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On many occasions, computers and mobiles show a lower performance over time and with this, their operation can be affected. Which usually occurs due to the amount of unusable files that the operating system accumulates on its own. Regardless if it is Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS; this always happens.

For this reason, users seek solutions to recover the performance of your computers and devices in order for it to exhibit greater efficiency. Thus, one of the best solutions there is, without a doubt, are space-saving programs that are often used to optimize the system.

In this sense, it is of great importance to know what a space liberator is about, what it is for and how it works, through which manages to improve the responses of computers and smartphones. That is why, below, we give you detailed information about it and some effective solutions to use.

What is a disk cleanup and what is it for?

Basically, a space cleaner refers to a tool that has the ability to clear a certain space on the hard drive of a computer or the memory of a mobile phone; just as its name implies. Which, it achieves by eliminating files, programs or apps that are not useful in the system and, therefore, are occupying an unnecessary volume. Thus causing worse productivity to the entire system.

In this sense, space liberators provide notable advantages both in Windows and MacOS, as well as in Android and iOS. In such a way that, said programs or apps are used to:

  • Safely delete all unnecessary files and programs on the hard drive or memory.
  • help to optimize the speed and efficiency of the system, in general, when executing any action.
  • Allow the computer and / or mobile device run faster.
  • Clean any type of virus hosted in some stored file.

How does a program work to lighten your computer’s storage?

In view of how effective disk cleanups can be, you are probably wondering how they work to achieve everything that we detailed in the previous section of the post. Therefore, it should be noted that once these optimization and productivity tools are systematically executed, they have the ability to access all content stored on the hard drive or memory.

In this way, they can specify what is the truly necessary content to host, to only preserve this and thus proceed to eliminate and clean everything that may be occupying an unproductive capacity in the system.

Consequently, they improve performance and ensure optimal disk and memory performance. What contributes to extend the useful life of these elements in the face of wear and tear that they may have had over time.

What files does a liberator delete to make more space on your memory and hard drives?

Which files a liberator deletes to make more space on your memory and hard drives

As we have mentioned throughout the post, space liberators take care of erase certain files from memory and hard drive, in order to find better performance. But well, it is of great relevance to know what these files are, in order to be a little clearer as to the procedure carried out by these system optimization software or applications.

Therefore, below, we let you know the main files that a liberator is responsible for removing to get more space:

Temporary files

They are those files made by a specific program or application, in order to temporarily save information while the user creates a standard file. That is to say, these are there even if you have closed the program or application in question, with which affect system performance.

Unnecessary programs or applications

Just as most space cleaners give their clients the option to select what they prefer to delete, they also recommend the elimination of those softwares or apps that the user hardly uses. Since, of course, they are occupying a useless capacity there.

Cache files and Internet cookies

They are based on a series of files such as images and other elements that the same web browser downloads whenever you visit a website. Which, it does in order to save data and navigate faster in the medium and long term. However, they show the downside of slowing down the team alreadyStoring junk files on hard drive or memory as time goes by.

Duplicate documents

They are also considered unnecessary on computers and mobiles, since they accumulate as junk files and, even so, occupy large space on devices invasively. Because of this, several of the space-cleaning programs have the ability to detect, examine, and delete them.

Recycle Bin Files

In the case of PCs, softwares that free up disk space also take into account the files contained in the system’s Recycle Bin. Since, although it may not seem true, these are kept occupying a remarkable space, even though they are files that have been deleted from certain folders.

List of the best programs and applications to free up space on all your devices

Now, it is time to specify and detail some of the best solutions to download on a PC and Mac, as well as on any mobile device that operates under Android or iOS. Through which, you can obtain a more optimal performance of your device.

Then, 6 alternatives available today:



Compatible with Windows and Mac, this software dedicated to cleaning and accelerating the performance of computers is an excellent solution to free up disk space. Thanks to the fact that, easily and quickly, you can erase practically everything that does not work on your computer. That is, both temporary and duplicate files, as well as cookies, obsolete registry keys, poorly completed installations and everything else. Which, does it for free.

Among other features of CCleaner, we highlight that it adds a complete analysis system with which it is capable of probing all areas of the system and instantly detect unnecessary elements that only accumulate garbage. Likewise, it is considered as a highly configurable alternative that provides the options for the user to choose what to clean or not.

Download CCleaner Windows

Download CCleaner macOS

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner

Is about a program available only for Windows In addition to being free, it has the best tools to guarantee a timely cleaning of the system. So, it takes care of eliminating all junk files, temporary files and any element that accumulates on the PC and is not necessary. In order to provide more hard disk space to Windows users.

In this sense, it is an ideal alternative to improve the performance of any computer, even when it is of little power. It should be noted that, it is considered truly fast software because, in just seconds, it scans the entire system and frees up space. In addition to this, it has an automatic cleaning function scheduled at certain hours, days or weeks; according to what the client prefers.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner Windows



For clean and renew the performance of your Mac, we recommend you make use of this powerful program dedicated to freeing up disk space. Which is considered one of the best softwares to execute this type of procedure on computers with such an operating system. It should be noted that DaisyDisk is not a free tool and It has a price of 10.99 euros.

Now, in terms of its most relevant characteristics, we indicate that it provides a detailed view of all the files on your computer and through that, it can help you in the search for the useless files that fill your disk.

Which means that, as an interactive map, you will know the waste of space there and also select the unused files or programs that you prefer to delete, with just drag and drop.

Download DaisyDisk macOS

Norton Clean

Norton Clean

It is a mobile application recommended for Android devices, since it has the ability to remove unnecessary items and residual files existing on the system. So, it is an ideal alternative to optimize the memory of the terminal or tablet, in order to recover a greater storage space.

In this sense, the app contains a cache file cleaner, is responsible for analyzing and eliminating all the useless documents and files that are kept occupying a considerable space, which does it in a safe way.

Besides that, it has a memory optimizer that performs deep cleaning on the entire device and also add an app manager which uninstalls the unwanted ones, the little used ones or the ones that run in the background.

Mobile Memory Cleaner

Mobile Memory Cleaner

Available and free for iPhone and iPad, this app is in charge of helping you free up large amounts of device space and with this, it is also an excellent way to optimize storage and performance. Taking into account that, apart from deleting unnecessary junk files, it also has the ability to organize your multimedia files.

In this sense, it orders said files by size, in order for the user to obtain detailed information about what they are occupying and with this, decide whether to delete it or keep it on mobile.

It also has advanced filters to find documents and / or specific elements through certain information to modify or delete them. Additionally, it has a web cleaning mode with which you can clean all the data contained there.

Fancy Clean

Fancy Clean

Finally, we refer to this cleaning application for android completely powerful and light. Considering that, it improves and debugs the memory of the devices and also frees up storage space very quickly and easily. For starters, because it has an added smart cleaner that removes all junk content and optimizes speed in seconds.

In this sense, the app is responsible for eliminating any cache that decreases the performance of the device and the use of RAM. Likewise, has a useless app cleaner, with which it manages and uninstalls those that the user hardly uses or those that take up too much space. Inclusive, it also achieves clean up outdated APK files that have been installed on the mobile or tablet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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