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Sometimes we have to mute mobile phone for many reasons, either because you go to a business meeting, class, shopping or for any other reason and you forget to add volume again.

It is possible that when you get home you leave the phone in some corner of it and forget where you put it, but the smartphone is still in silence what makes it difficult for you to find it.

However, this is no longer any kind of inconvenience, now you can find your mobile silently Through some methods that you will have to perform and which we will teach you later.

Is it possible to ring a lost mobile, even if it is silent? Requirements to do it

Being able to ring the terminal even when it is silent is possible, this can be carried out as long as it complies with a set of requirements necessary to perform this method. Keep in mind that this is essential for those moments where misplaces the smartphone and the same is in vibrate or silent, and therefore we can’t call you.

To ring the device be necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • The mobile phone has to be “Switched on“.
  • Have a session logged into a Google account, either in Gmail or Play Store.
  • Have a Internet connection on the device where you will enter Gmail or Play store.
  • Be visible in Play Store.
  • Have the tool location activated on the lost equipment.
  • It is necessary to have activated “Find my device“To do this, follow this route:”Settings“>”Security and location“>”Find my device“>”Activate the options to locate the device”.

Steps to find my lost smartphone at home, even if it is silent and does not ring when you call

Currently you can ring the smartphone, although it is silent in those moments of emergency such as when you lose it and do not know how to find it. All this can be achieved thanks to Google, in this way you will have to go to Google play either from your tablet, computer or any other device that is within your reach. Keep in mind that you will have to log into your own account the Android virtual store.

On Android:

When you are already in your account Google play you will simply have to look for the option of “To ring”, For this, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter your account Play Store from another device.
  • There you look for the option of “Tools”.
  • Then you click on “Manage devices.”
  • There you will see a list with the devices that are associated with your account, select the terminal that is lost and silent.
  • Now select the option “To ring”.

Right now the ringtone of your device will sound which will make it easier for you to find it inside your home. It is worth mentioning that there are two possibilities for the equipment not to ring, the first one is that the battery is dead Y the second that you’ve lost it elsewhere.

Another way to “To ring” the terminal is accessing the tool “Find my device” for it follow these steps:

  • Login to “Find my device.”
  • There enter your data the Gmail account to log in.
  • Now in the list of devices, look for the device you want to find and that is silent.
  • Then select the option “Play sound”, it will sound for about 5 minutes despite having the volume turned off.

Steps to find my lost Smartphone at home, even if it is silent and does not ring when you call

On iOS:

In the event that you have a iPhone You can also carry out this process, in this case it is trying to use the tool “Search my Iphone”, which is available in iCloud, To do this, follow these steps:

  • enter iCloud and log in with your data.

Steps to find my lost Smartphone at home, even if it is silent and does not ring when you call

  • Then select the option “Search for”.
  • In the list of equipment select the one you want find.
  • Finally, select “Play sound” so that it begins to sound for a few minutes.

Steps to find my lost Smartphone at home, even if it is silent and does not ring when you call

Tips to always find my mobile phone, even if it is silent or turned off anywhere

To lose the smartphone can become a moment that no one wants to spend, especially when he or she meets ringtone off, that is, we will not be able to make it sound if we dial it from another mobile or landline phone.

In these cases it is necessary to take into account the following actions that will help us to find the device, even if it is off or with the sound turned off.

Using the manager

In the event that this turn off the volume of the device, it will be necessary go to Google device manager, it will make it sound regardless of the configuration of the mobile. However, for this method to work you need to have I activate localization through Google Play Services in the terminal.

In order to ensure that this option is activated, you will have to perform these steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” of the team.
  • Then enter Google.

Using the manager

  • Now select the section “Location”.

Using the manager

  • Finally, in the location history make sure that the option of “Share location of this device”.

Using the manager

If you have this activated in your terminal, then you will simply have to enter “Find my device” and there log in and ring the machine in order to begin your search.

Using a location app

Using a location app

Perhaps one of the most practical ways is installing a location app on our smartphone, it will give you the possibility of knowing where your cell phone is at all times, which is ideal for those moments where we lose it and do not know where it may be.

Keep in mind that in the Android or iOS virtual store You can find a large number of apps of this type that will help you get the terminal at all times. These apps are characterized by offer location functions and not consume a lot of battery since they are developed in the background.

Most of them are free, but they usually offer advertisements and advertising. Also, none of your settings will affect the performance and operation of the cell phone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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