Gmail accounts have an infinite number of uses since in addition to being able to send and receive files through electronic messages, you can also save information in them, such as the contacts you have on your mobile device so that when you change or your smartphone is stolen you will not have any problem recovering them.

Gmail has a large storage capacity, so you should not worry, this will make it a little easier for you to get or save information about your acquaintances. If what you want is to learn how you can do it, here we will show you how you can save the contacts that you already have in your calendar in your Google account.

Either from Gmail itself, from Google contacts or from Android settings, you can see what are the advantages and benefits of why synchronize your contacts with Google, and even how to transfer the numbers that are already in the cloud to your mobile device.

Why sync your contacts with Google to save them? Advantages and benefits

At the moment when you are synchronizing your mobile device with the email account you are creating a synchronization that the moment you make a change or need to review your contacts or informationYou can do it from any other device just by opening your Google account.

Some of the advantages of this system is that it has no limits when it comes to storing your information as it is with SD memory cards, and You can even add personal information about your contacts, whether they are birthdays or their emails to have a more complete database of them..

Another benefit keeps you tidyThus, as you add information from your contacts, Google will save it for you in an organized way and always makes sure that you agree with any changes that are being made.

Steps to transfer all the numbers from your phonebook to Google from your Android mobile

Now that you’ve learned the countless benefits of syncing your contacts with Google. We are going to teach you how to get those numbers out of the cloud to have them on your new Android fast and easy.

From Gmail

The most important thing of all is that you have to have a Gmail account created to be able to do any of the steps that will be given below:

  • In order to import your contacts to your smartphone, you must go to the “Settings” or “Settings”.
  • Once you have entered the “Settings” or the configuration of your device you will find where it tells you “Bill”. In that section you should see the applications that you have on your device that are linked to your email account, you should look for the option that says “Google”.
  • A tab will be displayed with the accounts that you have affiliated to your mobile team, if you do not have any account in the previous tab, you will go to the last option that says “Add account”.


  • There you can affiliate the email account that you want to link to your device, which in this case will be Google.
  • Having selected the account you want to synchronize your contacts, you will see a list in it you must look for the section that tells you “Contacts”, at the time of selecting, the data you have will begin to synchronize.

From Google Contacts

Another way to remove the contacts from your Gmail account is by using the official application of Google Contacts. This is nothing more than an agenda that automatically synchronizes all the contacts that you save in it with your cloud storage.

What you should do to get your contacts from her is the following:

  • You must go to the application and when entering, at the bottom you will see a sign of “+” . Select it.
  • In this option you can add contacts directly to the Google application, here you can select in which accounts you want your contacts to be saved, if you want to add any image or any additional information to the contact.
  • And if what you want is to export contacts from your smartphone to your Google account, enter the contacts menu, look for the section of “Setting”
  • In the tab that will be displayed you will go to the section of “Contact management”, here you will see the options “import” and “to export”. In this case we choose the second.

Export contacts from Google Contacts

  • You must select from where you want export the information if from SIM or from a VCF file. When you finish the changes, you will be able to see all your contacts in your Google account or on your device without any problem.

How to import the numbers saved in Google to my new Android?

To do this you must verify where you want to import the information from, whether from the SIM card or from a VCF file. here you can see how to do it both ways:

  • You must enter the Google Contacts app and go to the menu “Setting”
  • In that window that opened, look for the section that says “Contact management”
  • Here you will see the option of “To import” When you select it, the two options appear if it is from the SIM or a VCF file.


  • From SIM Card. If it is from “here” follow the steps that we have just indicated from the SIM, and select the email account with which you want to do the procedure.
  • From VCF file. If it is from a file, after having done the previous steps, you just have to enter the option, and select the account you want, in the event that you have several accounts synchronized or running on your smartphone. Now you just have to select the file you are going to import and that’s it.

Now you know perfectly how you should do to import or export contacts from your google account to your Android mobile. We hope we have helped you for good, Any questions you can leave in the comments and you will receive your quick response.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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