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¿Have you ever converted the YouTube video clip of your favorite topic into an audio to put it in your mp3 player (yes, I’m older than a knot)? Stream ripping is just that..

Is about a concept that is booming now due to changes in regulations and, incidentally, to the difficulties that users have to get songs at a low price or with sufficiently attractive conditions. However, this is something that had been done for many years, only, in many cases, it was a resource that was not known, in part, because content streaming was not as common or abundant.

If you want to know how to benefit from this resource that we have available to use both with desktop software and online, keep reading because you are going to find out what exactly it consists of. If it is legal or not and from where you can rip content.

What is stream-ripping and what is it for?

what is stream ripping

Stream-ripping is the extraction of audio from an audiovisual that is broadcast on some platform to transform it into an audio file. Obviously, you do not have the authorization of the author or the person who has the rights to the content, which already makes the practice illegal on some sites, although we will see this later.

For it both desktop softwares and online services are used that we can find very easily in many web pages.

With this, what is achieved is get songs (Actually we can do it with any type of video, but the usual thing is to shoot video clips to get the hits) without having to download them and, far from it, buy them. The theory is that it is content available to be shared on the network, and that is the essence of its “legality”.

For its part, the ripped content that is created, that is, the audio without image, can be achieved by accessing an app (the same one that performs the extraction or another, seeking to avoid the breach of law), to a web (idem) or using plugins.

Is stream-ripping and all platforms that use it illegal?

stream ripping legal

Okay, the answer is difficult, because sentences are being issued that contradict what the law indicates. In theory, the practice is legal, as we ventured, if we talk about content designed to be shared online. The illegal comes, in essence, from the hand of the person who downloads it and, according to the estimation of one or the other magistrate, who designs the software so that this is possible, even when its developers or managers are not in charge of ripping.

And that is the key. Let’s remember the case of MegaUpload in which how to do, its creator did not do anything illegal. However, apparently, there was a motivation towards illegality and, in the end, a conviction was made for how the product escalated and what it entailed, but not because something was being done that violated the law. Then, Was MegaUpload legal?

Now the same thing is happening a bit, there are condemnations to sites, which consist, for the moment, in their blocking. This is done by the operators, leaving access to the sites by their customers.

There are more and more sentences contrary to legality of this practice and they go deeper into the points where, for now, it is legal. That is, we are coming up with sentences that not only punish downloads but also the promotion of sharing sites, etc.

In our country, The law says that we can make copies of any copyrighted material as long as this is for a private purpose and that this is not business. That is, if we buy an album we can copy it as many times as we want, no matter in what format, as long as it is to listen to it in the car without having to take the original with us, in case it gets damaged, for example.

Nevertheless, we cannot download ripped content, even when we have not done it (remember that on the webs, the user makes the request but does not take care of ripping the content himself).

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider what the law dictates in each country because in some it is illegal, for example, to modify the format, infringing on copyright. In others, this act is not illegal for those who do it but for those who consume it, etc.

So, if you want to rip content legally, you must:

  • Have permission who owns the copyright of the content.
  • Rip content without rights From author.
  • Rip own content.

List of the best platforms for free Stream-Ripping

platforms to stream-ripping for free

Although many of these pages (several of them, very popular) have been temporarily or permanently blocked, the truth is that we still have many options for Stream-ripping. Discover the best!

It is a very simple website. You only have to paste the url of the video in question, choose the destination format and click on “Turn into“. Enter the options related to the content we find the label management, view in folder, take the product to the cloud, delete …

You can make a content queue and you are shown, on the left, which are the sources of the videos you are transforming (YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Instagram).

In this case we speak of a Very simple website. You go in, you copy the link of the content to transform and click on “Download“. The process takes a few seconds and you are offered the only option to download the file with the” button.Download the file“.

The site indicates that it is given compatibility with more than a thousand websites so we could say that you will be able to convert literally anything.

There is a point on their site where they wash their hands stating, in essence, that the site is for converting videos, but that you have to be good people and respect copyrights.

This is another software found on its own website. When you enter the web content to work on, you have a drop-down to choose the format destination (there is also video), being .mp3 the default.

But you also have Other settings such as the option of starting the conversion from the beginning of the video or typing a moment of this and the same for the end. Besides, you can also choose the audio quality.

When you click on the button “Begin“magic happens and you are given a different link so that, if you wish, you can download the ripped content.

It is another online converter where you just have to insert the link and click on the arrow button next door. Be careful because it also works entering keywords, that is, you can put a title and it will do a search. Later you choose an output format and wait to end up downloading, yourself, the file created.

There is material that cannot be ripped and the web tells you so. Be careful because gives you an option which is to download the video, that is, that you download the video (it gives you several quality options and others) and use it and modify it at your convenience, always taking you to another website that is not this one to cure yourself in health. Later, if the video is in your hands, it is your problem,

Even so, we have included this option in the list because it is very simple to use and, of course, very useful in cases where the law is not broken, which is how we hope you will use it.

It allows you, with a copy and paste of the URL, download an mp3 at 320 kbps. It is precisely for this point that we propose it to you; It tells you, from the beginning, what you are going to get. It also converts to other formats, including video.

They offer you 800 font support but they also talk to you about legality and your responsibility as a consumer.

With these video to audio converters you sure have more than enough. However, knowing that they have proliferated in recent years and you are going to find dozens and dozens; from the most basic to authentic suites, even for a fee, that offer you everything you can imagine and more.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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