Take Advantage of Hashtags  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Hashtag It is a term that began to be implemented when the rise of social networks occurred. Translates as label, and It consists of the pound symbol # followed by a keyword or a series of them.

Twitter it was the first platform in which the use of them became popular and, since then, many users They have taken advantage of it in different networks such as Instagram, YouTube, etc..

The use of hashtags within any plan marketing of networks, it is very effective to achieve visibility in the search engines of any network. Therefore, we will teach you how to use hashtags to maximize the reach of your publications on networks.

What is a Hashtag?

What is a Hashtag?

It is a keyword or key phrase that users use on social networks to classify content. With it, it is much easier to search for information according to certain topics. In addition, it allows a greater interaction to take place between the content and users interested in that topic. It is made up of the # symbol followed by the keyword. Just write a hashtag in any search engine of a network, and the topics related to your search will be displayed.

In this way, it can be said that hashtags they are an effective communication tool, which allows you to classify or identify certain content. They serve as a kind of hyperlinks I did other content related to the topic sought. Added to that, the person can use different hashtags to filter your content much better and thereby help interested readers locate it effectively. If you get many use your hashtag, you will increase your visibility in networks.

Why should I always include hashtags in my posts?

Why should I always include hashtags in my posts?

There are a host of reasons why the use of hashtags in your publications is very effective.

To explain it to you in a better way, we leave you a list about it:

Improve your visibility in networks

This is the main reason why the use of this resource can be very beneficial for your profile. If you choose the hashtags suitable for your type of publication, you can reach a large number of people and increase your visibility on the networks. Remember that they are a window to other users, so you must be smart when choosing them. Don’t write labels randomly, Check well which are the most used related to your content and place them. The results will surprise you!.

Increase interaction

According to a report prepared by the team of Twitter, those accounts that take advantage of Hashtags they have a 50% increase in your interaction compared to those that don’t. Apart from that, its use was shown to have a direct impact on the number of retweets. This means that, effectively, as it helps your content have more visibility, it also improves interaction.

They help build your brand

If you brand focuses on the sale of products or services, the correct use of Hashtags It will allow your announcements of launches or offers to reach a wider audience. In consecuense, interest in your business increases and is helping to consolidate your brand.

Make it easy to locate your audience

Another aspect that very few take into account regarding this resource is that they are very effective when finding your target audience or find your target audience. More specifically, they make people locate you. How is it achieved? Easy. Using the same hashtags as them. It is an ideal strategy particularly in Instagramas users can follow hashtags and see all the publications that are made around him.

Learn step by step how to boost the reach of your posts with hashtags

How to boost the reach of your publications with hashtags?

Once you have in mind the importance and benefits of using hashtags for your brand, it is time to start using them.

Below we explain the step by step of how to increase the reach of your publications with this resource:

Do not overdo it with its use

The digital marketing strategies are constantly changing, because they adjust to the behaviors of people in the networks. Previously there was the idea that the more hashtags you use in a publication, the greater the chances of increasing the scope.

However, this has changed. You don’t need to use a large number of them to improve your visibility. The really important thing is that you choose the right ones that can have the greatest impact on your content. For example, many marketers like Romuald fons recommend use widely used tag variants, because the possibility of improving traffic is greater. The reason is that the higher the interaction, the more difficult it is to position due to the high competition.

Combine low and high competition hashtags

In connection with what we explained previously, a better idea is to make a combination of low and high competition hashtags. So you have a balance between both and your profile can improve its visibility. In the case of Instagram, to correctly choose the ones that are convenient for you, you can write a hashtag and you will be able to appreciate that before finishing writing it, a list is shown with the most recommended ones, the number of users who use it and much more.

Take them into consideration and use them. Without a doubt it is an excellent idea on the part of the platform, so that its users know the variants of a certain theme and apply them. This is a very useful tip for small accounts with less than 5000 followers, who are starting but want to scale their visibility. Apart from that, it applies to practically all social networks.

Use the platform’s recommendations

All social networks that take advantage of hashtags, offer recommendations on the same topic for all those who are consulting it. So, pay close attention to them so that choose the ones that best suit your content. The ideal is take advantage of recommended labels with little competition but that they are highly consulted by users. In this way, new people can find your profile and follow you.

Pay attention to influencer posts

Influencers are an excellent starting point for starting a hashtag study for your publications, because they are people with high traffic of people in their networks. So, a recommendation is that you research the influencers that belong to your niche and from there get ideas about hashtags that work better.

Take note of the tags they use the mostas well as its frequency. In case you want to facilitate the work, you can resort to tools like Hashtagify.me. Through it you can locate keywords on Instagram and Twitter that are used by influencers. With this you will have an idea of ​​the most important figures within your niche, so that you can study them and take advantage of the topics they talk about the most and apply them on your own. Of course, keeping the originality.

Check the trends

This is another valuable tip to boost your brand through hashtags. Whenever there’s a trending topic, analyze it and study the best way to talk about it by linking it to your brand. That way, you get your visibility increases by having a presence within a topic with many interactions. Whenever there is a topic in trend, are produced hashtags related to him. Put them in your posts!

Adapt the hashtags to each social network

Remember that each network works in a different way, so it is essential to know both this aspect and the way in which the public uses it. Once you are clear about it, adjust to it. For example, the use of hashtags on Twitter is more related to a topic of conversation or group of people. For its part, the use of hashtags in Instagram they focus on the description of the contents.

How many hashtags can be used on the main social networks?

How many hashtags can be used on the main social networks?

Each social network has a maximum limit of hashtags that can be used. However, this does not mean that they are recommended. Overuse of them can be a double-edged sword.

Therefore, in the following list you will get the limits in the main networks, along with the recommended amount in each case:

  • Instagram: Maximum of 30 hashtags per title. It is recommended to use 9-15.
  • Twitter: whatever they are, without exceeding the limit of 280 characters. It is recommended to use 1-2.
  • Facebook: there is no fixed limit. It is recommended to use 1-2.
  • Youtube: limit of 30 characters per label and 500 total characters. It is recommended to use 3.
  • LinkedIn: there is no maximum limit. It is recommended to use 1-2.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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