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As there is such a competitive market in the world of consumption, it is necessary to differentiate brand and the product of competitors. This is done to connect with the audience and build empathy.

There are different techniques that are used to achieve the objective, one of them is storytelling. Which tries to tell shocking stories that generate feelings in the target to which it is directed.

In this article you will find all information related to storytelling. We will tell you about their benefits and features you have, we will also mention 5 successful cases of large companies that use this technique.

What is a Storytelling and what is it for in digital marketing?

What is a Storytelling and what is it for in digital marketing?

If you want to connect with your customers in a direct and effective way, the Storytelling is what you need. This technique could be defined as “Tell stories”. In other words, is the way in which the story of a brand or a product can be told using images or ornaments that represent at a glance everything that is wanted to say.

This form is widely used by companies in the digital world to convey their messages. A good use of this technique generates greater probabilities of connect efficiently with your target market. The means of transmission for this strategy are varied, but consist of visual, auditory combined with written.

What are the benefits of having a good storytelling of my brand?

This technique generates multiple benefits for a brand, the most important being the trust that is created in the audience due to the psychological impact that can be included in strategies to promote positive feelings in people. Further, allows users and target audience to more easily remember the emotional components of the brand.

This will generate great empathy in people, obtaining as a result that users have a greater commitment to the brand and that they disseminate it and share their experience with others. But, above all things, visits to the blog site are increased, which reinforces storytelling. When you use this marketing technique, you are also looking for the brand is not seen as such, but as a feeling that allows a human connotation for a customer to connect emotionally with the product.

Do not forget that As a side effect, it brings as an advantage the durability that the previous benefits may have in people and in the market. Since the effectiveness of storytelling can be medium to long term and therefore allows you to improve the authority you have with respect to your competitors.

Characteristics of Storytelling What traits must it have to connect with the audience?

Characteristics of Storytelling What traits must it have to connect with the audience?

In storytelling there are certain parameters that must be met in order for a story to be well expressed, the conjunction of them will generate that one of the best techniques of marketing be perfect for connecting with the audience. If you want to achieve this, one of the most important traits to keep in mind is how interesting the story can be. Therefore, there must be a perfect combination of elements that allow the audience to always require more.

For this, it has to be entertaining in its content and be appropriate to the context through its narrative tone. For it to linger in the mind and be entertaining, the story has to be simple. Not overloading it with information can be the key to success, at the same time the use of references helps to substantially simplify the content, without spoiling the original sense.

Depending on the link you want to achieve, the company needs to be human. So the content of the story has to be empathetic, emotional and include any positive traits for the audience. A simple way to Generating this humanization is with the use of third parties that report direct experiences where the company acts and is generous with society.

Types of storytelling How are these brand elements classified?

exist different types of storytelling and each one has different uses and purposes, and although there is no predefined line of which they are, they can be classified in 4 ways.

These are:

  • Fiction. In this line of stories are those stories that They are not real and are created from human imagination and marketing strategies. But they must create a positive perception in the audience that allows them to appear real, even if everyone knows from the first moment that it is not so.
  • Historical. With this type of story, the company must count your timeline to show your audience your durability. You can also include a phase where the company had to make difficult decisions. In most cases they try to inspire the audience with your messages.
  • Brand values. In this case the brand does not stand out as much as the company. Try to call the audience to their most human side, giving them to understand that the everyday affects them too. Usually this type of storytelling shows operation with humanized connotations that the company has through its employees, the characters that are most iconic in it and its consumers.
  • Consumption situations. This guy’s inspiration is the “How to use our products?”. Organizations play with that question because the imagination of the audience is greater when creating a fictitious storytelling in which the consumer will need to use the brand in question.

5 Examples of Successful Storytelling That Big Brands Use

5 Examples of Successful Storytelling That Big Brands Use

As we mentioned before, a good company will use the storytelling technique to successfully connect with your customers.

Next, we will show you some examples of the big brands that base their content marketing strategy on storytelling:

Coca Cola

One of the most recognized companies in the world frequently uses its stories through the technique of storytelling. In this way it manages to promote and generate the connection between people with its products. The examples of these are many, but you can mention videos that show how a simple name can unite two people and how kindness, when feeling discomfort in relationships, always comes out.


A sports shoe company that he always makes his audience understand that health is paramount. This is done with storytelling where the frequent thing is always to emphasize that the union overcomes any adversity. There are also stories that are filled with a bit of humor. For example, making it a musical with famous athletes where more than one person will feel identified.


This German sports apparel and footwear company also uses stories that allow to attract famous people with the common audience, showing that they are all equal and deserve the best, that is, to use their products. With this company you can find various examples of overcoming. One of these is when a person, advanced in years, does not give up his dreams and strives to be a healthier old man.


The Japanese factory, unlike the other storytelling, shows how its progress has been during its history. In this it is highlighted that they always sought innovation on your products so that your customers are satisfied at all times.


Apple always releases a storytelling for your products new. A clear example of this is that story showing how a video can make a drastic change in human thinking and that with the correct tools, users can be anyone they want in life.

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