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The SO Tails, based on the Linux kernel, is used to protect the user and to maintain its anonymity. This is because it allows you to delete any record every time the computer is turned off.

Knowing what the common OS vulnerabilities are and comparing them with Tails will help you improve your privacy and to know why you should choose this distro.

This information can be found in this post, where we will explain why Tails uses Tor and what are the most outstanding tools. Take a look because you will also read from other similar distros from Linux.

What is Tails and what is this Linux operating system distribution for?

What is Tails and what is this Linux operating system distribution for?

Tails is a Linux-based operating system that offers its users the protection against the censorship, third party surveillance and advertising. It is characterized by starting from a pen drive, so you can have any other type of SW. It is a free software, freely distributed and based on Debian.

So it makes it one of the most used and chosen distributions by people due to the updates it receives permanently and the ease of use. You should not forget that Tails does not use the internal hard drive and that it does not leave traces of your activity on the computeras it works from a USB. For this reason, to install this system you will need a flash memory of at least 8 GB, a 64-bit processor and at least 2 GB of RAM.

Download Tails USB

OS vulnerabilities How vulnerable are the most common operating systems?

Yes you use a common operating system, you will need to keep reading because you will find the most important vulnerabilities of these.

Check out:


The critical points that a computer with Windows OS has are:

  • Cortana virtual assistant it can be intercepted and thus the instructions given to it can be deciphered.
  • Temporary Internet files are not deleted automaticallyTherefore, any spyware can stay on the device for a long time, until you delete it manually.
  • Script crossovers is another point to consider when talking about the vulnerability of Windows. These software are installed without the user’s consent through the computer and serve to spy on activities carried out.
  • By last, Windows updates are not always efficient to patch and protect against new malware, thus making the OS vulnerable from this point of view.
  • Access to microphone and camera of some applications is considered a weak point to bear in mind, if privacy is to be protected.



Regarding the Apple OS for computers, these vulnerabilities can be found:

  • Purchase history It is a point to take into account in terms of user privacy. This type of information is not automatically erased in iTunes nor in iCloud.
  • Applications can access to iCloud if they are not configured correctly, user intervention is required, which makes an OS weak in security.
  • The Find My Mac app for computers Laptops allow access to the location of the device and therefore the user, which could compromise privacy.
  • A correct cookie settings, computer browsing history and advertising blocking Internet can also be considered as a vulnerable point of the OS, since it does not automatically restrict these options for the user.

Tails; an OS using the Tor network How does this distribution work?

Tor It is a distribution network that is responsible for routing the data packets transmitted between a device and the host in order to maintain the privacy and anonymity of the user. This does through nodes that communicate with each other and they transport the information through a connection TLS.

This is the great difference that exists with other types of browsers directly transmit the data through a peer to peer protocol. Instead, in Tor the device connects a node, which does the same with another and so on, successively, the information reaches the hosting where the web is hosted, maintaining the anonymity of the device that requested the data.

Tails uses Tor precisely to preserve that anonymity that users seek, which exceed 2 million and keep the community active with their contributions and update patches. In addition, Tor has received different types of awards from prestigious institutions, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation wave Free Software Foundation. In this way, the importance of Tor and the objective it pursues is recognized, which is similar to that of the distro Tails.

What are the benefits for your security and privacy of using Tails?

When you use Tails as OS you will have the following privacy advantages:

  • You will not leave a trace on the computer, so the browsing history, cookies and any other type of activity will not be reflected anywhere, so no one will have access to it.
  • Too you can safely delete files and documents and leave no evidence of this action to recover those deleted data.
  • If you use Tails the metadata of your activities will be safeas they will be completely removed.
  • You can share information and documentation safely, due to the functions offered by the operating system.
  • Email client is included in Tails, so you can send and receive emails safely.
  • You will avoid keylogger attacks, since there is no possibility of registering your keystrokes.

Tails Tools Which are the best for your privacy and security?

Among the most outstanding functions to keep your privacy and security safe, Tails offers the following tools:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird for encrypted emails using an extension Enigmail.
  • A package of office programs called LibreOffice.
  • The password manager KeePassXC, which will allow you to save and protect the keys to keep them safe.
  • As we told you before, the browser Tor due to the security and anonymity it offers.
  • In Tor a called extension is included uBlock to block online advertisements.
  • It is also added in the browser OnionShare, an application used to share folders and files securely.
  • App lock who want to connect to the Internet in a way other than Tor.
  • Data encryption automatically.
  • Delete activities, logs and metadata when the computer is turned off.

List of the safest Linux distributions alternatives to Tails that you should know

If you want to use other Linux distributions that are safe and alternatives to Tails, you can choose the one that suits you best from the following list:



It is ideal for those who want to start on the Linux road, you can use this distribution GNU characterized by the simplicity offered by its functions to maintain the privacy of your data. You can download them and learn technical aspects at the same time that has a distro of Linux.


This system operational will offer you important utilities to protect privacy of your data when you browse the Internet. It is based on the Linux kernel and FreeBSD, so it becomes a robust tool that receives permanent updates.


The facility that offers for your use and the protection it provides to the user are the 2 most outstanding features that this Linux distribution has. It is based on Debian, so the stability and update are guaranteed. You can adapt the source codes in a simple way and turn it into an ideal operating system for you.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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