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Telegram is an instant messaging application that has evolved remarkably over time and each time presents a greater expansion. Thanks to this, its number of users is outstanding.

To organize the groups and channels that are created within the platform, Telegram established the famous group administrators They play an important role and possess certain privileges. Well, they take care of manage these spaces in the app.

It is appropriate to know what these administrators consist of and what they are for for sure; which, you can meet it here. As well as, what number of administrators are allowed, what are their rights and functions, how can they be selected.

What are group administrators in Telegram and what are they for in the application?

Group administrators on this platform are those owners of a certain group or channel who have privileges and duties capable of preserving harmony within these spaces of Telegram, like keep the organization.

Specifically, these administrators are users who they serve to remove other subscribers, add new members, delete any message, modify the appearance of the group or channel (their name, profile picture and link), add or remove administrators to receive help when conducting the channel. Even, they are the only ones who have the power to suppress the channel completely.

How many admins can there be in a Telegram group, channel and supergroup?

In general, both groups and channels and Telegram supergroups, can have multiple administrators that they have the same rights and streamline all the work that their work requires, in order to reveal greater productivity when managing their community. However, there is an upper limit that There are 50 users in total who manage the group or channel, including the creator of it.

Rights and functions of an Administrator in Telegram What functions can the person you choose to manage your group perform?

Rights and functions of an Administrator in Telegram What functions can the person you choose to manage your group perform?

There are some specific assets and / or functions of the administrators in Telegram regarding groups or channels; being these, certain privileged actions that only those users can perform.

Next, we highlight what they are:

Add other administrators

In order to make it easier to manage an entire community, one administrator of Telegram has the power to add more administrators with specific sets of rights. This means that it is possible to choose who the users will be with the option to add new subscribers, block members, edit or improve group information, manage messages, etc.

Most recent administrative actions

Since multiple administrators can be added in a single space, other users can get confused when everyone is working in the group and taking action. Well, there is some doubt about who did what or when.

For this reason, the administrators themselves can access a section known as “Recent actions” and it is located on the administrators page. In this section, the service actions carried out in the group are shown during the last 48 hours. If it is a supergroup, these actions also present the messages that were deleted in the last 48 hours and the original versions of the edited messages in that period of time.

Improved sharing extension

Administrators on Telegram, Unlike the common members, may include an optional comment and choose multiple recipients when sharing things from other applications on the instant messaging platform. Also, just by touching the app icon, they will have the possibility of visualize certain new actions (take a photo, make a video, send it to many users, etc.).

Partial bans

In order to stop some behavior that is causing problems in the group or channel without needing to restrict users completely, administrators can set irritating users to “read-only” mode. As well as preventing them from sharing stickers for a set period of time.

Even the managers of Telegram can be assisted by robots to set temporary or permanent bans automatically, depending on the behavior of the subscriber that is causing annoyances in the space.

Learn step by step how to choose a user as an administrator of a Telegram group or channel

To choose a member of a group or Telegram channel What administrator, it is essential to be the owner of said space or, otherwise, the appointment will not be possible.

The steps to carry it out correctly are:

On Android and iOS

On Android and iOS

To do it through the Telegram mobile application, whether on Android or iOS, you must carry out the following step by step:

  • Enter to your Telegram account Y access the group you want to manage (and in which you are administrator).
  • From the chat window, go to the top and press the name of the group.
  • Using the list of members, find the user you want to select as administrator and long press on their name.
  • Choose the option “Promote to administrator” from the menu that appears on the screen.
  • Proceed to choose and enable the privileges of this user as administrator. Either: Edit group information, delete messages, suspend users, invite with a link, pin messages, manage voice chats, add administrators and be anonymous.
  • By last, tap the check icon located in the upper right corner to save the changes made.

On PC and Telegram Web

On PC and Telegram Web

If you prefer to manage your account and your group of Telegram from your computer or through the web version of the platform, it is also essential that you know how to apply for a new administrator.

In this case, this procedure consists of:

  • Open your Telegram account and look for the group to manage to enter it.
  • Head to the top of the window and click on the group name.
  • In the Group Info window, locate the user you want to choose as administrator within the list of members.
  • Once you find it, right click and select the option “Promote to administrator”.
  • Next, enable the permissions that this user can have as an administrator, define a custom title (it’s optional), and click on “Save”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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