You’ve surely seen a lot of symbols on your mobile phone when you have data or surf the Internet and you don’t know what each of them mean or you just don’t know the importance of them. These letter symbols always appear on your screen and can vary from moment to moment.

In this case we are talking about the symbols H, H +, 3G, 4G, G, E. Where each of them has a special meaning in your terminal, they usually appear next to the mobile coverage icon.

These letters basically indicate the data network to which we are connected in the equipment and it will depend how the internet works, if it’s fast, slow, or we just don’t have a connection. In this way, here we explain a little more the meaning of all these symbols.

What are the symbols that indicate the Internet connection?

What are the symbols that indicate the Internet connection?

All these symbols indicate the network to which we are connected on our smartphone. Being able to know the meaning of each one of them can be very useful in order to understand the operation of the device more easily. This will help us understand those moments where we cannot perform certain actions with the data connection.

These acronyms basically translate into types of mobile connections, where some of them will make the terminal consume much more battery, because data transfer is quite fast, or quite the opposite if the connection is slow. That is, they are the acronyms of data transmission speeds for mobile phones, tablets and telephone service masts.

List of all mobile internet link icons and their meaning

List of all mobile internet link icons and their meaning

Each of these symbols translate to a specific action, depending on it will vary the internet connection on your mobile, Yes the same one is it fast or slow, if it exists at that moment or you are simply not connected to the network. In this way, here we explain the meaning of each of them.


In this case the G means there is a GRPS connection (General Packet Service via radio) and which are found in all smartphones since there is none that is not compatible with GRPS. Basically the G means you have a quite poor connection quality on the computer, you can say that it is the worst existing mobile coverage.

Connection speed is usually the minimum and is around the 56 and 144 kbps. Usually when it appears GRPS on the computer screen it is recommended to use it only for make calls or send text messages, since they will be the ones with the most reach.


GSM or also called the Global System for Mobile communications, is a system of free standard of digital telephony. Basically when the device has these acronyms it can connect to the Internet, send e-mails, access network security, connect your phone to PC and transfer mobile data, send text messages, calls, among many other functions.

The Global System for Mobile communications is considered a standard of second generation 2G, specifically by its speed in data transmission.


If the terminal screen appears the acronym EDGE we are in the presence of the second worst connection in phones. The same means Enhanced data rate for GSM evolution. This connection presents a speed around 348 kbps, Despite being very low, it allows the use of applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, among others, at a very low speed.

In the case that they want download videos or access applications such as Facebook or Instagram the experience will be unappealing, since this browsing speed it won’t be enough to run these websites.

H and H +

When the device screen displays the letter H or also known as HSDPA, presents a speed of data moderate where can you reach download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps. In other words, with this type of connection you can start watch videos, download files or applications without any problems.

If the Smartphone screen appears the H + of HSPA or HSUPA, meaning High speed access package, then you can start enjoying a browsing speed between 22 Mbps and 84 Mbps, which is really good and with which you will not have any kind of inconvenience when you want to carry out an action.

Therefore, with H +, you can start browsing more quickly, use applications like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, send and receive images, use messaging app, among many other mega-consuming tools.


A 3G network or also known as third generation, is a mobile technology that represents a very good performance in the Smartphone in terms of the data, voice and video transmission at a very good speed. In addition, it can be used to perform video calls, download heavy programs, send and receive emails, files, among other.

This type of network third generation is mainly characterized by offering a speed that goes from 200 kbit / s up to 384 kbit / s, which will allow you to obtain a very good functioning of the device when carrying out any activity on the Internet.

4G and LTE

Until now it is considered as the technology with faster and also call of Fourth generation. It reaches speeds between 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. In this case, the signal from the equipment is usually quite extended and with very good operation, ideal to enjoy a quality navigation.

This technology of Fourth generation offers an ideal speed to carry out download torrent files, watch streaming movies or series, download music, visit web platforms, among many other activities. However, for this type of network it is recommended to have a large amount of data available.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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