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Wanting to listen to something and not being able to do it because our Windows informs us that there is no audio output device installed, can give us a serious headache. For this reason, at we give you the solution for this error.

In this post you will find a tutorial to solve once and for all those errors that do not allow us to listen to audio, although most of these problems are caused by the drivers. Read below and determine the true cause.

And if even following all the steps we leave you do not find a solution, go immediately to the last section of this post where we will show you some of the most common errors and we will leave you some guidelines to solve them.

What does Windows mean by “No audio output device installed”? How does this error affect?

We may always see this problem when we update our operating system or when a deep cleaning is performed on the computer. In these cases, Windows shows us this warning, which is informing us that the computer, or rather the software, does not recognize any hardware for audio playback, and this can happen for many reasons.

For example:

  • When upgraded: When we update our operating system, it may be that for some error or other reason Windows has not allowed the update of the driver for the recognition of audio hardware, a situation that puts anyone in trouble.
  • Equipment cleaning: when we are presented with this situation, it means that when the equipment was cleaned, the audio hardware driver was deconfigured, preventing the recognition of the device.
  • Bad connection: If we have desktop computers, it usually happens that we have a bad connection through the cables and for that reason we do not no audio devices can be recognized until they are ordered.
  • Lack of update: drivers are controllers that need to be updated so if we neglect this many of the hardware that are in our equipment will begin to give a malfunction, or even not work.

Steps to fix “No audio output device installed” error message in Windows 7, 8, and 10

Since we saw why Windows informs us of this error and the possible causes of it, we also need to know how to solve them, so here we will show you the steps to follow. Showing one method for Windows 7, one for Windows 8, and one for Windows 10, so that you can solve your problem easily.

Although before starting with the methods divided by versions, it is better that you try these steps first, since you can use it in any of your versions of Windows:

On Windows 10

  • Device administrator. To begin we must access the “Device administrator”. To do this we go to the Windows menu, in the menu search engine we write “Device administrator” and then we select it to open.
  • Select controller. With the window open, we look for the line of “Sound drivers and video game devices “ and from the menu “Action”, we look for the option that says “Add legacy hardware” and we select it.


*Note: in case we cannot visualize the line of Sound and video drivers and gaming devices, we headed to View menu and there we will select the option Show hidden devicesIn this way, everything that we could not see can be viewed from now on.

When we click on the aforementioned option, a box like the one we can see below will be displayed:


  • The wizard box will perform a proper protocol for the driver update, so when we click on “Next” In the previous step, the following window is displayed:

find and install the hardware

  • There we give in the first option that says “Find and install hardware automatically”, whose option is the most recommended by Windows (you must have an internet connection). And we will see the following window when we press “Next”:


  • In the next window, we will search and select the category “Sound and Video Controllers and Gaming Devices”. Then we click on “Next” and we will select the manufacturer and model of the audio devices that we are currently using. “Next” and we will see a summary of the driver to install


  • Having seen the above, click on “Next” to start the driver installation process. This will take no more than 10 minutes, when it is finished we right click on the controller and select the option “Enable device”.


  • Already concluding with this we can see in our bottom bar how the error has already been solved, although on some occasions Windows asks us to restart the computer in order to start with the necessary configuration to assimilate the hardware and the new installed driver.

If, even after the previous steps, our computer has the fault and we have Windows 10, it is good that you read this. Because our equipment may not recognize the audio device or it may be incorrectly recognized.

First we must check that the hardware installation is correct and then click on troubleshoot (connected to the internet) so that it is the same team finding the solution to the problem.

For this it is also recommended that the analysis of the different determined settings and configuration be carried out on our equipment in order to verify where the failure comes from.

In Windows 8

As we have already mentioned these are driver errors or also known as drivers, In Windows 8 the solution is very similar, we just have to do the following:

  • Download driver. The driver can be downloaded by entering the manufacturer’s page, since the driver we are using may no longer be compatible with version 8 of Windows.
  • Run the troubleshooter. We download the system audio troubleshooter and run the application. We follow all the steps and select the driver that we have just installed, although the driver can also be installed without this alone clicking on the file that we downloaded several times (Double click).

In Windows 7

For Windows 7 there are many solutions, although we prefer that you follow these steps, since it will surely eliminate the inconvenience that we have been presenting.

Download All Driver for Windows

  • Every driver is software That brings with it a solution to any defective controller or any problem that is being presented to us in our computer due to the controllers.
  • Running the software: When we have the program downloaded, we start it and select all the options they have to mark a bullet. Although in this case as it is only a solution for audio we can select only where it says “HALF”, then in the tab “Start (S)” we click where “install… (Recommend)” so that the necessary drivers are installed.
  • Computer it will automatically turn off and turn on again with the problem solved.

What if I still can’t install the audio hardware? Possible causes and solutions

If even though we have tried all the steps and method detailed above and still cannot solve the problem, the causes and the real problem may be the following. If one of these are your errors or the origin of your problem, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines that we leave you for the solution to be effective.

Audio driver error

If doing everything we discussed above does not solve anything, it is because even the existing driver for that audio device is simply not compatible with the version of Windows you are using, or it just doesn’t support any version of Windows.

So the solution is simple, get another device to listen to the audios, but realizing that this is compatible with the version of Windows you are using.

Device port error

If you have an error the connection port, you just have to look for another port to listen to the audios, why If it is not done, no problem will be solved. This situation is very frequent in PC Desktop, so if you do not have how to change it to another port, it will be necessary to change the port, because it may be damaged, or that it already is.

Internal device error

If you are extremely sure that it is an internal error of the device, there is only one option and it is to buy a new one or send the one you already have to accommodate, since if this It is not solved, you will not be able to listen to any audio on your computer or on any other.

So we recommend that when you go to buy a new audio device, be aware of the care you give it, without constantly tripping it or hitting it hard since these are one of the causes for these devices to be damaged.

Already checking everything we have left, we hope you liked it. Here you will always find a complete solution to all your problems.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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