Skype vs Skype Lite  Which is Better? + Differences ▷ 2021

In the same way in which they have made several applications, Skype has developed an official Lite client for its service, designed for Android devices with fewer resources and difficult network connection.

Until now, this version of Skype is only available in India, a country for which it was designed and adapted, offering the population of that country the possibility of an easier connection for video calls.

The possibility that this Skype client is released for the rest of the world depends largely on the reception and popularity, and if this happens, it never hurts to learn as much as possible about this version Lightest and most optimized of the video calling and messaging app.

What is Skype Lite and what are the most interesting features of this app?

Skype Lite interface

Skype Lite is an optimized, lightweight and fast version of the popular online calling and messaging service, Skype, which was developed to help Indian users stay connected with their family and friends. The application is exclusively compatible with Android to date, and is available in the Play Store to download it completely free of charge. In addition to the differences in size and performance, there are very few differences between the two clients.

Among the functions available in Skype Lite we have:

  • Make calls audio and video.
  • Chat with your Skype contacts.
  • Make and receive calls of phone numbers.
  • Send and receive messages SMS text.
  • Access and manage Skype contacts and the phone book.
  • Connect and use bots.

Notably, although the application is available in the Play Store, is blocked up for any other country outside the India. Nevertheless, we can download the APK file without any problem.

What are the differences between Skype and Skype Lite and which of the two is better?

As with other applications that have a Lite version, There are specific differences between the Lite and Full versions of Skype. Now we will see which of these clients is more suitable for everyday use.

Let’s see:


Storage capacity on Android

The full version of Skype occupies a total of 84 MB, with the application itself occupying approximately 75 MB. Secondly, the Lite version occupies a total system weight of 64 MB, of which around 53 MB correspond to the application. As expected, the Lite version of Skype consumes less internal storage space. However, it is necessary to point out that these numbers may vary depending on the mobile in which it is used.

Saving data

The ultimate goal of Skype Lite is to provide the service of video calls and instant messaging on unstable network connections, so one of its strongest points is the data saving section. In the field of calls, Skype Lite offers a setting that allows you to reduce the use of mobile data during voice or video calls. While this feature comes at the expense of a slight reduction in image quality, it is still very interesting if the data connection in your region is slow.

Regarding the messages, you will have at your disposal an image compression tool to reduce their size before sending them, a function that we can activate from the data usage section in the application settings. Finally, one of the features that differentiates it from the full version of Skype, is the possibility of monitoring the use of data through access More. This feature is very useful if you have a limited data plan.

Interface and layout

PC Skype interface

Until a while ago, this aspect was the most marked difference between the versions Skype Full and Lite, and is where Skype lite it was taking the lead. It is only until relatively recently that Skype was fully updated. Today, there are very few differences between the two versions.

Skype has an initial interface of four tabs located at the bottom of the main screen, labeled as follows:

  • Chats: In this section we will find the conversations with our Skype contacts, organized chronologically.
  • Calls: here we will see the calls made to phone numbers.
  • Contacts: This contact is divided between the Skype contacts, and those in the phone book.
  • Notifications: It contains the notices of missed calls, notices of scheduled videoconferences, mentions and offers.

It also shows a floating button with a pencil icon, with which we can open a window that contains access to new conversations: meeting, group chat and private conversations. In addition to access to frequent contacts. Skype Lite, on the other hand, shows three tabs on its main screen, also located at the bottom, and a sidebar that includes access to the user profile, data usage information, configuration.

The tabs on the main screen are defined as follows:

  • Chats: Contains internal messages sent to Skype users we have registered.
  • Calls: stores the calls we have made to phone lines, whether mobile or landline.
  • Contacts: here we will see the Skype users registered in the application. It also shows the contacts in the phone book that use Skype.

In addition to this, on the chats screen, We will find a floating button that will allow us to perform a variety of actions with just a couple of taps.

From this access we can do things like:

  • Search bots.
  • New call.
  • New group chat.
  • New chat.

East floating button is modified when we switch to the call window, serving as access to numeric keyboard through which we can enter phone numbers, landlines or mobile, to make calls, provided we have the appropriate plan.

Features and functions

Settings in the Skype Full version

This is the most even section between both applications, since the Lite version, in general, has the same functions as the full Skype. We can make audio and video calls, instant messaging, and calls to landline and mobile phone numbers. Nevertheless, both are paired because each has a function that the other lacks.

In the case of Skype full, we refer to the call caption tool, which can be managed by following the route “Profile> Settings> Calls> Call captions”. In the case of Skype Lite, the function we are talking about is data management. Being a client designed to provide the service of Skype with the least amount of data possible, It is a very useful function, since it allows us to view the MB sent and received while using the application.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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