SWITCH Contacts from Android to another Phone  Step by step guide ▷ 2020

It is possible that your mobile phone has been damaged or has started to present problems that prevent its good functioning or have you just made the decision to switch smartphone for a newer one.

Brand new a terminal is one of the most exciting things that a person can experience, since you can enjoy new features and tools that will make you live a better experience with the team. But, the problem comes when we want to pass the information from one device to another, especially when it comes to the contacts.

Have to pass directory list one by one to the other team is one of the most tedious things. That is why here we are going to show you how transfer your directory from an Android phone to another Smartphone in a very simple and fast way.

Steps to transfer contacts from an Android mobile to another Smartphone

Many times mobile directories are usually very extensive since there are a large number of numbers registered on it. Therefore, having to manually pass the contacts to another terminal can be quite a process. tedious and overwhelming.

In this way, here we present the main methods so that you can start to transfer phone numbers from an Android mobile to another Smartphone:

From phone settings

The first method that we present to you is about using phone settings and with the help of sim card to be able to save everything the directory and transfer it to your new device.

To do this, you will need to perform these steps:

  • The first thing will be to use the mobile team that you are going to replace, in it you will have to enter the section of “Contacts” and there you click on the three vertical points located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • There a new menu will be displayed where you select the section of “Settings”.

From phone settings

  • Now click on the option “Contacts”.

From phone settings

  • Then you select the section of “Import / Export contacts”.

From phone settings

  • Here you will have to select “Export SIM card”.

From phone settings

  • Start selecting those contacts you want to pass from the memory from terminal to SIM card. Here you can select them one by one or simply mark all at once. When they are all selected, click on “Done” and then in “Okay”.

From phone settings

  • Now a progress bar where it will show the percentage of the process, Keep in mind that this will take depending on the number of contacts to pass.

From phone settings

  • When you have 100% complete you will only have to withdraw the terminal’s SIM card and insert it into the new device. In this way, your entire agenda will appear on your new mobile phone.

From Google account

One of the easiest and fastest ways to pass the phone book to a new Smartphone is through Cloud. For this you can use your account of Google, in this case, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • In the case that you have not registered your Google account on the old phone, you will need to go to it and make the registration process.
  • For this it will be necessary that you enter the “Settings”.
  • There you will find “Cloud and accounts “.

From Google account

  • Then select the option “Accounts”.

From Google account

  • There he enters “Add Account”

From Google account

  • Here write Your email address and then marks in “Synchronize contacts”.
  • Now you will have to repeat these steps from your new Smartphone entering your google account and selecting the option “Synchronize contacts”.

From Microsoft Outlook

You can also start transfer your phone book through the Microsoft Outlook email. In this case it is synchronize all the calendar to email and in that way to be able sync them later in the new terminal.

This procedure is very easy to use, for this you will need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to check the “Synchronization settings”.
  • For this, it will be necessary to check that the calendar is activated in said Outlook account.
  • Login to the email and go to app calendar and click on the three lines located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Here you must make sure that the option of “Calendar” is selected.

From Microsoft Outlook

  • Before starting timing it will be important to verify that the “Contacts” is also activated.
  • In this case we enter “Settings”.
  • Then in “Applications” and there we select “Outlook”. Here the option of “Contacts”, otherwise we activate it.
  • When all this has been verified, the next thing will be to enter the Outlook application. There you enter “Setting” and finally click on “Synchronize contacts”. In this way the entire agenda will be saved in the email, where you will simply have to export it on your new Smartphone.

With an external app – Cloneit

With an external app - Cloneit

Finally, we present you Cloneit, an app available in Google play and which will help you get through the phone book or any other data easily and quickly to another mobile device. In this case it will be necessary for both teams to download said application and in turn be connected to the same WiFi network.

When the application has been downloaded and executed In both terminals, each of the devices must take a role, in this case one will be the sender and the other the receiver. The receiver will be in charge of selecting the partner’s mobile and the types of data you want to receive.

The only defect that presents Cloneit is that it does not allow transfer files or data in individual ways, which becomes a disadvantage for many users. However, it stands out for its high speed at the time of transfer files from one mobile to another.

List of the best applications to import and copy your phone numbers from one smartphone to another

In addition to Cloneit we can find a large number of applications available to start share files and data from one Smartphone to another in just seconds. most of them you can download completely free from the android app store.

Here we explain what they are the best applications to import and pass phone numbers from one device to another:

Google drive

Google drive

As already mentioned above cloud service is one of the most feasible and effective to carry out this type of action, since it will allow us import Export By an easy and fast way. For this we simply have to have a bill which we will open in both teams.

Google drive has progressed over the years and this is how it has included the possibility of create backup copies of contacts, photos, videos, calendars, among other. Therefore, you will only have to perform the backup to those files that you want to transfer to later be downloaded in the other terminal.

SHAREit – Transfer & Share

SHAREit - Transfer & Share

This application is considered today as one of the most complete and advanced on the market. It gives you the ability to spend a large amount of files, photos, videos And till applications from one Smartphone to another in just a few seconds. In fact, SHAREit is a great alternative to be able transfer the phone book from one computer to another.

In the case of wanting transfer some application to the other device it will be necessary that in the new phone you enable the option of “Unknown origins”. In addition, this app is available in more than 200 countries and is number one in more than 24 countries.

Phone Clone

Phone Clone

Phone Clone It has become a great tool for most users when they want to share information from one terminal to another. With this app you have the possibility to start transfer your phonebook, call log, text and multimedia messages, recordings, photos, videos, calendar, music, documents and applications.

All this makes it a great alternative for those users who change phones and do not want to lose any of their information. stored on the old device. Phone Clone It stands for its great speed and is also available for the iPhone operating system.

LG Mobile Switch

LG Mobile Switch

A tool that has been widely accepted by Android users and with which you will have the opportunity to start create backups of your most important files as it is phone numbers, photos, videos, documents, apps, text messages and many more.

When you have created your backup you can transfer wirelessly to other mobile devices in just a few seconds. this app is available for teams with Android versions 4.1 or higher.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Unlike the rest of applications, this app will only allow you pass information between Samsung Galaxy devices. That is how Smart switch gives you the freedom that you can start transfer your contacts, photos, music, videos, calendars, messages and any other information to your Android device totaly new. A way to keep your information in a simple and fast way.

This application is available for devices with Android versions 4.0 or higher. In this way, this app becomes a great alternative for users of samsung line can start sharing their information from a Smartphone to another.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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