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One of the problems that most threaten our integrity is usually the inconvenience of privacy, since with the Internet and social networks every day it seems more difficult to go unnoticed.

In addition, the vast majority of instant messaging platforms and processors, They have taken it upon themselves to further limit the possibilities of having a life a little more reserved.

That is why in this article we have prepared a small guide so that you can use WhatsApp without being so exposed to the public. We also include some of the best applications to make this task even easier.

What is the use of talking on WhatsApp without appearing connected? Benefits

Applications such as WhatsApp have become so introduced in our society that it is often difficult to live without them. Far from all the benefits that it offers us, many times it is impossible to go unnoticed by our friends.

But there are always situations that push us in some days to want to be “low profile” as they say over there. Or days where we simply do not want to be visible to certain contacts, or on the contrary, dedicate our attention to just one.

Without further ado, these are the benefits of talking here without appearing online:

  • You can bypass certain conversations that you don’t want to have.
  • You can focus on a few conversations and respond to them without leaving a trace.
  • It serves to have a state of tranquility in the moments when you need it.

Methods to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp without appearing online

Next we will see how we can respond to messages on WhatsApp without being “online” with different methods.

We should only emphasize that all these only they work as long as they are not voice memos. If you have experience you will know that even if you deactivate the “seen in blue” these are still marked when they are reproduced.

In airplane mode

Implement airplane mode, to chat on WhatsApp without being “online” it is one of the most functional methods that we can use. In order to use it correctly we must wait for some messages to reach us. Later without opening the application we go to “Settings” of the mobile and activate the “Airplane mode” or “Airplane mode”. It can also be accessed by sliding the top menu of the device down.

Now we can open the messaging and read all the messages that have reached us without running the risk of being seen “online”. After answering the most important messages, we close the application and we deactivate the “airplane mode”.

Once the Internet connection is restored in the device, all the messages that we have answered will be sent. Done this when we have the answers, we can do the same thing again, if we want to continue in the incognito state. This method can be a bit tedious, since mobile phones usually take a few seconds while it is activated and deactivated or while the Internet connection resumes.

From notifications

On both Android and iOS, it is possible to reply to WhatsApp messages without the need to open the application and without appearing “online”. For this only enough have the notifications activated in either of the two systems:

On iOS

  • In iOS it is enough to enter the “Settings” of the tool followed by “Notifications”, there we are going to activate the “Preview” Y “Show notifications”.

Show notifications and preview

  • On the other hand from the “Settings” of the system, in “Notifications” of WhatsApp, we will activate the notifications in case they are deactivated.

Allow notifications on the locked screen

  • Then we will activate the option “See notifications on the locked screen.”

With this we can from this or from the notifications click on “Reply”, and it is worth the redundancy to answer the messages without appearing “online” on WhatsApp.

On Android

On Android it is much simpler, since by default the notifications will be active.

  • Simply when a message arrives with the messaging closed, we slide the notifications from the top bar, and we click “Reply”.

Reply from top notifications

  • A reply message box will appear immediately, in which we can write or record a voice note and answer messages easily without appearing “online” before other contacts.

Reply box

Don’t show last connection

Another way to go unnoticed It is hiding our last connected time. Perhaps with this we will not completely hide our connection, because you can see us “online” as we write, but if we add this to the previous methods, I’m sure we’ll be a little more hidden:

  • To do this we must enter the “Settings” of this and then in the menu “Bill”.

Settings;  bill

  • Finally we enter “Privacy”.

  • Where it says “Last time” let’s choose the option “No one”.

Last time  time;  no one

If we want to add a plus to what we are doing, right here below, we can disable read receipt to prevent people from knowing when we read your messages.

With WhatsApp Ninja

WhatsApp Ninja is a term that generates certain expectations, which they can easily meet the methods explained above applied all together.

But if what you’re really looking for is use your WhatsApp with total naturalness without the need to open the chats from outside the tool, And without having to modify the configuration, then this APK is just what you need.

You can easily find this platform in any APK bank. For this particular case we recommend Aptoide, since it offers us a quality and high security format.

Ninja on Whatsapp

Once a conversation is created on your normal WhatsApp, you access Ninja on WhatsApp and you can chat freely without being seen “online”, and without anyone knowing when you read their messages.

Download Ninja on WhatsApp Android APK

List of the best 5 applications to talk on WhatsApp without being online and staying hidden

The application we saw earlier is one of the best for keep an optimal state of privacy in WhatsApp.

But if you want a little variety, then we will see others with which we can chat almost anonymously on our mobile:

Shh Hide double blue check

Shh hide double check blue

Basically the name of this software says it all, it is made so that you can chat with your friends and family with total security that they won’t be able to see when you read their messages.

Although this option is already available in the WhatsApp configuration, it offers the advantage that We can also hide when we listen to the voice notes we receive.

Private reading for WhatsApp

Private reading for WhatsApp

It is one of the best that we can find in the Play Store for free, and the one that allows us to use WhatsApp without appearing “online”.

Just install it we can now chat in incognito mode and avoid the problems that sometimes comes with being visible to certain people.

WA incognito

WA incognito

This is an extension that is available in Google Chrome, and it makes it easier for us to navigate and chat on WhatsApp Web so that no one can know that we are connected.

Even allows us to choose what time we want the person to see that we read their message, which allows us to create perfect alibis, although evil.

Incognito Web Chats

Incognito web chat

Another extension available in Google Chrome, with which we can be incognito in the processors of Telegram, Messenger and WhatsApp Web messaging.

Whats invisible

Whats Invisible

This app is one of the easiest for the task of chatting in incognito mode. It works a bit limited because it is activated with a timer, so during that period we can see and respond to messages invisibly.

But at the end of the period we must wait for the responses from the contacts and activate it again, which results very similar to what we explained above in the “airplane mode”.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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