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When your browser works very slow, you can spend hours and hours trying to do the same action on the same web page and not see any results, you may even have to abandon the load for a while and try again later. This is something that is not at all favorable and especially if you are researching something that you have to deliver immediately.

What a headache this can be. That is why we have thought of you, this time we bring you a simple guide so that you can stop living with this burden on you. Many say that a fast browser is a place where you really become a cybernaut And although you can blame internet speed, the more blame it will have.

Next we will explain to you with some tricks, what you have to do so that it works in its optimal conditions, for example, one of the options is to delete all that cache that is saved in your browser, but as well as that option there is more. Follow the steps in the proper order, since they are in order of importance, in other words each is for a more complex case.

Steps and tricks to speed up download and browsing speed in Mozilla Firefox

Speeding up your Firefox browser is not a big deal, Use the tips that we will leave you below so that you can enjoy what you want so much (that this is really fast).

Update Firefox to its latest version

Mozilla has the particularity of automatically update by default. You should know that at the time this is executed the applications and the errors that it owns or had are fixed immediately.

You can deactivate this configuration so that you can do it manually if you prefer, you can see everything about how to update Mozilla Firefox here. To find out what its latest version is and download it correctly visit their website Mozilla.org

firefox update

Disable those plugins you don’t need

Although many of the plugins are beneficial to your browser, when you have many of these and they are no longer needed, they make your browser slow down. If you have some that you don’t use, we recommend that you temporarily disable them.

It usually happens that sometimes these are installed by default, but there are also others that are installed when you download applications or programs on your PC.

To see plugins or extensions that you have installed, you need to write in the address bar about: addons and then press the key Enter from your keyboard. This will show you a sidebar where you must choose the option “Plugins”.

Mozilla Firefox plugins

Disable all extensions and those themes you don’t use

In order to do so, you will search in the browser for the “Menu”, there you will locate “Options”, in the window that opened select “Extensions and themes”.

In that place you can check those that you have installed. Although these are not bad, since they are known as addons, one of the most important and useful functionalities of Firefox, when they are in excess they make it work less normally.

firefox extensions and themes

If you have some conflicts in the browser and you suspect that an extension may be the one causing it, manually disable it one by one.

You can also run safe mode with all plugins disabled for this. To do this you open the “Menu” and choose the option “Help”> “Restart with add-ons disabled.” If you don’t see the option, use the F10 key.

reboot with plugins disabled

If you want to know how much capacity you have before, we recommend the Mozilla extension called About: addons-memory, it allows you know the memory that each one consumes of the add-ons or extensions you have installed. Although it is a paradox for being one more, it is actually worth it when you have several and you need to know if any is exceeded.

When you enter the command in the address bar about: memory, It shows you a report of the use of this, of course, full of technical parameters that you will not understand (if you do not know about it). But once you install it, the extension will show in an orderly and more understandable way the amount of memory that each one consumes.

about memory firefox

Delete those temporary files in Firefox

All browsers save the data of the websites you have visited in a file called cache, to ensure fast loading of the pages in case you visit them again.

Sometimes these can cause errors due to being corrupt the cache that was saved. Even more so when the volume of data stored is large, since it slows down the start of the browser.

The easiest way to clean it is open the Mozilla browser, press “View history, saved bookmarks and more” > “History”> “Clear recent history” and check the following boxes.

  • Browsing and download history.
  • Forms and search history.
  • Cookies.
  • Cache.
  • Active sessions.
  • Site preferences.

clear mozilla history

Remove websites from history

You have to know that the history is very important, but many do not want it since it takes up a lot of space and prevents efficient navigation. While you enjoy the web, everything you have visited, downloaded files and others remain in it. So many times the excess of information slows down.

To be able to eliminate them use the keys “Control + Shift + H”, so that the history window can be opened. Then you position yourself on the site that does not interest you and you want to forget and press the three points and click on “Delete from history”.

remove websites from mozilla history

Restore modified Firefox preferences

In many cases the preferences that you can or have modified in the browser, may be the cause of the conflicts you have.

To find out what may have altered Firefox settings, enter in the address bar About: support and then hit enter, there you will see a list of altered preferences.

 information to troubleshoot firefox

If you want to return the original value to the manual preferences, but you don’t know what each of those values ​​means, help yourself with the config descriptions extension to do it.

Enable or disable hardware acceleration

The Firefox browser makes use of hardware acceleration to improve the performance of some content. In order for it to function properly, it is very necessary to keep your PC’s video card drives updated.

To verify if you have this function installed in your browser, do the following:

  • In “Menu” enter “Options”, In the tab that will open select “General”. In section “Performance” make sure the option that says to use hardware acceleration is checked.

hardware acceleration mozilla

  • You can also do it by right clicking on any flash element, and selecting “Setting”.

In case of have conflicts due to video card drivers of the team, it will be necessary to temporarily disable the option that we mentioned.

Create a new test profile in Firefox

If you already tried all the above tricks and you cannot completely solve the efficiency of the browser, you will have to choose to create a new profile or browser instance.

In order to do this, you will have to do the following:

  • Open the tools “Run (Windows + R) “, and writes Firefox –CreateProfile test and hit enter.
  • To open the Firefox instance with the new profile, enter Firefox.exe. –P “test” and test the browser.
  • When finished if you want to delete the new profile called test, open the “Profile manager”. For that you enter in Run: exe –ProfileManager. You choose the profile that you gave by name test and delete it.

Reset Firefox to its factory settings

If creating a new profile has not been able to solve the conflicts either, you can take as a solution to completely reset the browser to its original parameters.

  • To be able to do this, start Firefox with the Shift key pressed, this will throw a safe mode window.

start safe mode firefox

  • Check only the box that says “Restore all user preferences” and use the button “Apply” changes and reboot.

restore all mozilla user preferences

  • After version 14 of the browser a new button is included that it’s called “Reset Firefox”, which returns the program to the initial settings.

reset firefox

To find it use the following methods:

  • Another way to locate it is “Menu”> “Help”, “Troubleshooting information”.

Troubleshooting information

This button returns the browser to its default settings. A new profile is created and all data from bookmarks, passwords, cookies and form are migrated. The rest stays at the default values.

Use the extensions to keep equipment clean

This is a trick that will undoubtedly give you the solution to your problem. This consists of using the multitude of extensions and plugins that are available to use Firefox, these can be used to keep the browser clean and running fast.

Click & Clean

Click & Clean

This is an extension that makes it easy for you to delete all your browsing history, as well as to erase those temporary Internet files and others such as downloads, cookies, LSOs, addresses and more.

If configured this way, when you finish using the browser and close it, your private data will be deleted immediately. This allows you to protect your privacy and at the same time make the browser faster and more efficient.



We couldn’t stop mentioning this famous extension. It is a very reliable complement that guarantees a better performance of your browser.

What you have to do is:

  • Install it and then go to “Tools”> “Plugins”> “SpeedyFox” in the browser.
  • Then go to “Tools”> “Plugins”> “Speed ​​Tweaks (SpeedyFox)”> “Preferences” and click on “Apply” in the set of recommended values ​​for all those preferences.
  • By last restart firefox and you’re done.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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