SOCIAL WIFI  What is it? + Advantages and Tricks ▷ 2020

The digital marketing Today it goes far beyond what we knew, because now we can obtain great information from our clients simply by offering them a service. As we know, the commercial competition is bigger every day, because we must compete in a physical-digital world.

In this post we’ll show you today’s marketing using a Wi-Fi connection, known as social Wi-Fi Do you know this term? If it is unknown to you, no problem because here we will explain what it is and its characteristics.

Every day more providers of this service, so if you still don’t know which company to affiliate with with a plan, we recommend that you see the last section, since there we leave five of the best for your local or business.

What is Social WiFi? Connect to a wireless network with your social media profiles

 What is WiFi Social Connect to a wireless network with your social media profiles

The concept of Social Wi-Fi it is increasingly used by businesses and it is an Internet service offered by markets or companies. The idea of ​​this technology is that the figure of an establishment offering free Wi-Fi is eliminated without getting anything in return.

With this technology we open a new communication channel with customers, in other words, by offering a service a more closed communication channel is created between the customer and the business. This is a marketing strategy, because for a client to share their social media profiles to get the Internet, it is as if they subscribed to all of our news.

What are the benefits of using WiFi Social networks for companies and commercial premises?

This technology of a Wi-Fi network it is innovative and brings many benefits to small and large companies.

If this topic is completely new to you and you are interested in knowing its benefits, then read below:

Quick user registration

We will not have to share our Wi-Fi key to any client, nor will we create tedious forms for them to have access. Our customer you only have to enter the data of your social network so you can start enjoying a free internet connection. This allows us as a company to have a list of categorized users by social network, whose purpose may be to affiliate them so that they have access to all our news or share promotions or offers.

Increase your social reach

As we already mentioned, we can use the data obtained by each record to promote products or events to our clients. This will increase our impact in the digital world as it will expand our social reach. It’s a strategy quite novel and valuable when we consider it important. Let’s remember that today we must not only impact people in a physical world, but also those who travel through social networks.

Real time marketing

Real-time marketing is strengthened, so that the customer can receive a kind of quite striking advertising while connected to the Wi-Fi network. Advertising through this medium impacts more and provides greater reach.

WiFi analysis

With this technology, we will not need such a detailed process to obtain data from our clients. Every time a customer signs up, we already obtain your information legally; age, sex, tastes, time spent in the store and more … With this data that is obtained we can learn more about our customers and study to launch a new product or offer. Let’s remember that the most important thing in a business is the customers and knowing them is the key to progress.

Marketing opportunities

Among the much information that we obtain from our clients are their email addresses. We can use emails to promote new brands, interact with our clients or other things that strengthen the market-client relationship. In addition, we can issue weekly newsletters where tests or awards are customized by client. The usefulness that a social Wi-Fi offers us is very broad and with good use the growth of our business is imminent.

WiFi Social vs WiFi standard Which is better and how are they different?

The difference between an Internet connection via a social and standard Wi-Fi network is simple. Let’s start by saying that standard networks were created for the sole purpose of providing a wireless Internet connection, therefore, it is very common in homes or in the administrative part of companies. On the other hand, as we have already highlighted, the social Wi-Fi network aims to Obtain information from the client when connecting to the network.

It is true that you can modify standard Wi-Fi to create forms and thus obtain customer information, but with social Wi-Fi the registration is much easier and faster. For the amount of information we extract, with just a registration with social networks, a large form would be needed to obtain it and as we know not all customers like to fill out forms.

Another feature that makes a total difference is that while a standard Wi-Fi requires some additional facilities, social Wi-Fi does not. simply install the received router and go. If we see that we do not want to continue with this and we want to unsubscribe, they do not have that boring policy that forces us to be with this service until we meet a stipulated time.

Steps to configure a WiFi Social network for your business fast and easy

The configuration of this social network We request it, but we do not do it. One of the best job providers isBestfreewifi ”.

So below we will show you how to request the router that meets our needs:

Let’s find the best offer

choose a plan at Bestfreewifi

On the page we can see the plans for our business. With the “Social plan “ which is the most popular, offers the opportunity to capture the e-mails of our clients, the opportunity to send surveys if we want, a personalized screen to improve our advertising and connectors with MailChimp, vTiger CRM or others.

Although, if we need a router with another configuration, we only have to click on the second plan offered which is custom. There we must complete a questionnaire explaining what we need for our business.

We install our router

After registering, we wait for the package that includes the router with the requested configuration to arrive. We must ensure that our Internet connection is stable and good, because the connection is going to be the same, what we will change is our wireless network distributor.

We customize our Hotspot

Lastly, we use the tools we request and customize our Hotspot. We added our logo on the login screen, we modify our email autoresponder using the supported platforms and voila. We don’t need to do much, rather do nothing, because this technology works by itself. We simply decide whether to send an advertisement and it sends it. The programming that the router brings goes according to the required configurations.

List of the best Social WiFi providers for my local or business

List of the best Social WiFi providers for local or business

There are many companies that offer routers configured for a Wi-Fi Marketing.

If you still don’t know what they are, below we will show you five of the best known providers for offering social Wi-Fi:

Purple It’s one of the most used social Wi-Fi providers in Spain, Chile and the US. With it we can create good marketing through its automated program that strengthens the collection of favorable data for our company.

This is the provider that we have mentioned the most in this post because its benefits are many. In addition, it offers a plan with personalized configuration and a very attentive and efficient technical support in your work.

With Social Wibox, we will convert our connection from Normal Internet in a powerful marketing tool to strengthen our business and expand our client population.

Netuno is an Internet provider that also offers us configured routers, among its configurations is the opportunity to obtain a Router addressed to marketing.

We couldn’t make a vendor list without mentioning WeLogin, The truth is that it is known but not much, but it offers an impeccable job, allowing us to strengthen our communication with customers, in addition to its customization option with templates is quite simple, where with or without computer knowledge we can do them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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