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The problem when your browser indicates that the connection is not private, is very common, many times this message can prevent you from entering different pages, generating an unpleasant experience when using Firefox. This error can come from updates that companies make to help keep user information more secure. in case of attacks by harmful entities.

Even pages that are used very often, such as email, Facebook, a bank platform, among other options, can be affected. Causing in some cases doubts before entering this website or making access to these sites much slower.

That is why in this tutorial we are going to explain what the causes of this error are, as well as how you manage to recognize which sites you can enter despite the fact that this browser sent you the warning. In turn, you will be able to discover a way to solve the problem so that you can use your browser without any inconvenience. Always remember to be cautious when using internet networks with your personal data.

What are the causes of the error “The connection is not private, attackers could try to steal your information” in Firefox?

The connection is not private, attackers could try to steal your information

The causes of failure are basically due to a problem with the SSL or Secure Sockets LayerThese are used in browsers to maintain the security and protection of the integrity and privacy of the information, which all users integrate at the time of use Mozilla Firefox.

In addition to these reasons, we can name others that generate failures in security certificates, among them are:

Security certificates not updated

Security certificates are a way for browsers to validate whether a website is secure or not. These may expire at some point, or not be updated to new policies or other options. For this reason it can sometimes result in the error “the connection is not private”. Only the company that owns the domain can solve this problem by updating their certificates again.

The issuer of the security certificate is not recognized

This failure comes when the issuing entity is not trusted or is not recognized by the browser. This may be due to the fact that the issuer is no longer trusted by the company. Since the entity that generates them violated security agreements with Mozilla Firefox.

Connection errors between the website and the browser

This failure comes when the communication between the website and the browser is not correct, or at the moment when SSL certificates cannot be located in the certificate list, causing the user to observe the error message.

Could attackers try to steal your information?

In some cases, behaviors that generate mistrust can be observed and can lead to the belief that there are attackers trying to steal your information. This may only be possible on websites of dubious provenance where these crimes can occur.

Therefore, users are recommended not to enter sites of this style. Conversely, after having read the browser warning It is suggested that they do not put any personal data or payment invoices to prevent them from being stolen.

If for any reason you have to enter a website where you get the warning that “the connection is not private”, do not add any personal information. Unlike, try to reduce as much as possible the browsing time on this website.

Steps to fix the security certificate error problem in Mozilla Firefox

There are different methods you can apply to fix the security certificate problem, in this way, avoid that they continue to appear every time you enter the websites that you consider totally safe.

Among the alternatives you have the following:

Check the antivirus

Many antivirus can block access to security certificates for a large number of platforms. Generating that the browser does not recognize the certificates and sees the site you are trying to enter as a threat. To solve this problem you have to do the following:

  • Disable HTTPS antivirus protection.
  • Disable SSL scanning.

Performing this task can be very different depending on the type of antivirus you use.

Check the system date and time

Having the date and time correctly on your computer is very important. The error is generated if at the time of accessing a website, you have the date of your computer some years behind or ahead of time, this can cause the browser to detect that the security certificate has expired.

This occurs because they have an expiration date. To adjust the date, you just have to enter your computer’s clock and set the time and date to the exact day.

Clear Mozilla Firefox cache

The cache memory allows you to store data temporarily, they can contain information about web browsing. Helping the speed with which it loads the websites is faster. But If the stored certificates are old, it can generate the error that “the connection is not secure”.

To clear the cache in Firefox just do the following:

  • Opens the Navigator.
  • Click on “Tools”, you can find it at the top right of the screen.

mozilla tools

  • Next, you are going to select “Options”.
  • You will choose the option “Privacy & Security”.

mozilla firefox options

  • You will look for the section that says “Cookies and site data” there you will choose the option “Clean data”.

clear cache in firefox

  • You press the option “Clean”. Then click on “Clean now” to complete the process.

Access to browser options.

To allow access to pages where the security certificate is not recognized, but you fully know the reliability of the site, you just have to do the following:

  • You are going to write the following in the browser bar: about: config

about config in firefox

  • You will get a warning, you will click “I accept the risk” to be able to enter the browser options.
  • In the search bar you will write: security.ssl.enable.
  • Choose column security_ssl_enable_ocsp_stapling yy select next to this option the word “False”.

security_ssl_enable.  on mozilla firefox

  • Proceed to close all browser windows and then restart it. You just have to close and open it, in this way the changes made will be saved.

With this procedure you will be able to access the websites that you recognize as safe, but unfortunately your browser did not allow it. Another last option is install the latest Mozilla Firefox updateWith this we make sure we have the most current version and therefore the most secure.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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