. The block is provisional in order to protect users against fraud or potential abuse.

If you want to unlock it, apply the following steps:

  • Go to and login with account Microsoft blocked.
  • Enter a mobile phone number to request the sending of a security code. It will be sent via text message.
  • When you receive the code, enter it in the Web page.
  • Modify the password to complete the unlocking process.

My date of birth is wrong

Microsoft has a section dedicated to parental consent and the management of children’s accounts. Through these types of configurations, the aim is to protect the smallest members of the household at all times, ensuring a responsible and safe use of technology. If the user is a minor and lives in a region where parental permission is required to create an account and access services, must request consent of the same to continue with the registration process.

To consent to a Microsoft account for a minor, all you have to do is provide an electronic signature with the name that appears on the Microsoft account. If, on the contrary, you are an adult And they are still requesting parental consent because your date of birth indicates that you are a minor. So, in case you are asked to provide an electronic signature, you can update your date of birth via the link:

Login with Facebook is no longer allowed

As of January 2018, the ability to log into Skype using Facebook was removed. As a result, platform logins have been simplified and limited to Microsoft accounts only.

That means that, with a single sign-on, you can unlock all the services that are part of Microsoft (Skype, Office Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, etc) with a single password. Therefore, if you want to continue using Skype you must create a Microsoft account new or log in with one you already have.

Check your version of Skype

Another point that may be preventing you from logging into Skype, is the version you have installed. When old versions of the platform are retired but yours is one of them, the session may be closed automatically and you will not be able to enter again until you update it to the most recent one.

Therefore, you have to make sure to always keep Skype up to date. To do it in Windows 7 and 8 from the app you will have to:

  • Log in in Skype.
  • Go to Help. If this section is not displayed, press ALT and the toolbar will disappear.
  • Select in Check for updates manually (Manually check for updates).

If you want to update your version of Skype on Mac from the application, the procedure to follow is:

  • Log in in your account Skype
  • Head towards Skype, located on the toolbar.
  • Choose Search for updates.

Skype is down or in maintenance

Finally, a factor that can make it difficult to sign in to Skype is that the service is down or in maintenance. At this point you will wonder How do I check the working status of Skype? It is very simple, since all you have to do is go to the link: When you enter, the different areas of the platform that could be in maintenance or down will be shown in the form of a list. If they all indicate the right side “Normal”, it means that everything is in order.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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