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In recent years, companies have made their way online, since today it is essential to be at the forefront of everything that can bring us benefits not only on an interpersonal level, but also on a monetary level. More and more large companies have required the services of different apps and web pages to improve their internal communications, their sales, their purchases and even their procedures.

Similarly, Skype has always been at the forefront of telecommunications, has focused on improving its platform and tools adapting them to the needs of large and small companies.

In 2010, the Skype Business Control Panel added new functionality: Skype Manager, a business management tool. In this post we will explain everything related to this new Skype feature and what features of this can be of great help to you and your company or business.

What is Skype manager and what is this human resource management tool for?

Skype manager (formerly: Business Control Panel) is a new administration tool created by Microsoft company, which works on principles of IP telephony. It is a software that allows you to configure, manage and report on the use of Skype in the work team.

Where company administrators will be able to create accounts for employees and invite them to join, manage them, accept or deny them some functions (thus controlling their accesses) create voice mailboxes, assign Skype credits and keep track of expenses to keep control of the costs used by each department of your company and each member individually.

Namely, is an application that will allow you to maintain administrative control of your company, all this, in one place. This tool has the particularity that it not only works at the business level, but also is useful software for normal users who have more than one Skype account. Similarly, this platform is adaptable to any type of group, both friends and family.

What are the main functions and features of Skype Manager? What can I do with it?

Its functions are based on the business management Y its objective is that administrators can perform all management tasks from a single platform.

Among its functionalities we can mention:

  • Account creation both for the administrator and for the employees of the company.
  • Supervise, enable or disable employee access to different functions.
  • Deposit money on the Skype account
  • Distribute money to each member or to each department of the company
  • Tracing of costs and expenses.
  • check of use of assigned credit.
  • Employees will be able to receive and make calls on landlines and mobiles and will also have a voicemail to listen to messages.

Learn step by step how to configure your Skype Manager from any of your devices quickly and easily

At present you have to look for all the alternatives that can favor your business and company.

That is why here are some small steps so that you can learn to get the most out of all your businesses:

1. Create an account or start from an existing personal account.

Skype account creation

If you need to create an account you can do it with an email or with a phone number (You will have to confirm through a text message that they will send you). Then it will ask you to create a password and enter your name and surname.

2. Create the username

Create Skype username

Is it will correspond to the purpose of the accountEither company name or manager name, however, this step can then be modified.

3. Create company form

Skype company form

After being created, you will log in automatically, after this you will have to fill in the form. After this Skype will send an email with a link to the email inbox specified for profile activation. This is all a free process. After this, your account will be available to use all other functions.

Among the things you could do after creating and confirming your account, we have:

  • Add your employees or workgroup members, and you can organize them in the way that is most convenient, since you can create separate work accounts for them, so you could separate them by departments.

Add Skype employees

  • Top up your Skype account so that team members can use all the functions, be it Skype Connect, subscriptions, Skype numbers for calls, caller identification system and voicemail.

Top up your Skype account

  • Distribute the deposited money in the account in the different accounts assigned to the members of the work group and thus provides access to the various functionalities necessary for their effective work.

Distribute money deposited Skype

We show you step by step the most important actions you can perform with Skype Manager from all your devices

You may keep getting the most out of this amazing tool From any device, this will allow you to obtain the necessary reports and keep abreast of everything that happens in your groups.

Go for it:

Log in

If you already have your account configured with the steps that we explained above, to log in only You must go to the Skype Manager page by copying the following address: Once there you must click where it says “Login or create account”Since you have already set up an account, you only need to provide your account details, your email or phone number, and the password you chose for that account.

Skipe Manager Login

Once loaded, the home page of your account will appear. Skype Manager.

Control the use of other members

Skype manager provides activity reports of the use that team members give to the Skype platform, among the details that offer us those usage reports They are: Number of destination of the calls, time, date and duration of the same, as well as text messages made, details of purchases made and downloads.

It is important take into account that members must give their authorization to administrators to be able to view information about your individual use of your personal Skype account, and likewise, they can withdraw their consent at any time. If they have not given their authorization, administrators will only be able to see the current credit balance in their Skype accounts.

To see this you must:

  • Login and go to the “Reports” section, where you must click on the “uses” section.

Login Reports Skype

  • Then select “I want to access the reports” (You can modify access to this information whenever you want by changing the account settings)

Access Skype reports

  • You will be able to view the use of Skype credit what that person used, what it was used for, rate per minute of the call, duration and cost. It is important make sure before doing this that you are not breaking any privacy laws in your jurisdiction.

Share Skype products with other contacts

It is possible to share with friends and family, all the products and functions of Skype that have been purchased, through Skype Manager. To do this, you must add your friends or family, with whom you want to share or assign products, as members of Skype Manager, Once the products have been purchased, you must assign them to the member of your choice.

This will do it in the following way:

  • Click in section “Members” in the Skype Manager dashboard.
  • Choose the member or members you want assign you a credit or product.
  • Click on manage credit and write the amount of credit you want to assign, then you will click on “add credit”. This credit that you have selected will be immediately subtracted from your Skype Manager credit and added to the account of the assignees.

Skype Manager Members

  • This step must be repeated with all members to which you want to assign credits or products.

View payment history and download invoices

You may view the history of payments that have been made in Skype Manager and you can also download the invoices in PDF format. Select section “Reports” and click where it says “Purchases” in the menu that appears on the left side.

Payment history Skype Manager

Here the purchase report will be displayed, where it shows what was paid for Skype Credit purchases during a selected period of time. To know the report of a specific purchase you must click on the order number of that purchase.

Delete Groups from Skype manager

Skype Manager account cannot be deleted, but if you can delete your group. Similarly, you cannot delete personal accounts of your users, they will be able to use all the functionalities and subscriptions that were assigned by the administrator until the expiration date of the same.

First of all, you will need to assign the credit remaining in your Skype Manager account to yourself or to another account that you want to assign it to, later:

  • Select your group name in the upper right corner of the page.

Select a group skype manager

  • Click on “Group settings” and select “Delete group”

Delete skype manager

  • It is important to have a record of all the information relevant information about your workgroup before deleting it. Remember in Skype Manager, you cannot delete your account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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