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The “blue screen of death” It can be a complete disaster in our lives, especially if we use our PC personally or for work and we have a large number of files and software important to us.

Although this is a reason to be alarmed, we tell you to take a deep breath as you are in the right place. We are going to explain what to do with this error, because just as there are some blue screens with a solution, there are also some without any solution.

For this reason, follow what we leave ahead and check which is the best answer to this problem. Besides that we also leave you some tips to avoid future blue screen crashes, and say goodbye completely to this mistake.

What is Blue Screen or Blue Screen of Death or BSOD and why does this error occur? Causes

blue screen or Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

One of the most frequent failures in Windows 10 is the blue screen, or also known as “Blue Screen of Death”, which when we get this warning, it means that something really serious has happened to our computer.

This message that appears with a blue background, is not clear at all, however it appears with its proper coding. We cannot define more, since this is random, and that is why it is totally different in each case.

The message always tells us that it exists a problem in Windows, which has been turned off to avoid major damage to equipment, and also indicates that the problem may be generated by some file, indicating the name of that file.

This error is characterized by giving a blue background on screen and the system seems to be unable to recover (many times, it really cannot recover). Showing a text in white letters, and a code where it indicates the possible cause of failure, which is mostly not the cause.


Mostly these types of errors that we can find are caused by software bugs, but they are also caused by fatal mistakes in the part PC physics, the focus of the problem being the RAM or the HDD, which makes it impossible to Windows to generate some kind of report.

One of the qualities of the screen of death is that it completely blocks the system, which only allows you to exit it by restarting it manually, with the help of the off button, or only by disconnecting it from the power source.

Dust can be another cause of the problem, although it is not very frequent, in the same way it must be taken into account that it exists. It can also be some things that we will call garbage, or some strands of hair, or that some copper wires are in contact with the motherboard, which all these are solved with a simple maintenance.

Although the solution of reinstall Windows, this will not always solve the problem of blue screen. So it is better to know its causes, before looking for a possible solution.

Steps to fix the blue screen error that your computer throws when you use it in Windows

Well, when we are presented with this type of error, we can really think that our Pc is dead and that cannot be fixed. Although in many cases it may be so, it is better to try to repair it, so you we left some repair methods that will surely serve you.

From the registry editor

The registry editor It’s one of the methods that we can try first. This method is used if the computer allows us in a short period use it before the blue screen. Well registry repair can be a real solution, so this option should not be underestimated.

For repair registry the help of some specialized applications in this homework. One of the most used by professionals and experts in the area is the CCleaner, although there is also Wise registry Cleaner which is an excellent alternative.

If we make a misuse of records maybe let’s damage our system operational as this is a very important part of Windows, which if handled with care can eliminate errors, and otherwise cause more errors and some even irreversible.

Updating drivers

Another good alternative to solve the blue screen is to update all hardware drivers, since the system probably tried to do a upgrade and due to different problems, it was not possible to complete, creating rather failures, which the only way to solve them is updating all drivers.

For be able to update all or some of the controllers you need to follow the steps below:

  • First we must go to “Control Panel”, then we will see different options and we will only select the one that says “Device administrator”

control Panel

  • Then a window will appear whose name is “Device administrator” and shows a device list that are active in the system.
  • There we select that device or hardware that we suppose is causing us problems (or the one that we have recently installed), right click and select “Properties”.

We will see another table, which shows us the specifications of the device and we select the tab “Controller”, we click on “Update Driver” and we follow the steps:

system controller

We hope that the selected driver is updated and that’s it. We can do these same steps for each of the drivers that we consider need to be updated, since it will not only remove the famous blue screen of death It also improves the performance of it.

Restoring Windows

This is mostly the solution to almost all Windows problems. A restoration, take the computer to a previous state where it was working properly, removing those applications that probably caused the system failure.

This method will lead to a point in time where the PC it worked correctly, which we will select. All those applications software or updates that we have made after that point shown by the system will be eliminated, since they are possible to blame for the error that the system presents. That it eliminates the softwares does not mean that it will also delete our files, it saves them and keeps them intact.

Updating the whole system

Many times an update can cause errors or system failures, but this is because they are done incorrectly, although a correct update can eliminate any errors that it may have.

In this case we will update windows or install all those updates that the OS has pending to install.

It should be noted that for this we must have a good Internet connection and follow the steps below:

  • To begin we must press the keys of Windows plus the letter Q (Win + Q) and then we write “Configure updates”, and we enter the option.
  • We continue clicking on the option that says “Search for updates” and we wait for the process to finish. This may take time since many times you have to wait for Windows download the updates and then install them.
  • When the process is complete, Windows It will ask us to restart the system, if it does not we will have to do it in the same way, since it is for it to assume that there are new functions and features.

search for updates

Following some of these methods that we left, we can eliminate once and for all the blue screen.

How do I optimize my computer to avoid the dreaded blue screen in Windows 10, 7 or 8?

Windows may present different failures and errors, which demonstrates in many ways but as we have already mentioned previously the blue screen it is the most alarming. But do you know that this error can be avoided? To avoid it, you should only follow these tips that we leave below:

Keep your PC always updated

Although it sounds a bit contradictory that let’s say that updating can cause errors, it also prevents or eliminates them. Actually, it is not contradictory at all, since as we explained previously, a correct update prevents failures, unlike an incorrect one. When we update our PC, we tell our Windows what is new that exists and at what pace it should go.

Don’t download questionable programs

Many of the dubious programs, not recognized by Windows when we force to recognize them, and when we execute them in the system causes the blue screen. So it is necessary to verify that the program can recognize our operating system or the version of Windows, and then check that it is not infectious or comes with defects that can infect our PC.

Virus cleaning

A virus-free PC is a healthy machine, so you will always see that to avoid errors we must have a totally virus-free computer. So we must install a strong and reliable antivirus. In the case of Windows 10, it has an excellent antivirus called Windows Defender, which is increasingly being perfected in the safety of its users, turning it into an impenetrable wall.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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