Split Screen in Discord  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Discord is a powerful tool that became popular for being ideal for the world of Gamers. However, this has been changing over time and it has spread to slightly more professional uses.

The reason for this is that offers a series of very interesting functionalities that make people’s lives easier. For example, from this platform you can organize video conferencing, create channels with custom settings, share screen and sound, and much more.

In this opportunity, we will explain How to share screen in Discord to show what you see to other users?. In addition to that, we will tell you some of the main benefits that you get through the use of this function.

What is screen splitting for on Discord? Benefits and utility

What is screen splitting good for on Discord?  Benefits and utility

At the beginning of its creation, this app was positioned as a tool focused on Gamers because it allows them to converse while playing. However, its uses have been expanding as users discover all its functionalities.

For example, video conferencing is possible here. This feature benefits all types of people (including the Gamers themselves). Video conferencing can be used to organize business meetings, talks, or other professional purposes. Regardless of whether it is a family gathering, of friends or that you only want to show or explain something to other people, the option of share screen. Thanks to that functionality, you can show what you are doing on the computer or in an app specific.

To summarize it in a better way, we explain the main benefits of sharing your screen on Discord:

You save time

Save time on Discord

Yes Do you have any explanation to show the members of a video conference?, it is very good to have the alternative of share screen. Through this, you can show in real time what you want or the activities you are doing on your mobile or computer. This certainly allows you save time. So that you understand it much better, we explain it to you with an example.

If you have to give a little tutorial on how to execute a specific task on the PC to your work team, you no longer need to record a tutorial and later send it through other communication channels. Just make a video call with your team, activate this functionality and explain the step by step live from your own device. This means that they can even ask questions throughout the process, thus improving the interaction.

You increase the efficiency of communication

You increase the efficiency of communication on Discord

It is normal raise questions about how to perform a task. Through the use of the shared screen this does not happen anymore, since users can see in real time all the steps to follow on how to execute a specific job.

This way, if they have comments about it during the process, they can perfectly interact and exchange knowledge. In this sense, the person in charge of the organization can respond as the videoconference progresses, thus maximizing the communication efficiency.

You improve interest and productivity levels

Improve interest and productivity levels in Discord

Last but not least, it should be noted that using screen sharing helps improve interest and productivity levels. Viewing content often makes it easier to understand any type of explanation.

If you can show viewers what you are doing live, they will probably be interested and hold your attention longer. Many times it is more practical for the speaker to directly show highlights of his speech, so that participants feel part of the meeting.

Learn step by step how to split the screen during a Discord video call from scratch

Learn step by step how to split the screen during a Discord video call from scratch

Share screen with other users it can be a perfect option to show a website, specific content, a game, etc. This means that the function of split screen It is useful not only in the Gamer field, but also professionally.

So that you learn to perform the procedure correctly, we share the step by step:

Login to the server

  • Enter the Discord server where you are going to share the screen.
  • Go to the voice channels and select one of those that are created.
  • When you enter those rooms, specifically to the right of the Connected voice, click on the option Go Live. It has a screen icon with an arrow inside.

Share the screen

  • After pressing on Go Live, a window is displayed for start live broadcast.
  • On the pop-up screen, click on Start screen sharing.
  • Select from the options of Your full screen (to share everything you see on your PC screen), or in Application window (to specifically share an application that you have open).
  • In either of the two options, you must choose the video quality and whether or not you want to share the sound.
  • By last, click Share on the bottom.

After having selecting the Share button in either of the two available options, the members of the channel will be able to see your screen. Apart from that, you can stop sharing the screen by clicking on an icon that has a screen with an x ​​next to it. Likewise, you can press on Switch windows to go to the window where you can choose to share the entire screen or just one application.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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