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Basically a screenshot also known as “screenshot”, refers to a photograph taken by a computer or smartphone with the objective of capture the items displayed on the monitor screen or any visual output device. Therefore, it is a digital image taken by the same operating system.

In this way, they are truly useful elements to carry out demonstrations of a certain program, solve a user problem in the digital environment or, in general terms, to display a screen output and archive it. Whereas, this practice avoids the fact of having to take a photo with the mobile that exhibits a distorted image of the screen.

That is why, in order for you to obtain high-quality images, with the right colors and focus, take screenshots recommended. Which, luckily, is very easy to do and There are several methods for this in Windows that we will explain to you below.

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

Still, many users choose to take a photo through their mobile device to show what is seen on another screen, for example, on your computer. Which, for sure, will reveal a distorted, unfocused and unsharp image. Therefore, to expose the output of a panel, the best alternative is to take screenshots that are displayed at high quality and avoid any reflection.

Fortunately, the operating system Windows It supports several methods to make this type of images easy and fast. That is why we begin by presenting and explaining the most common process used by Microsoft OS users to get screenshots of their computers.

Which, in short, is based on using the PC keyboard and the famous Paint application:

  • First of all, you must define which window you want to show in your screenshot and place yourself in it normally.
  • Followed by that, he proceeds to press a key combination based on what is known as “Print screen”. So the shortcut to use consists of: “Alt + Print pnt”.

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

  • Once you have pressed both keys simultaneously, the screen image will be produced and it will be copied to clipboard automatically.
  • Therefore, just enough access an application like Microsoft Paint to use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + V” and with it, paste the screenshot in said program.

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

  • Finally you can edit the screenshot to your liking through the tools that Paint offers (crop, rotate, resize, etc.). Done this, click on “File” and select the “Save” option to set a name for the image, choose the folder on the computer where it will be stored and click on “Save”.

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

On the other hand, in case you want the screenshot to be saved as an image file on the computer automatically and you do not need to edit the photo obtained using the tools of Paint, there is another method that you can use from your Windows computer.

In this case, the process to follow requires the following step by step:

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

  • As in the previous case, start with locate the part of the screen that you want to show through the capture.
  • Later, to capture that screen and save it automatically, touch the following keys: “Windows + Print pnt” and with that, the panel in question is briefly dim indicating that you have just performed this process.
  • Finally, just search your new photograph directly in the files section, i.e. in the “Images” folder and there in “Screenshots”.

Apart from the methods listed above, there is an additional and practical way to take screen prints from a Windows PC.

In this case, the process is based on the following:

Steps to take screenshots in Windows fast and easy

  • Located in the part of the screen you want to capture, you have to proceed to use the following keyboard shortcut “Windows + Shift + S”.
  • When you have pressed the keys indicated above, at the top of the screen, you will be able to see a small menu that allows you to choose the type of capture you want to make (Rectangular Crop, Freeform Crop, Window Crop, and Full Screen Crop).
  • Finally, once you select the type of screenshot to obtain, you will have to draw its shape and immediately, it will dim and produce the image. Then a notification will be displayed on the screen indicated that the illustration has been stored in the clipboard.

List of the best programs to take screenshots in Windows

Despite the simplicity revealed by the different processes supported by Windows To get one exact copy of what is observed on screenThere are also other ways that are preferred by many users to obtain these illustrations easily.

Well, they are covered in programs exclusively dedicated to making screenshots and here we present 5 of the best of them:



is defined as a multi-platform, lightweight and intuitive tool that offers excellent tools to take screenshots with complete visual quality. So, allows you to freely select the areas to be captured and also make adjustments to the screenshot obtained in order to edit its appearance.

In this sense, in addition to simplifying the process to make a screenshot, too takes care of providing a quick editing of the image with tools to square, include text, underline, etc.. It should be noted that it offers several storage options (file, own server or social networks) and it’s completely free.

Download LightShot Windows



It consists of an application available for Windows which provides a free version and a paid version through which you can take regular screenshots and create screenshots by means of all the fragments that the user prefers, generally. With respect to its free version, we limit that offers tools to enlarge images and enrich them with comments.

On the other hand, around its premium version which has a cost of around 30 euros, we distinguish that also offers the possibility of recording or screencasting and extend the image obtained during recording, in addition to allowing add a personal watermark. In addition to that, it also has excellent tools to trim the beginning or end of the recording and contains very useful keyboard shortcuts.

Download IceCream Windows



This is a program that is available for Windows and other operating systems, which stands out for being a very useful tool for taking screenshots in photos and videos. In other words, Grabilla goes much further than creating a simple capture and has the ability to produce screencast and animated GIF files, with the possibility of adding comments on the videos easily to create tutorials, for example.

Among other features, we highlight that this very useful program it’s completely free, provides various options for taking screenshots (full panel, snippet, window, scrolling, etc.), supports various storage options (file or own hosting service) and has a simple editor great for resizing images and including graphic elements or text. It is worth noting that it is a very easy to use application.

Download Grabilla Windows



Free of charge, this program is available for Windows and Mac, so that, once installed, it offers you the tools required to easily capture screens through various available options (panel, snippet, window and scrolling). Regarding its mode of use, the program will capture the screens by simply pressing its icon located in the task bar or pressing the key of “Print Screen” (Print pnt).

For its part, it stands out for providing various storage options, among which are: file, email, cloud services or image editing programs. On the other hand, it has an excellent editor that includes graphic elements, a standard repertoire of comments, arrows or bubbles, blur filters and function to resize the image.

Download GreenShot Windows

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor

To conclude, we emphasize this other software compatible with Windows that, in addition to being free, It also stands out for handling “automatic scrolling” and this means that, it has the ability to save the entire screen or just a part of it as a image file. Added to that, manages to capture multiple independent screens simultaneously.

Likewise, Screenshot Captor may record screen as video and thanks to this, it has been classified as an ideal tool for making video-based tutorials. Among other details, handles various storage options (file and image hosting services) and we also note that its editing functions are based on add graphic elements and text, frames and resize.

Download Screenshot Captor Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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