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Cybercrimes are based on tools that we often do not know about. This is the case of sniffers, which They are computer developments that are used to extract information in a computer network.

You must be careful with these spy files that are installed on your device without you noticing. The most worrying thing about this is that you will not be able to uninstall them as easily as you do with another program or virus.

Fortunately there are different strategies that will help you avoid this type of contagion, which we will see below. So that you can understand a little more about what sniffers are, we present the following article where we will show you the main characteristics and transmission mechanisms of these spyware.

What is a Sniffers and what is this type of malicious program for?

What is a Sniffers and what is this type of malicious program for?

A Computer network consists of a set of devices that are linked by cables or wirelessly. This computer architecture is used to transport data packets between the different nodes or parts of the network.

There are programs that are installed in any of these nodes and that are used to control and analyze all the data transmissions that are generated between the different computers or devices. These software are known as sniffers. Sniffers can be used in 2 ways:

  • One is used to obtain necessary information and thus detect errors that the network may have or certain data packages. This is usually done in order to improve the flow of information.
  • The other way to use a sniffer is for cybercrime purposes.

I mean, the sniffers They are installed on a computer that is connected to the network to obtain data from a user, or several of them, and thus manages to steal confidential information about financial details and other data that can harm people’s privacy.

It should be clarified that Sniffers are not considered a virus, since they do not generate any problem in the stability or performance of the equipment, it only extracts the information it wants. The complication of these programs is because it does not have an option to uninstall them and they go unnoticed by users.

Sniffers characteristics How can we identify these malware?

The main characteristics of these programs are the following:

  • They are created to control the flow of information of a computer network.
  • They can be used for criminal purposes or for obtain concrete data and improve the system of a network.
  • Malicious sniffers are installed without users noticing. In addition, their work is silent and they are also unnoticeable on devices.
  • They are not considered viruses, since they do not cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, an antivirus does not detect this program as a threat to the PC.
  • Its propagation can be done only by manual and non-automatic means. That is, the presence of the hacker is required for a sniffer to be installed on a network. The same does not happen, for example, with worms in which there is a computer development for their systematic reproduction.
  • They do not have functions for uninstallation. In order to eliminate them from the computer, it is necessary to do so by means of an antispyware.
  • It does not have to be installed on a computer on the network, the hacker can also have it on his computer. After you gain access to the network (by different means) you can use the spyware.

How come a Sniffers got into my network? Main transmission mechanisms

We said that one of the main characteristics of a sniffer is that its installation cannot be done automatically. Thus, for such a program to infiltrate a network, it will need the help of a system administrator or from anyone who has special permissions to incorporate this spyware onto the network.

The other way is to do it by spreading malware. For example, they use the help of viruses, Trojans, worms and any other malicious software that have special abilities to automatically enter the network.

Tips to protect ourselves and eliminate Sniffers and keep our network safe

Tips to protect ourselves and eliminate Sniffers and keep our network safe

To prevent sniffers from being introduced into a network and thus prevent them from capturing the information sent by the peripherals of a network, it will be necessary to follow the following tips:

Avoid opening emails from strangers

You must not forget that sniffers are installed on a network with the help of computer parasites. These malware need to access a computer through a certain path, being one of the most recurrent and preferred of hackers email.

Emails from people you don’t know or companies that provide you information that you did not request and they ask you to click on a certain link, you must discard them completely. It is very likely that they contain infected files that will access your computer and therefore spyware can enter.

Run an antivirus before using a removable memory pendrive

It is necessary that you install an antivirus that has antispyware within its functions. In this way, every time you need to extract information from another computer and it is in a removable memory, you must run the program to detect if there is a Sniffers or any virus that can access the device. After you have the report, you just have to open the memory.

Avoid entering your data on unsecured networks

It is advisable not to use apps related to bank accounts, electronic wallets or any other type of sensitive information from a financial point of view in open or work networks.

Therefore, sIf you need to do some homework with this type of tool, you must be sure that you are not being spied on. And in case you have to use this information, try to access it through virtual keyboards that provide the same applications.

Perform periodic maintenance through antispyware programs

Among the most important recommendations that we can make is that, periodically, run a trustworthy software that allows you to detect this type of spy file. You must bear in mind that you not only have to do it on your computer, but also on all devices involved in the network.

Doubt any strange action on your computer.

One of the most frequent techniques hackers have is to simulate the interface of applications you trust in order to access the computer. You must pay close attention when you log in to apps or programs that do not require it regularly, since they have the user ID and password memorized.

Further, pay attention to the url you are browsing. You may think that you are on a secure page and in fact you are providing data, without realizing it, on the site of the computer intruder.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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